FaZe Clan: Who Can Punch the Hardest Challenge ft. Offset

Birt 16 sep 2019
Guess in the comments who you think is going to win...
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  • Faze offset baby

  • 4:26 dayyyimmm

  • How is kay so powerful

  • Tip: keep your shoulder and chest up so you can give out a punch stronger and faster and reduce when you get punched

  • 1:08

  • Offset can’t punch for shit😂maybe it’s because he had the ring on his hand so if it is because of that then he should have took it off

  • Love how FaZe is with Nissan

  • Nice job older bruva

  • Orba

  • Jarvis should have punched it straight after he got banned from fortnite

  • 5:40 u can see the pain in apex's eyes

  • You look at nikan you think Tough man You look at kay you think Noodle man nope wtf 763 from nikan and 816 from kay

  • They latterly over estimated Faze nikan

    • The shorter you are the easier it is. If it was eye level with him he would have hit at least 850

  • Where’s teeqo???

  • Im 14 and i get higher score then all of them lol

  • Faze rug has more subscribers than the faze clan itself😂. Now thats funny!

  • Life lesson don’t fight any of them 🤣

  • 3:32 rugs insane hes a lefty aswell

  • Little brother jarvis(scary) Faze Kay (shivery timbers scary)

  • Everybody gangsta till offset did 700...

  • 1 year later first time seeing November 4 2020

  • you guys are stuped at doing that challenge and i could get 842 points stuped

  • I don’t understand how people don’t take some martial arts classes and learn how to throw a decent punch after making money. I’m looking at these dudes hands and there is no form at all. Even the stance is wrong lol

  • Moms chankla hitting that 15000000000 is the score

  • Alex : that's insane bro 🤣🤣

  • The trick to this game is to hit straight

  • Apex 801 Off set 798 Adapt win bye 2

  • I wish teeqo was apart of this challenge

  • Wdum highsky1 would make a difference

  • Can apex acctually reach

  • Why is faze banks with them and not having fun.

  • Bro Adapt is like shit I didn’t win

  • In just realised Im 15 and Can punch 945 thats my highscore geeeeezzz

  • Where did y’all buy it

  • who else notice banks just standing in the corner

  • Wtf?!?!?! Are you trying to tell me that i got almost the same points as the strongest faze member?! I am 14yo and I got a score of 808. Bruh

  • when i was 10 i got 838

  • Did rug even hit it

  • the failure in apex face 5:39

  • adapt:imma win bro im strongest i can win all of these challenges!

    • :frazier umm i dont think so may be me cuz i beated you on the arm wrestle challeng so i dont think so

  • 5:41 alex extra busted

  • Everyone gangster till faze sensei pulls up 😟😂😤

  • WTF they Even dont know how to punch WTF

  • Who also saw that whenever Fraser beat Apex he had the saddest face ever

  • Apex haircut is fire asf !!!!

  • Its not broken or they all weak

  • Did no one notice banks?

  • I want a michine like that to punch hard my score will be 999

  • Offset weak asf

  • pogo

  • if only sensei was there lol

  • Did anyone else see when jarvis punched the score went from 500 to 700 skipping 600 (clean edits btw)

  • get off my acc fatty

  • get off my acc fatty

  • Adapt punches like he’s pitching in a baseball game

  • Anthony watching Jarvis like : 👁👄👁

  • When Rug beats Ksi ME: 😕😕😕😕🤔🤔🤔🤔😮😮😮😮🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Offset punching with his ring on, imma go and look for some dropped diamonds on the floor

  • 5:41 apex was so sad

  • Rug did 760 after you look closely he got 761🧐🤔

  • This reminds me why domt u have amy black people I'm faze

  • Migos is trash xxxtentacion can beat him

  • I hit one for 885 and I have a hurt knee atm. Did it earlier today. I'm 6"00 160 lbs but I trained for MMA and had a cpl fights a few years ago.

  • Everyone gangsta until Kay’s little brutha be punching hard

  • I think I would be able to beat Javis

  • Anybody notice offset got 666

  • I am 14 and i GOT 875 and i dont box

  • Faze rug stop fucking yelling you small bich

  • U should see rug in 2020 he can hit a 900

  • running at the machine doesnt help you hit harder u need to stand still

  • Guess you could say he’s “onset” now

  • These r so bad compared to the latest 1s

  • Rug looks like Nikan's kid, when he was standing next to him 😂

  • I thought faze rug was going to break when he punch it 👊

  • nikan can get 850 ez

  • Offset it’s not about the money it’s about the skill

  • Offset hit it right cardi is gonna hit him like that when she finds out he cheated

  • "that's insane bruv"

  • 9 months later hitting 890 900

  • Faze rug is actually in Faze clan?

  • The punch bag was flat

  • Fucken Rug & jarvis are weak bitches lol

  • Why does rug look so tiny compared to others in the clan 😂😂

  • They improved alot since. Watch Faze Jarvis video and theyre hitting high 800s to 900s

  • Who watching this on covid

  • Can someone explain the Temperrr shit😂does he do mma training or something?

  • Why isn’t Banks in this???

    • banks is always locked in his room or something i don’t see him on many of the faze challenges

  • Rugs nose is hugh asf

  • 2:46 Adapt: You beat him by 2 points Math: *has left the chat*

  • The hype house live in the old faze house

  • nikan could get better but he doesn’t wanna hit his head

  • Plot twist : the punching bag was a paid actor

  • Who else saw Jarvis upload this same video

  • Everyone listen to danger by Minos and marshmallow

  • Faze up

  • Nice Kay I already knew

  • Y’all should box

  • Anyone else here after faze jarvis version?

  • Anyone else come here after Jarvis made his punching hardest video?

  • Wheres Teeque ;(