Introducing FaZe Scope - #FaZe5 Winner

Birt 1 jan 2021
Please welcome the sixth winner of #FaZe5, FaZe Scope!
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  • Finally “FaZe” Scope. Glad to see all his hard work and effort paid off, we all knew he’d end up joining just like FaZe Clan did and said just has to be the perfect time and it finally was the perfect time. Congrats to you out there FaZe Scope and FaZe Clan. Glad to see all your content and especially trick shots. Hopefully you will make some more “RTAK”/ Road To A Killcam videos FaZe Apex I miss them and love them it would be great on the new cod and just in general and congrats to everyone as well hope everyone is doing good and is staying healthy out there. Much respect for everyone in the world and also in FaZe Clan

  • Congrats been sub to scope for 4 years ❤❤❤

  • Nice ❤️ اسطوره

  • Anyone know the song at 1:30

  • FaZe dodoeu needs to happen immediately

  • Man bam shoulda won this


  • My biggest dream 💔😭😭😭

  • I thought only 5 people joined FaZe not 6

  • GG

  • OMFG!!!!! I’m sure scope doesn’t remember me but dude!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey faze you guys are amazing can I join I'm pritty good and I'm on controller

  • This is a real reaction when you get into FaZe

  • Can i please join in FaZe Clan

  • Yessssss faze scope big fan

  • We so proud of him

  • Wait what about absorber

  • What about Stevie dude he’s s nice his gameplay is godly

  • Rip Faze Stevie :(

  • Introduce me next please

  • 6 people joined

  • Metanme soy bno

  • Dope

  • They wronged stevie

  • FaZe Futives next?

  • @FaZe Scope deserved it so much congrats. I know you will bring great content to @Faze Clan

  • The most deserving member in a long time

  • By Virus

  • holy sh*t lets f**king goo

  • I knew he would be recruited because jev always wanted scope in FaZe

  • The whole community crying to be put hahaha

  • There are so many useless “gamers” in faze, I can’t remember who is who

  • my dream is joining faze clan :'/

  • A person has no PC, no money and plays well From a young age, does not have a chance to get in FaZe clan :/

  • no seizure warning

  • Faze scope...HuH.................................................................................................................RLLY?.Since u left fortnite.......


  • This dude is sick

  • Scope when he heard about FaZe5: MY TIME HAS OFFICIALLY COME

  • how did they get his live reaction in the video wtf

  • 10year grind definitely deserves it 👍🏾



  • Lmao they really be crying after not recruiting Stevie cause rust blew up

  • Lets go

  • Peep those BO2 clips.👀

  • When are the faze5 try outs this year in 2021

  • Where’s @teztn

  • i’m very disappointed that’s stevie didn’t get in

    • @Glitchrazo nope. faze only cares about money

    • Wdym he didn’t get in?

  • This MLG TİME M8

  • Eh hes gonna leave soon like the other legends man faze ve droppin of bruh

  • I want to join FaZe!!

  • Stevie

  • Hey faze can I be the faze Rafael please

  • who in their right mind would dislike this video......

  • let asorber join FaZe plz

  • The tears have dropped

  • Day 1 of trying to get popular off comments

  • how about now: how can i join faze atm

  • Recruit daksyhd

  • What’s a faze scope

  • Why not absorber

  • Make a rocket league team

  • We tried stevie

  • If is was in faze my name would be faze star

  • What sweet edit my gosh

  • The music when announced Faze Scope is fire!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • watch this guy call SoaR rymm

  • Corey Johnson

  • how do i enter for 2021

  • Do a montage with all members of faze clips

  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way ive been whatching scope since 10k

  • Where absorber

  • People fr don’t realize how unreal joining faze is now compared to how it was back in 2015. People got excited, it was just a team sitting at the top with SoaR, now it’s a whole brand and it’s nuts.


  • Will I be one day FaZe Wolf


  • Hi all subscribe me plzzz 🔥❤️

  • Yessir!

  • Subscribe to me if you believe you should of one FaZe5!

  • This is basically Faze6

  • Can I join this clan, lol

  • Wait Wait Wait,isn't faze5 why they are 6 wtf.

  • We want Stevie not saying scope is bad but we want stevie

  • I still can't believe y'all wouldn't upload Ramos' episode...

  • Hi it is me sizar

  • 1:36 is when the montage starts btw

    • What’s the song name ?

  • Congrats brother man ❤️

  • is it me, or does anyone miss the og faze clan/ house

  • This is just right!

  • Yoooooooo finally

  • How can i get faze bundle on call of duty

  • I will try again next time.

  • I've never been respected for my skill but now I have a way to join thank you so much

  • bro Faze Zenon Plss

  • What happened about rowdyrogan

  • Faze Proze ..

  • Plot twist SCOPE IS JUSTIN!!!!!

  • Who tf doesn’t know scope

  • If youre reading this you will all be succesfull // duhSparxYT