Meet FaZe Nate Hill

Birt 29 apr 2020
In this episode, Nate Hill takes us back to his home state of Pennsylvania, explains his introduction to FaZe Clan and his transition from modeling into gaming. Enjoy and don't forget to like and subscribe!
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  • nate should make a song

  • hes a pro

  • It’s crazy how I love fortnite and I mostly watch Nate hill and he lives 30 minutes away from me driving he inspires me to sing and game even though I’m going through a hard time

  • where can i find the instrumentals used in this video?

  • Pls we want jev

  • nate hill are the best

  • dOnT LIe Hey how are you doing today? (I'm not a bot, real person asking)

  • I don’t think that Nate understands the phrase “little” when it comes to a house. Lol

  • yesssss

  • This is my tiny house me 😧

  • wasnt he already in faze clan or was it just in my dream

  • Hi Nate it’s me Devin can you give me the friend request

  • I ratjwr warch addison ray then nate HilL

  • He is from pa let’s go

  • badboyhalo

  • Remember when it took skill to get in faze but now they only recruit people for clout

  • He’s beautiful. His voice too 🤩 and now he’s doing so well and joined Faze!! What a king

  • Meet Faze Banks please

  • Compared to benjyfishy he's a noob

  • why they keep recycling these vids dawg. it aint cool

  • Ok boomer Nate hill

  • I wanna see “meet FaZe Sway”

  • If this was made for apex it would be short

  • He is soo handsome wow

  • 5:40

  • 5:46


  • Nate hill : handsome Nate hills father: even handsome Natehills fathers father: oh gosh i dont wanna see him

  • It’s Barry Allen

  • Is Nate Hill still in FaZe Clan?

  • This vids meant to to be about Nate and all the comment are about FaZe Jev😂😂

  • Maybe you don’t show the outside of your house

  • His mom 😳

  • Whoever likes this will be richer than all the faze members combined

  • Where's jev

  • faze jm

  • I just felt like I got to know you a little bit more 🥺💙

  • JEV wouldn’t do this. if you watch him you should know he wouldn’t show his grandparents or his home

  • Who forgot about this guy

  • Stop throwing up a gang sign y’all not banging 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🔯🔯🔯💙🖤

    • The faze hand sign is not a gang sign


  • I am in faZe

  • Lol dog shit caught him hacking on MW

  • I wish I was in faze

  • I want one for teawap he is amazing at camera skills he deserves it

  • Bro I was just a Jersey City today!!!!!!!!!

  • Bro how is watching in in 2020

  • Kick him out he made a diss track on addi

  • We want meet FaZe Banks

    • Dana pls sub to me

  • Jev✊

  • I’ve always wanted to join faze

  • Kick him he’s a bitch and made fun of Addison Rae for her body

  • Mrs.hill a fr badie lmao

  • its funny how they couldnt even think of a name faze nate hill

  • i am going to Be in faze clan

  • FaZe Midas

  • 5:37 In one of his streams he said that every mother wanted their kid to be the best and it was some sort of competition, which is why he signed up for the competition

  • Need a link to this beat

  • FaZe Jev is the only relevant faze member now

  • Imagine joining FaZe and your name is FaZe Nate Hill instead of something cool Bro....

  • If Shawn Mendes and Grant Gustin had a baby

  • Honestly nate can still be an actor he has the looks for one

  • I wanna act but my parents not be supportive like nates lol, white parents can be so supportive

  • he lives 5 minutes from my house thats nice

  • I want luminosity and FaZe to have a collab= Meet FaZe Luminosity or Meet LG FaZe

  • Faze Kay= Faze Insane Faze Jarvis= Faze Holy Faze Temperr= Faze Sensei Faze Teeqo= Faze Teeqo( i like that name ;-;) Faze Adapt= Faze SquirrelHead and more but i can't think xD


  • Yeah where is "meet FaZe jev"

  • Why is his faze name so long

  • Old sad to my channel for insane good luck

  • Scope deserves this shit more than anyone i can think of... But who am I ya know? Just a fan

  • OmG HeS ThE GuY whO DisTrAcKED AddIsOn RaY 🤭

  • Who else thinks he's cute

  • My Bro wants to be in FaZe can he plz join

  • Hey Nate ur the king

  • It would be better faze hills


  • Faze Flash

  • He’s Tabor Hill’s brother

  • Nate is literally 33mins away from my house

  • Invite bugha to faze clan

  • so i got a question, where did you get you’re name from? lol😂😂 this is a joke btw lol

    • That’s what I was thinking his name is so unique and I have no idea how he thought of it

  • Wasn’t he already in faze

  • Faze jev needs one of these

  • did his mom marry his English teacher or am I missing something?

  • I’m SWEAT and I thin I should join FaZe (or my friends think) they think I’m the best 9 yr old in all of Fortnite and they say in as good as Jarvis so if I join it will give everyone flash backs on Jarvis and I’m not only cracked but I’m godly with the snipers

  • Yoo can I join faze I'm a controller player my skillz are like jarvis jr and I rlly want to join I never been in a clan before and I rlly want to join faze clan it will be the best thing in my life😁😁😁

  • Is it me or I thought he was already faze

  • why is this music so calming

  • He looks like Barry from flash

  • I would absolutely love it if you guys checked out my fist montage and let me know what you think :)

  • FaZe Kreedie?!!!!

  • He likes golfing.. Its either him or Abby

  • How do you sign up for Faze

  • He's vibe is like a lowkey version of ninja hahaha

  • Jev I mean

  • Keg man deserves it

  • never watching a faze video again... since they just like showing off and not even doing anything for cod anymore besides show off summer rays ass and there hot girls. these kids are scammers... lied about CS:GO Wild wow....

  • When he said little house: you sure about that causeeee I’m over here sitting in an apartment in the Bronx 🤨.

    • I guess it’s a medium size house

    • its honestly not "big", its not small either, but its definitely not big

    • I live in a box

  • We’re is faze baby faze apex nephew!