The Evolution of FaZe Clan - 10 Years

Birt 30 maí 2020
Celebrating 10 years of FaZe Clan. 5/30/2010 - ∞
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  • FaZe Clan 10th Anniversary 🔥

    • The best clan ever

    • is g fuel good i never had it


    • I was born in 2010 may 30 th actually

    • recruit shah

  • All these salty comments are bs. They made it from the bottom, it’s that simple

  • It’s all fun and games until they say FaZe Cheo for President

  • nba x faze????????????

  • I kinda want to cry

  • Look at cizzors😂 10:49

  • I love my og boys

  • you know you're big when people put FaZe infront of their igns and arent even part of FaZe

  • The good old days, when this clan was made only for love to the videogames, now it’s only to famous people :(

  • Everyone was gangsta until Faze banks got in and got an evolution

  • so they showed highsky more then jev yeah ok bro

  • That’s insane Jarvis

  • faze jarvis and the 7 year olds ruined this

  • Should've gotten a lil Agony cameo but still wow its been 6 months lol...FaZe UP

  • Faze clan nowadays is just clout hungry and money

  • This made me emotional

  • I think FaZe Rug is the best. Because before this i dont even know what FaZe are.

  • Ima reply to myself in 10years 👍🏼 And for my answer to "where do you see Faze in 10years?" (Beyond)

  • Imagine a kid be like ima start a clan for fun 10 years later:

  • where was sway

  • Where tf is jev?

  • I cried watching this

  • LMFAO ewok the first GIRL AHAHHA

  • we love Jev🥺🥺

  • Wow ive been building an army of the best of the best players and have a crazy team and to see you guys doing this to this kind of level is such an inspiration! Btw Always Loved the name Faze its super catchy. i started to upload my Call of Duty gaming again so check it out and glad i found your channel brother hopefully i can join you guys

  • faze jev is the best member

  • I cant believe it’s been 10 years since optic released

  • i cried watching this, love the faze clan!!

  • 24:16 who is he legit watched his videos back in the day but i forgot hid channel someone please help

  • Shits crazy :( they all know business took over they friendship that’s why they miss NY

  • Apex looks like drake when he was young

  • 3:14 someone please show that jake paul kid this clip. He claims that he was the first one to introduce a content house lol. He high

  • 15:09 not for long

  • 18:44 isn’t that the dude that said the n word

  • Who else remember the Og Faze members

  • Faze kross ?

  • This is the FaZe Clan I miss, good old days. I used to grind COD and try to get better and better at trickshotting....until time changed

  • You guys are like Greek gods

  • Next Up! FaZe City!

  • Did you guys really not even mention the first three members who made faze? Eric "CLipZ" Rivera, Jeff "House Cat" Emann and Ben "Resistance" Christensen.

  • Hey I'm a big Fan of Faze and I would love to be a Member

  • Faze is such a selfish team now. The group that lives in the house care about themselves and themselves only. All of the other OG members were left out because these guys wanted to focus the come up and clout on themselves. It’s quite sad honestly.

  • 19:17 who remembers when Fredo Santana said he was gonna kill all of the Migos members

  • old faze > this bs

  • crazy how face went from a bunch of dudes who spun on cod to like a company that wants money and doesn’t focus on its core anymore

  • where did it go wrong

  • My brother way born in 2010

  • who agrees faze rug is the best member in the faze clan?

  • It's sad to see that the FaZe clan themselves think they evolved from 2012 ain't nothing going to be anything like 2012

  • i was borne on 2010 no joke

  • I remember Adapt being surprise recruited to FaZe. Wish I could go back

  • Whats your favorite memory of faze clan? I can't find this FaZe Beats clue.....

    • Lmk if you find anything else

  • not even a mention of faze fakie

  • faze up

  • Apex: Neson

  • If only 1 day i could have The Unknown Clan alive and revive 😪 one day when I get members and be famous i could make clan battle with faze just for fun but is worth it for me please people wanna help me out if you're interested on it up to you 😔

  • I mean look at pewdiepie he has 100,000,000

  • In ten years I hope they have 100,000,000 subs

  • Is bad I’ll never be in faze

  • hiiiiiiiiiii

  • FaZe UP

  • Jev is the best in my opinion

  • 10:15 I literally got really happy to see FaZe Rug because he doesn’t really game that much anymorw

  • i am really cool sub plz

  • This was my dream growing up. Rip.

  • My friend wants to join but he is not that good but he can no scope any thing

  • You gotta make a faze clan in North Carolina

  • Imagine in 10-15 years you have a kid and he joins faze (MIND BLOWN)

  • who else watching this amazing video

  • apex superman hair

  • Remember when FaZe used to do just gameplay videos, way more fun back then, but good job guys anyway

  • Road To 10M Subscribers!!!

  • Never mentioned the best realest loyal Member Jev so under appreciated

  • One day I wish I can join

  • wasup B

  • arabs be playin cod too much

  • I love jev❤️ for me he is the best and iconic member of this clan


  • All I want for FaZe day is for Ninja to join FaZe clan

  • For me I see faze as my family but I'm not even apart of faze

  • I remember waking up going to youtube in the morning and checking everyone’s channel to see if they uploaded

  • see yall when this randomly recommends in 6 years

  • My bday is literally 3 days after faze was created

  • I have been trying to join faze from 4 years I send my trick shots but no one actually cares. So you everyone can’t be lucky and here I’m today going to end my life. FAZE UP!

  • We grew up together

  • Fortnite faze members but not FaZe Jev the only one who stuck to cod ok cool😔we all love Jev more than anyone in this video🥰❤️

  • Jev WHAT

  • Faze rug with the positivity

  • why does it look like teeqo hasnt changed one bit

  • faze looks so fun i wish i could be apart of that they just have the best friendships.

  • FaZe Temperr : I cant believe we bit this milestone! That one kid : CaN I JoIn I hiT SiCk TrIckSHotS

  • This puts a smile on my face...I hope they continue on their success, FaZe Up!

  • WOW. FaZe was made on my birthday.

  • Imagine being a FaZe clan member 🔥

  • Kinda sad jev wasn’t in here

  • i remeber when this video first came out

  • Guys just FAZE UP!

  • New faze clan is dogshit

  • yo i thought u were the original founders lmao were is faze resis

  • I've been wit you from the beginning man you keep growing and, yeah keep it going