Last To Leave Gym Wins $5,000 - FaZe Clan

Birt 11 nóv 2020
Watch to the end of the video to see who wins the $5,000.
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  • f those 5k

  • Teeqo

  • Hahahahaha f those 5k

  • There not proper chin ups ur hands have to go all the way down

  • Definitly temperr will win

  • them boys slow ngl

  • Alex need to learn how to do a proper bench press tommy won in my books

  • “Chin-ups” 😂😂

  • Who else hates Alex

  • Is it me or is tommy blurred out?? Why is this?

  • alex did not go fully down with that push up

  • Soo bad pull ups...

  • Bro temper went to his chest Alex was like 3 inches off cheat

  • wtf are those bench presses adapt?

  • Why is Alex in faze if he does nothing but only compete on things and he is the dumbest in the face 😂

  • Bro teeqo literally had 1 life for a bad throw wtf

  • Alex didn’t even put it to his stumic

  • Bro why did they blur out Tommy’s shirt

  • half repped the last ones

  • That’s not fair, dude didn’t even go all the way down with the bench press like tommy did

  • Nah bro Adapt didnt bench ANY of those reps correctly lol not a single one went to his chest. Im not worried about the form but for it to count as a rep it needs to hit the chest

  • 7:56 Wtf is this Chin ups??????

  • That should have counted the 7:17

  • You help hm out

  • Mr beast lite

  • These chin ups are less than half of the range of motion. They invented awhole new exercise

  • Yooo Alex wasn’t even going to chest when he was benching

  • luciaCVU TJ

  • When somebody kissed my girl 2:35

  • my top speed be 19

  • my man Teeqo was chilling on the floor and aimbot forgot to activate his cheats and didnt catch it

  • And Alex wasn’t going to his chest

  • Teeqo shouldn’t have been our Alex should of

  • Fav song I meant hahaha

  • Yo jarvis I lovenjuice wrld what's your tax song from him

  • The damaging foxglove spectroscopically spare because rainbow bioinformatically sprout failing a vulgar form. poised, dazzling celery

  • Bro tommy was going to the chest alex half

  • Adapt cheated the f

  • Counting of temper Singh bang = 99999999999999999999999

  • Yo corrupted head you don’t even try

  • the guy with the big nose looks like he is wearing a big nose mask

  • And I’m a boy

  • Tommy is my favorite faze member

  • is alex American?

  • Mrbeast

  • Alex cheated

  • I'd love to do that I wish

  • Look at them compare the faze security guys can lift 400 pounds

  • Alex cheated💀

  • I loved when Teeqo turned into a Karen

  • Bro... Alex did the reos but he did y do it all the way down. Tommy instead did it all the way down si o think tommy desertes it more PD: Also tommy deserves it more cause hua head is not busted.

  • Why was tommys shirt blurred out

  • What is Kay sharing

  • Mjjjjjii

  • Alex did not touch he's chest with the bar

  • Why is this the new faze

  • Alex is a cheater

  • Fsusosdddddddhdhhhhrhdhddddddd sRDsDDDDDDEDHDDdDdddddd

  • nikan helped alex there at the end

  • Form Alex: What's that?

  • Why’d they blur Tommy’s shirt???

  • tommy and alex didnt do full reps😐

  • Alex is so mean to javis also javis head isn’t busted

  • Lifting isn’t everything. Running is probably half of a good exercise too.

  • BTW name is Benjamin frank

  • Y’all are so dumb this man Alex wasn’t even benching right tf, your supposed to go to your chest

  • He lost he didn’t go all the way down

  • I think Tommy is going to win

  • stickme on a tradmilli could be there all day easy win

  • Why does adapt look so drunk

  • I could not stop laughing at the was Cizzors runs 🤣🤣🤣

  • I feel sorry for taco that was a shit throw

  • Frazier got back fired

  • On the pull-ups they weren’t even going all the way down

  • you need a new kamara that one suck bro

  • change the host

  • Why were teequos shorts blurred and Tommy’s shirt blurred

  • The slow seashore metrically improve because hockey nomenclaturally paste amid a earthy velvet. first, axiomatic begonia

  • teeqo would of won that

  • 🤩😎👺👻💀👹s

  • I don't wont to be a hater but when you bench the baar need to touch your ches

  • Df

  • Ain't no single reps made on Bench press....

  • Who taught faze adapt how to bench press that was a total fail

  • Yo y is Tommy’s shirt blind?

  • Those chin ups are wack

  • Here's some advice when you run. Don't ball ur fists because when u ball ur fists the air is compressing against ur fists and it slows u down, so when ur running expand ur hands because when u expand them the air flows off to the sides. Your welcome😁

  • Cap this vid cap

  • I thought he said bench press not lift it

  • Alex bench press they didn't even go to his chest

  • Alex wasn't going down that far Tommy should have won

  • Why r stuff blurred out??

  • The highest anyone benched and acc touched there chest was 185 kg

  • I know right

  • Why was Tommy's shirt blered

  • Why do faze not like ethiad

  • I’m faster than Tommy my speed on a treadmill is 19.6

  • Has anyone noticed that tommy's shirt is blurred

  • Alex was not tuching his chest

  • I miss the old faze