Who is the Strongest FaZe Member? - Challenge

Birt 13 okt 2019
We're back at the FaZe House today to see which FaZe member is the strongest...enjoy!
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  • Jarvis bench press doesn’t count he only went like 58% down

  • None touched chest or curled right the curls were so funny because there just swinging straight body or it look more like a press thing

  • This video pissed me off form wise more than it should of not 1 rep counted in any situation

  • 0 ,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,

  • *form has left the chat*

  • ok

  • Who's still here 2021

  • 3:16 what is that the chicken dance?

  • 13:53 I think he used about 5 percent of his biceps in that rep

  • 9:36 Fast Kids in conditioning 9:38 Me in conditioning

  • 1.)do strict curls 2.)pull ups are heavily bodyweight dependant 3.)if those are bench presses I'ma bench 350 @16 @148 bw after four months of training on tuesday wish me luck

  • Good form left chat

  • more like a who has the worst form challenge

  • Teeqo was the only one who did semi decent pull-ups

  • The pull-up form is horrible

  • Jarvis’s bench was so bad

  • Faze clan ohh Form am i a joke to you

  • I just came back to this video just to say he did not get 25 his chin do not touch that bar lol 😂 and it’s way more harder if you go. All the way down and all the way up

  • I like Jack ( faze cizzorz) and Tommy ( faze temperr's) for for pull-ups.

  • Nikan:hes so little but so big Me:my brain hurts that defines logic

  • you can tell by this video that nobody here goes to the gym big of. the curls left me 100% sure

  • who starts at 225lbs for bench press

  • Who else saw the little dog push the ball 🤣

  • No squats smh y’all are disappointing

  • 9:20 Where’s ur brain? huh💀

  • Me: Mom can we have good form Mom: We have good form at home Good form at home:

  • The worst curl form

  • Bad pull ups, weird curls, doubt the bench was 225.

  • Nobody: Not even a soul: Apex: i havent worked out in 3 months

  • nikan fat

  • Alternate title: FaZe guys showing the internet how to be bad at going to the gym

  • No one: Not a single soul: Apex: “I haven’t worked out for three months”

  • I like how they keep counting the pull ups but yet they didnt even get over the bar

  • teeqo i love you

  • They don’t deserve that gym

  • GODDAMN, these guys made me cringe with the shit form, they don't even go all the way down on bench either .-. They shouldn't have even passed 225 or 235

  • Ummm... I know Jarvis did 225lb bench... but he went down 2 inches... no count

  • Watching this video set my bench press progress back 6 months

  • All the gym freaks in the comments triggered......thats why I dont like gym guys they are 0 fun and get triggered at stupid shit

  • Bunch of pussy clowns. Anyone who actually trains knows how ridiculously embarrassing this entire video is

  • You didn’t even do pull ups

  • Adapt is bustled bruv

  • They completely swing the dumbells

  • Ffs, they can’t lift at all every rep they did had the wrong technique omg, it’s actually making me mad. No way could that skinny guy do 225kg ahahaha that would make him a professional body builder for his weight

  • Wall sit nikan and Kay tied exactly!

  • I think nikan and Kay tied on the wall sit

  • faze clan has entered the chat good form has left the chat

  • Every single one of them would get like 13 14 if they were doing marine corps pull ups it’s all the way up all the way down.

  • Nikan

  • "IM GONNA BENCH 245": Mans literally pulled it off of them the entire time, they didn't touch chest, not a single clean rep was done on a single exercise lmao

  • Wow..... this sucked

  • Yo

  • At 15:24 look at the dog attack the ball lol

  • it never hit their chest once

  • Censor shouldve dropped some knowledge to this fools lmao

  • the title shouldve been “FaZe clan members demonstrating the worst forms on every exercises”

  • yall got a personal gym that none of yall even use, such a waste.

  • Where TF the form at?

  • This video makes me so mad anybody else

  • Not only is there form shit on pull ups and curls, but they don’t even touch their chest on bench,

  • Imma just say I'm 13 and got 2 minutes on wall sit

  • How can you call it a chest press and not have it press against your chest

  • Should’ve done body weight bench press

  • I think apex is going to win

  • bruh they cant even bench correctly

  • Pause it on 10:22

  • The half reps on bench 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Faze boys: yoooo that’s clean bro

  • Not a single bench rep is valid in this vidéo 😂😂

  • Faze censor would have won easily

  • When you bench the bar has to touch your chest just saying

  • I don’t know why people are saying that they didn’t do good like people who comment that couldn’t of done better lmao

  • Cheo is solid tf

  • Adapt Is solid asf

  • Also Jarvis ain’t doing partial reps of 225 let’s be rea

  • Jesus loves you.

  • Those curls were making me cringe like if you agree 👇

  • Frazier is not curling it he’s rowing it

  • They could barely do 45s with proper form

  • The curls form on point

  • dont vs apex

  • Do people actually stop the boots comment who they thinks gonna wi

  • Yo Alex’s pull-ups should have counted for half a point he didn’t go all the way down

  • Teeqo had his game face on 😎

  • Toko

  • Take

  • 1:05 WTF LOLLLL

  • I think Cheo wins best form award my man went abt 2 inches down

  • let's count their pull-up reps. 0.3, 0.2, 0.4, 0.4, 0.5😂

  • Tf is this

  • Alex is so winning the wall sit

  • Teeqo

  • Bruh none of these reps count💀💀💀💀⬆️

  • in the bench press no one lifted right

  • Yo all it takes is a 5 second google search to figure out how to complete a proper rep, Jesus Christ

  • noone litterly noone not a soul apex start of vid i havent workedout in 4 month 10mins later i havent workedout in 3 months

  • Teeqo

  • Fun fact: there is more planes in the water then boats on the sky

  • Faze Adap did not do a single rep hahaha

  • 16:05 Jarvis went down 3 inches🤣🤣🤣

  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Apex: I haven't worked out in 3 months