Introducing FaZe Flea - #FaZe5 Winner

Birt 29 des 2020
Please welcome the third winner of #FaZe5, FaZe Flea!
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  • Another fortnight kid

  • Finally Flea got in FaZe letssss goooooo

  • I remember when faze was relevant, and when it brought it non fortnite creators

  • Congrats Tyler


  • what about stevie :(

  • Like my cut g

  • I am proud of him 🥲

  • Let's go flea

  • typical...Sorry but you got chosen because you were not a threat to them.. Stevie was 100% better then the rest of Faze and you so they picked the easy choice.. A fortnot player with the same shit we have seen 1000 times,

  • Am I the only one struggling to see whether he’s good or not bc the fortnite edits are so cancer that I can’t even see the video

  • Happyyyyyyyyy

  • Let’s gio

  • I’m happy for flea but they wronged Stevie ngl

  • I remember watching flea 2 years ago when I actually played Fortnite, he deserves this

  • استغفر الله


  • # faze IMWAPY

  • Perth Represent

  • Fleas a mfking beast

  • does anybody know the name of the song they used in the beginning and the song they used in the montage. I'd really appreciated it thx

  • Flea:mediating Flea:its time mate

  • Another fortnite creator add him to the list of fazes endless search for clout this clan really went downhill fast

  • flea swares

  • Well done flea i wish a will be faze

  • This doubled my edit speed

  • hi Tyler

  • Faze only chose good players means they will only choose good players

  • Recruit daksyhd

  • hype lets go flea

  • Flea representing Australia My Home Country

  • Just another FN player

  • Congratulations flea , don't drink all the juice I will be there one day inshallah .

  • Flea looks so weird without shoes on.


  • Faze Proze

  • Finally an Aussie faze member! Maybe one day I could be one to.

  • Ggggg

  • So your telling me he won by playing in a custom lobby.

    • Lol

    • Bruh at least he better than u

  • Congrats your the best I love your vids

  • enjoy your life :}

  • You guys are messed up for not letting absorber in 😕 .

  • Letssss gggoooooooo!!!!!


  • I was rooting for you this whole time let’s gooo! Congrats flea

  • fortnite is dead lmao


  • Nahh flea had to give upper management the best head ever. He's been taking about them for years.

  • sub to me at colson ketcher

  • I was rooting for you this whole time let’s gooo! Congrats flea

  • Flea starts with F and FaZe starts with F everyone knew they will combine!

  • The reaction is PRICELESS bro. ( I love it)

  • (:

  • might as well just call this a fortnite clan now 😐

  • Let’s go flea

  • I’m pretty sure.....that some people only cared about Flea making it into Faze tbh

  • Let’s go flea can you add me my epic is FEARBATYT

  • Bro so happy for you flea you honestly deserve it you’ve helped a lot of your fans out and the grind you have been putting in has payed of Keep up the hard work.

  • Nobody. Ashx names: stepbro ashx, NotAshx-, Xmas Ashx, Ashx

  • Yes sirrrrrrrr

  • I would have been pissed if faze actually signed rowdyrogan lmao Ggs flea

  • Let’s go where?

  • let's go flea you deserve it so much you a legend👌👌👌👍👍💖❤

  • This is the content I was looking for

  • still cant figure out how they beeped the curse in a live stream but okayy

  • Your dog water what are your earnings you are freer than free come on bro bro you need to make FaZe with no caps

  • No way

  • King here

  • K1ng the better.

  • 1:15 trophy earned: joined faze clan he predicted the furute

  • What ist Name of music

  • Flea : Calmly medidating 10 secs later... Flea : Let's F*ckin Gooo

  • Lets see who your millionth viewer is

  • this dude only playing creative ? tf xd

  • Flea is a goat

  • Flea deserved this im subed and watched him for years he's so good congratulations flea

  • music?

  • 1:52 Or you know... 5 days with @12th Hour

  • Lėtas GOO flea

  • Lets go flea

  • Who else wanted FaZe Machi but I love u flea congrats

  • i told yall he was in

  • Yeeee boyyyyyy


  • Flea has been a very good friend to me and to see this is sensational!!!

  • Lol

  • Horrible music

    • Tomorrow: Introducing FaZe Milliam

  • and Boooooooooooooooooo

  • you are a bot

  • He is actually in FaZe now omg yesss

  • I knew hes gonna win

  • Name of the music at the start?

  • *meditating* *gordon ramsay*

  • Where is machi

  • Achievement unlocked joined faze clan good work flea your goated

  • 😮😮😲😲😦😧 no suprise VERY HAPPY

  • What do you text to the number

  • FAK u

  • Doesn’t deserve it he plays fortnite

  • You mean hand work pay off😉