Introducing FaZe Bronny

Birt 30 ágú 2020
Join us in welcoming Bronny James to FaZe Clan 👑
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  • Join us in welcoming Bronny James to FaZe Clan 👑

  • When u realize bronny getting paid like an extra 10k for existing

  • Faze is a joke

  • Lebron James Son Is Goated At Video Games And Basketball

  • 1:06 first comment I see is calling him a bot

  • That fact that im not in faze yet is unbelievable, the amount of barrel rolls i do in my car on gta 5 after hitting something and then landing it is amazing

  • in 1 year: introducing FaZe Vladimir Putin

  • What is song name

  • Next up is Faze Joey Salads

  • As long as they have clout there in faze

  • In a few years: Introducing FaZe Elon Musk

  • I’m guessing faze had a basketball team no one ever new of

  • We all know why they recruited him because his dad LeBron James

  • faze bronny yessir faze up

  • He’s an average player..

  • wow bvery tolented

  • at this point u gotta be famous to be in faze clan

  • In 2 years: Introducing FaZe 6ix9ine

  • I know him, he is the son of Current NBA Player LeBron James.

  • 1 year later: introducing faze dojo siwa

  • Bronny is bad at Fortnite and cod, he’s only in cause his papa

    • If u see that man face to face u will be like I’m a fan can I get an autograph 💀

  • if he wasn't lebron james son he would not be in faze cuz he's not even good at gamess like it's so fked up and im so sure next is gonna be like FaZe charli damelio aka pro tiktoker.

  • Bronny is good and all but the only reason the let him in Faze is because his dad is Lebron James

  • In 4 years: introducing FaZe Gibi pro asmrist

  • Song??

  • Bro faze k1ng acting sus

  • Imagine getting into faze cuz of your dad like this kid ain’t good

  • He’s sooooo bad The only reason he’s in faze is Lebron payed

  • In 3. Years: faze black lungs pro vaper

  • Now bronny is actually really good at cod

  • song?

  • Flea must be pissed lmao

  • i didnt even kno the kid plays fort... next year faze Lamello Ball

  • 1 Week Later: Introducing FaZe_Donald Trump.

  • Song?

  • How can a person not even known for gaming make it but absorber can’t 🤔

  • He’s actually cracked at fortnite

  • 10 years later: introducing FaZe Alexis Texas

  • FaZe might as well recruit every celebrity at this point

  • No wayyyyy

  • Faze up

  • So im the only one that wondering wats the song is called

  • I swear if bronny is in the nba people will remember this dude being cracked at fortnite

  • Whats did he do to join ???

  • I challenge bronny to a 1v1

  • Why would they do this briny James seriously he may be better than me at video games but I’m not near good enough to join faze

  • 1:year later: welcoming from heaven:FAZE:kobe bryant

  • welcome ur mum to faze

  • Faze million

  • I know a 5 year old that does all those things better than you

  • For dem tickets

  • Can’t wait for FaZe Sins doctor, astronaut, engineer, veteran, teacher, policeman, detective, and now a FaZe member.

  • rigeged

  • In 3 years introducing faze Obama

  • He’s only on faze because he’s famous like they made offset in faze because fame

  • Did he really join faze bruh

  • A few months later, “ introducing FaZe Kim kardashian , a pro plastic expert “

  • OMG daddy’s rich!!!!!!! 😒😂

  • Bring actually isn’t that bad but doesn’t deserve a big clan like this

  • Why y’all out a clown emoji on Faze rugs movie ?

  • From these clips, I’d be in faze but like 6 months ago. This is such a garbage player. Not to be rude but I’d expect faze to welcome actual good players into their org.

  • Bronny gonna get haters cause..... mans out here doing everything

  • Next up...... Faze Morgz

  • Can u Guys do a vid with bronny

  • Bro they got the kings sonl

  • What’s this song?

  • Faze charlie d amelio

  • In 69 years Introducing FaZe Johnny Sins Reason: Has big di...i mean tik tok account

  • Y’all just letting anybody in faze now 🤣

  • I thought this was a channel for gaming talent? Nvm I gotta go back a few years to see good content

  • how to join faze : HAVE A FAMOUS DAD. noted

  • Bsbdbds

  • why do thy rc people then others have to grind for Faze 5

  • Why y’all hating he’s a great basketball player and gamer it’s not “clout” related it’s potential and confidence and last but not least talent

  • What song is this

  • Better than a faze member check

  • I thought faze was about gaming and fun. At this point it’s all about getting celebrities to join. there are other talented GAMERS that deserve to join FaZe. Not just celebrities

  • 10 years later: introducing Faze Aboogie

  • What’s the song.

  • Bru wtf imbetterr at fortnite and valorantthanthis kid

  • 10 years later faze 69

  • Well it's not for his FaZe skills but he's Bronny ig

  • Seeing these comments ,😩 why y’all so negative 😒 ?

  • is this a joke?

  • In 3 years introducing: Faze Monkey

  • I like how they put his basketball clips because he has no fortnite clips cuz he trash

  • So y’all just let everyone join because honestly he trash compared to almost everyone in the game

  • guess faze be recruiting anyone now

  • 3 years later: introducing: faze Donald trump

  • I didn’t know he played games

  • Nice

  • In 3 years introducing : FaZe lil baby

  • 1:09 did anyone notice he fell when he was building

  • In 8 years: introducing faze James Charles pro at nothing

  • In 100 year: introducing FaZe turtle one sea guy

  • 10 years later: Welcome Faze Travis Scott! Reasons why we picked him up? he is famous!!!!

  • what song

  • lebrons son!

  • 3 years later introducing faze bill gates

  • In 3 years: Faze CKN toys