Meet FaZe Jarvis and FaZe Kay

Birt 12 mar 2020
A deep look into the life of everyone's favorite bruvas. Insane.
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  • What other members of FaZe do you guys want to see us feature? Let us know 🔥

    • Teeqo

    • i wanna see me one day lol i will keep grindin and if y'all wanna try me out i am down i really wanna chance i been grindin 2015 to this year 2020 please give me a chance to tryout for faze please and thanks Faze up

    • Teeqo and Teawap

    • Flea!

    • Jev

  • Sean seemed like he didnt know Jarvis😭

  • Faze jarvis can I join faze and also im british

  • nice

  • How Many Times Jarvis Said “Bro” .

  • he is banned.

  • Wait Kay kann deutsch?😂😂

  • Kay bro I do takewando

  • no cap[

  • this inspired me

  • yo

  • There aunt seems like a very huggable person.

  • if every parent listened to jarvis and kays aunt...

  • &

  • Why was jarvis sooooo chubby when he was a baby

  • The fact that they are in faze makes me mad because of all their clickbait and bad videos

  • when you take a nissan.

  • faze hysguy

  • When you only join faze because of your older brother😵

  • That’s insane bruv!!!!!

  • over there must be small

  • Big brava and baby brava ifykyk


  • Like this guys

  • Stop your chanell plz

  • Jarvis was so cute as a kid

  • Kay is so bad in fortnite but if he didnt be in faze ı would unsubscribe to faze

  • I feel sorry for jarvis and Frazier's brother who is no more

  • FaZe up mate

  • I love how his aunts like good boy when he hits a ball

  • its the beginning of that's insane and aimbot :)

  • Aunt JT is such a lovely and wise human being love it

  • At 9:21 Jarvis is stugling

  • BñVgfgfggyguyyuyuyuuiioiujp

  • So brish?

  • Who just got this in there recommended,

  • dude why was jarvis soooooooo cute when kay was singing next to himm

  • (insert crying jarvis face here)

  • That cool he landed the bottol

  • 2 years later........... BANNED

  • Jarvis looks sooooo sooo different

  • 3:55 to 4:20 😬

  • Its sad cause like i like faze and i wabt to be a ytber and i want to be in faze😭

  • Can I join Faze

  • Never seen them being emotional and dramatic lol

  • L

  • We love you 😙 😙 😙 ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  • The bottle flip tho

  • I like how she says to Jarvis "good boy"6:31...........LmFAo

  • There aunt seems really kind

  • you best believe that was the most lit zoink spot in all the land

  • I want to be a ISchatsr when I'm older but noone believes in me so ídk what to do and I only have like 5 subscribers

    • @Henry thx man

    • its not for everyone. Just do it if your passionate abt it

  • jarvis your mom is hot.

  • "i cant wait go to back go england" - people who cant drive at all

    • .

  • Ahhh yes big bruva and baby bruva

  • what can i say there both insaneee mate

  • Yo Jarvis I think if you show sommer ur baby pic

  • hey FaZe i watch all your videos and i watch all a way to the first Faze videos and kay and his little brother two and i just want to say thank you for leting me join the FaZe and that was nice of you,s thanks bro,s and i just want to say something ...YEET AND SAY LESS//////////////////////////

  • the aunty sounds disappointed that jarvis didnt become a tennis star plus i thought football was the main sport in england

  • Family is everything and family is going to live with me forever

  • These guys and their laughs are funny af

  • Teeko

  • So the are step brothers

  • FaZe Jarvis defentetly worst thing that happend to FaZe

  • One of the worst brothers should be the title

  • Flea

  • Banks: Wanna join faze? Frazier: Yo that's insane Jarvis!!!

  • Are they like twins or is Kay older? Faze up

  • like the comment if ur watching in 2020

  • Sup m8

  • 🔥

  • Can I be Faze5

  • You’re insane Jahvis 😂

  • Faze Zyk?

  • This right here is what ruined faze forever.

  • These dude's where already rich $$$$$$

  • Hi

  • im big fan of faze pls when i get older can i join faze?

  • Is good to be them🙏🥺

  • trippie red

  • Ak pff

  • Aj pff

  • Jarvis yooo

  • Who else got this recommended 5 months later

  • Do faze megga

  • I have more respect now for your guys

  • They have been in FAZE for so long they had to Re-introduce them

  • nobody: not even Faze clan: YT:lets recommend this for everyone cus why not

  • Faze velocity

  • Hi

  • i love this clan your the best FaZe

  • what happened to going to In'n out

  • I did

  • uk is so beautiful wtf

  • Iam interested to see faze sway gets couched

  • I love tennis

  • kick them

  • That's insane bruv

  • I love how there aunt is tryna speack in a american accent but cant propaly

  • Meet kay and jarvis:2 of the biggest clickbaiters