FaZe Clan - Who's Smart and Who's Dumb? (Challenge)

Birt 6 jan 2020
The guys split into three teams to face off in some Game-Show style Trivia.
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  • kerplunk

  • ok i was confused cause isn't a bird a mammal and lays eggs and don't be mean if im wrong

  • Orbas reflection on 7:22 loooolll

  • yo its FaZe Tenser

  • Isn’t Hawaii number 51??

  • Blue is in the rainbow right?

  • Tenser and teeqo

  • When cizzors fell of his chair😂

  • WTF did u guys say a short form of rainbow? roygbiv? Bruhhhhh it's fucking Vibgyor 🤦‍♂

  • How does this video not get 1mil watches

  • Orba every 5 seconds: Disqualified

  • “where will the 2020 summer olympics be held?” me in 2020 after they’ve been cancelled : 👁👄👁

  • The hint was great!

  • Doesn't rainbow have 7 colors? 😂

  • that fetal position at 10:02 lol

  • Who’s else notice that cizzors hair grows fast

  • I'm smarter than them😂😂😂😂

  • 9 days until Christmas unloads video jan 6

  • Cizz's brain is so sexy

  • Cizzorz takin dubs

  • tbh orba looks like a boring guy lol

  • Question 8:05 doesn’t even make any sense what about blue

  • Ok so I haven’t been in school cause class is online but I still don’t do it but I’m pretty sure 5:49 was 39 and not 38

  • 7:36 ❤FROM 🇮🇳 faze up......

  • 8:06 I don’t mean to call you dumb but this🌈 has blue in it as well

  • Would of been better with adapt 😐

  • You say Adapts dumb but they don’t even know where the Olympics are held

  • Imagine a team with adapt and roman 😛 😛

  • weres jarvis

  • Go to7 7:25 and look at orbas face in the reflection of the glass

  • I love Teeqo 🤣🤣💖💖💖

  • Cizzors your insane bro. Too bad adapt couldn't be there

  • They should've kept going on the past turn because they could've got a - 1

  • Hi

  • Me: How many years ago was 1981? 39 Years ago cizzorz: 38years They got it wrong but gave them the point wow.

  • I think we all knew Adapt wouldn’t be there because we already know the answer lol

  • I feel like teeqo is salty


  • Tenser and Teeqo

  • "4" bruh

  • Wtf rainbow had 7 colours

  • 2:40 HOW did they not know that 😑

  • 7:00

  • Teeqo is the dude that does nothing for the group but still get overly hyped about everything

  • For the rainbow question it had two answers blue and indigo not violet violet is the same as purple

  • Orba is a fucking bitch

  • Easy peasy cake

  • Teeqo and orca are annoying

  • i can’t stand cizzors

  • Adapt Can Compete He’s Professional

  • Wheres my boy adapt at

  • Faze are actually really really dum

  • There’s also blue in the rainbow

  • Platipus

  • “I haven’t even heard that word in my English vocabulary” LMFAOAOOA

  • Adapt being dumb to not come

  • 8:05 what happened to blue?

  • Its actually 39 years ago

  • Did anyone else realize they missed blue in the colors of the rainbow

  • 0:01-0:03 my man blaze over here Tryna be frickin Steve Harvey

  • How did they not know where the olympics are this year

  • Teeqo is so annoying

  • teeqo is. a show. off

  • Tanser and teeqo


  • *_Guess tenser cant win if he doesn't cheat_*

  • Nikan & Teeqo will win

  • Definitely teqqo

  • Going out to eat baby let's go

  • Where is banks and Adapt

  • Tenser tico

  • teeqo ia winning swedish for life

  • This looks exactly like gambling.... such negative content

  • Wait look at the views it is at 666k

  • What about blue and yellow rude

  • want to punch lucas in the fucking face

  • 10:02 when he curled up in a ball tho😆

  • I win

  • good video and I love faze clan

  • Man where is Adapt at

  • Live it up odiigph

  • :047 teeqo looks so long and lanky

  • its a platapus u guys r realy dumb

  • It's a trick video they are all dumb

  • When did faze turn all these people ghetto

  • Where is rug

  • I’m suprised that it didn’t have a picture of adapt without 0iq in the thumbnail

  • Where’s Jarvis

  • Ostrich

  • The SIX colors of the rainbow: Red, orange, green, PURPLE AND VOILET. .... So rainbows don't have yellow, nor blue in them and purple and voilet are considered to be two colors? Learned something today!

  • Aight bet!!

  • plako

  • *bush fires going on in Australia* : Faze clan: *whoever's smarter gets 5k*

  • Faze is so shit

  • Can I join faze

  • Cizzors is smatiest it's obvious!

  • Cizzorz

  • 8:04 blue no?

  • i've got most of your faze clan merch and i love it