FaZe Clan Minute to Win it CHALLENGE #2

Birt 9 jan 2020
The guys have one minute to complete the challenges. What team will win?
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  • Lol tenser in the back poor guy

  • I'm the 19th thousandth like lol

  • It’s spelt sweden

  • they said the wrong team wins

  • Nobody: Cizzors: “AHHHHH”😫 😂😂😂

  • teeqos pieces grew legs and went to seeweden

  • He keeps saying trash and he was the one who picks up the balls aka bench warmer

  • needed the tissue paper for 2020, feels bad.

  • hi

  • Teeqo is the most toxic one in this vid 😂

  • Cizzorz join pp gang again


  • Cizzors Was Talking Trash The Entire Time

  • I feel like Teeqo is so toxic

  • I love faze clan

  • I can’t even look at all the paper being wasted during this virus shit

  • They be needin them toilet papet right now tho,corona virus my guy

  • Why is faze kaz not in many videos put him in more please

  • thought this nigga said he didnt go

  • Cizzorz talks crap after Rock Paper Scissors at the end and gets destroyed in pencil slapping

  • Australians be looking at those tissues like

  • Nikans the 🐐!

  • orba is the vikk of the sidemen

  • Cizzorz is an absolute legend

  • Guess the flag 🇹🇰

  • Can I join faze please

  • yall should do lasertag at night at the faze house

  • I dare y’all to throw the faze up sign in Chicago before u get killed the faze up??is a gang sign of stoned freaks

  • Recruit CjSnipesFN he gazes through everything he’s perfect 👌

  • Almost all of FaZe now plays Fortnite I hate it.

  • Nice video

  • Well we all now faze clans dead

  • I realy realy wana join FaZe its my favourite clan i am good at fortnite but how to i get you to see me playing and all that please

  • 0:00:00:00

  • Nikan Team Wins

  • This is what faze has come too I remember cod days and not fuckin crap nite

    • God I hate how FaZe has ended up.

  • So when will you be dropping pam’s search and destroy nuke he dropped ☺️ I was there

  • Wait, Faze is still a thing?

    • Ya but it's not what it used to be.

  • ?

  • Y are u buying moving out of the house

  • It’s thanos bruv

  • you should have hit from the eraser the very top and hit theirs in the middle it will crack theirs faster.

  • What’s going on with the videos?!!!

  • I want montages, not this bs

  • Can I try out for Faze

  • I wish i can join FaZe one day😣

  • Yo faze hit me up my number is +447745690232

  • Can I join faze ? :)

  • How the hell does B TEC sidemen have more subscribers then the sidemen

  • my fortnite name is egamer0819

  • can i be in FaZe my name can be FaZe_turkeyy i was working on that name for 3 months

  • 6451, Weidlake Dr, Los Angeles. I've pulled up boys, wish me luck.

  • Hi

  • Tell banks to pick me up 😱🔥

  • I am up next

  • Who else thinks I need some clout

  • I need to be picked up

  • Can I try out for faze and and I need a pc or no to try out cuz I dont have one but my epic is Splerky -a- and my alt acc epic is BH Cast

  • You should’ve get ronald omg or young chip

  • why no uploads

  • Can you guys do another recruitment challenge. Like in bo4 with the ARG7 clan tag? I want to join but I’m not Poppin on ISchats yet

  • Please get him back

  • Cizzors says : yea it’s the long game Nikan: Breaks pencil first try

  • Hey bro! I know your friend Annette

  • Melt the youtuber should be in your clan he is good at SNIPES

  • Where the f*ck is banks

  • Where y'all at?

  • Hi

  • You guys should do 8bit challenge

  • Fuck you

    • 👍

  • Sub to mohamed75king

  • BTEC sidemen

  • faze: does the tissue challenge *greta left the chat*

  • Omg I’m nasty I’m insane literally just got a cereal box done

  • I want to join faze I love faze so much

  • I don’t know why but why doesn’t faze have Minecraft pvp in there clan like seriously

  • Add fe4rless to Faze please

  • Where's jev

  • Faze Clan can yall shout me out TypicalGoals _Yt

  • Why isn’t fearless in faze

  • Hi

  • sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeden

  • is teequ

  • im from sweden so the only one can under stand what this means hur mår ni.

  • Yo can I join FaZe Im like minecraft god PvP wise

  • Can I join faze How do I join Btw im 9 years old almost pro in fn

  • do a reaction vid on devour ashpud pls

  • I have a question: Is mexify (a german contentcreator) joined faze ???

  • to be honest team soaR is better than FaZe.

  • Take me?

  • Does alanta faze work for faze clan

  • Stop bullying blaze

  • Where tf are the montages at !damn. I ain’t trying to see these challenges

  • Hey FaZe I have a really cracked mobile player for you guys to check out, his ISchats is ItzFudge You should recruit him to FaZe, he is INSANE. (Please get this to at least 1,000 likes so FaZe Clan will see this👍🏻)

  • Did someone ever realized that the word “faze” upside down gets ezaf (ez as f***)😂

  • Did someone ever realized that the word faze upside down gets ezaf (ez as f***)

  • Can I join your clan 2 years later imganna start seeming and then if I’m good can I join

  • Faze started as a gaming clan ...faze rug is not a gamer dude he did cod 2 now he makes songs lmao

    • He does damn FaZe has gone down hill.

  • I want to join faze

  • I like every faze member