Meet FaZe Temperrr

Birt 15 feb 2020
From 2010 to ∞ - Here is a look into where it all started with the man who has been around from the beginning. #FaZeUp
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  • FaZe Temperrr the great I am

  • childhood legend

  • They taste so good because I'm from Portuguese and he speaks Portuguese to Ambrosio means I know I taste that before

  • 0:59 how the f did you change so fast. 0:11 it is some diffrent 0:59 it is some diffrent.

  • É legal demais ver como a maioria das pessoas curtem esse cara.

  • Spent hours trying to hit a temperrr shot off high-rise and afghan

  • Temperrr is cold 🥶

  • temperrr brzão representando na gringa

  • The profuse dress importantly deceive because stepson regretfully stuff versus a jagged currency. sour, nonchalant spleen

  • Love you temperr


  • faze up

  • Man ac dc is the best no hmo

  • Temper is from mass I am to

  • His mom sounds like the dobre brothers mom

  • I've always wondered what it was that made Tommy so relatable for me, but between the og mw2 sniping and growing up skating it's exactly what i grew up doing and still skate to this day

  • Temperrr IMO is still the founder of Faze👌

  • O

  • I used to think FaZe Temperrr was the coolest guy ever back in the day lmao.

  • 🥽

  • again.

  • bro who doesn’t like temperrr

  • My dogs name is BARRY! Too

  • i like these videos there inspiring.

  • That shit really is crazy Feels like it only happens in movies but wow it all started with a teen afterschool playing games with huge dreams feels like I can accomplish anything

  • i didn´t know sensei is from is hometown, that´s fire!

  • Faze temperrr a super Old G

  • Imagine stealing FaZe

  • This is the leader of FaZe not Banks

  • Holy moly. I didn’t know Temperrr is from Massachusetts!!! I live in Rhode Island one state over. Dope.


  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Every faze member has to put up that sign

  • temperrr guy!

  • Can my cuz join

  • hey whats going on guys, my names faze temperrr and I'm going to be teaching you how to do the temperrr shot

  • i remember b4 illcams was made bruh its terminal like fakies nac nac canswap ladderstall backdrops 360x3 fazing editioned headsilent shots on rust

  • É gratificante saber q o Dono de um dos maiores time de Esports do mundo, é Brasileiro🇧🇷

  • He is so genuine and precious... such an awesome guy

  • You can only like this if you know how to Temperrr shot 👇

  • I didn’t knew that temperrr was a Brazilian

  • Oi tudo

  • Better get yo mamma a new couch

  • Ade aku mintak nk jumpa dia ke? 😂

  • yo yo

  • Didn’t faze temper steal the channel

  • Yo Temperrr if I come to New York can I get a quick pic with you?

  • Dose he have a dad

  • Bro they made a meet faze temper vid 9 years ago

  • Hiii

  • the exact day where this video got uploaded is the exact day i broke my leg lol

  • Just so you know temperr is the owner of faze clan his also the richest member of Faze

  • But temperrr has been in faze for more than 9 years

  • meet FaZe Temperr... the guy who stole FaZe Clan

  • I can’t believe he’s In faze after years of grinding now he’s in

  • Your mom just like me bro lmaooo I speak so much English my português is fucked up and I do what she does lmaoo I could tell she wanted to say some English words while speaking português and it’s legit what I do 😂

  • Isn’t he the leader?.

  • I relate so much to this dude talking about the culture shock he had when moving to The US

  • I love “The Queen”😂

  • Imagine how shitty his childhood friend Cody must feel still living at home with his parents and temperr rolls up from his multi million dollar l.a. home

  • Tommy

  • Faze is family... Wht hppnd to faze rain??

  • Bro so sad what hes done to him slef lately :(

  • Damn my boy is back!! The legend one of the OGs of FaZe

  • Is it me or does he really look not sober 💀

  • The owner of faze is faze cilpz

  • The 🐐

  • he looks like roman reigns

  • bro seeing FaZe Sensei is crazy

  • I am from Boston to

  • Why so little views

  • Ewww Boston

  • Is he left or right handed?

  • 10 years ago tommy : hey I’m newest faze member 2020: meet faze temperr

  • Who is here in 2021

  • Music at 7:01 ? Plzzz

  • I’m Brazilian and I can tell u pão de queijo is so good

  • Been watching since 2012 an I literally lived 2 towns away from you...CRAZY 🤯🤯

  • favorite faze member 🤩✨

  • Bro what happened to Cheo cool dude

  • My guy always sounds so high

  • the video starts w him straight up driving to his home. no introductions needed. everybody knows tomperrr

  • when are you getting a FaZe GTR

  • Can I please try out for face

  • Pra cima deles Temperr

  • his brother luis Gustavo as in the footballer??

  • Clipz is real owner

  • Imo tommy is one of the coolest and most chill faze members

  • Temperrr and Teeqo are both so chill

  • from where is that cool skeleton pants and jacket

  • Temperr is so precious than adapt..

  • look at those houses bro, these people are so fortunate, even his OG home was big as fk

  • Who doesnt know the owner of faze lul

  • The only reason this mans driving a nissan is because know he drives beamers and lambos lol atleast ask for a GTR bruh.....

  • Didn’t he steal faze clan

    • No he didint hes the owner How do you not know? 🤣

  • Oh damn I should try what temprrrr did

  • isnt this the dude that made that interview wit nyja cringy ass hell

    • DHD Bruh lmao wtf your big mad because i dont know your heroes

    • joshuassn Lmao u don’t have too be and they are way bigger then a pro gaming clan ur a fucking dumbass

    • Aspects sorry im really not into the pro gaming scene like you ..

    • How do you not know who This “dude” is..hes the owner 🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Nice video Temperrr! But there are 2 different Temperrrs, the one doing vlogs and the one who made the Temper-shot and posting Mw2 videos. a few videos more from FaZe back on the game would be a blessing,

  • Who remembers temper was the only member introduced with a live com

  • Yoooooooooo i live in Haverhill