Secret Santa: FaZe Clan Edition

Birt 24 des 2019
Happy Holidays from your friends at FaZe Clan. In this video, each FaZe member was randomly assigned another member to purchase a gift for. Who got what?
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  • Bruh where banks and rug

  • Hi

  • cizzorz deathrun tried it its a curse

  • 2021 ??

  • Merry Christmas everyone

  • The one and only FAZE RUG isn’t in here

  • im starting a channel

  • can i join faze

  • love your vids

  • merry Chrysler

  • People watching this in 2020😯😯😯😯😯

  • The damaged kettle nationally rely because watchmaker obviously cough besides a cultured jump. spooky, sable ferry

  • Blazes face when he got the water

  • Do the same this year plz

  • Weres highsky

  • Poor alex

  • Teeqo and Nikan are like beast boy and cyborg from teen titans go

  • Who’s watching this a year after

  • Lol

  • Poor Alex got a brain only

  • Who herd among us

  • 9:32 apex so short i couldnt see him at first

  • Getting friends like these is the best Christmas present of all. Agree?

  • i feel kind of bad for adapt yk im saying

  • Legend has it Teeqo hast finished that chocolate yet

  • These dudes in faze clan and giving out $50 gifts...

  • can i join faze

  • I love Christmas but its not allowed in my region. I am still happy see you guys vibing🤯😘

  • 2:53 what is that laugh

  • where is rug?

  • Everyone who wanna be in faze ?🤏🏼

  • Hi

  • You have to do this again this year

  • Teeqo is so giving everyone is lol

  • Wait. Where is rug?

  • can i join

  • We’re is javs

  • Why is no one ever hanging with jev or at go meat him

  • RUG Fans: :((((((

  • Do something with rug

  • I feel bad for adapt 😂😭

  • Wheres rug is't hi the co-owner

  • Where is highsk1

  • I just realized frazier was the only one who didnt say merry christmas

  • Santa

  • Pro takuache and other cuhhhnnh🌚🌚🌚

  • FaZe jev hello?

  • 2:53 what was that laugh 💀 😭

  • Faze clan put me in faze

  • I felt bad for Adapt who else did

  • Who else noticed that faze h1ghsky1

  • Who got recommended in 2020 agust

  • The 2 hype one was more emotional and had much better gifts

  • im watching this at 69k likes

  • Keep it at 69 likes

  • 0602 ni gnihctaw ohw

  • I'm going to hack your Channel and delete your Channel

  • Little did u know 2020 is going to be the worst year yet😈😈

  • I feel bad for alex :V

  • Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • I thot apex was gonna get a booster seat

  • Cizors is the only one in faze that sounds mature

  • Everybody is talking about faze rug not being there bruhh what about temperrr?

  • Is it just me but i find it so lovely to see alot of faze members together 🥺

  • How come banks is in any of these vids

  • Ku Klux Klan edition

  • Faze rug were R u

  • Use code Santa

  • I feel bad for adapt I feel like he’s depressed and acts normal

  • Compare this to rugs christmas

  • Get Jarvis a V bucks card


  • There more happy about guessing the person not the gift

  • 2:50 that laugh tho

  • 2:54 what the noise

  • Where is iPad Xx really wanted to be in phase in my dream come true for a very long time can you let me into your face please put on control PS for and my username is XX Jacob_Hayley XX

  • 🎄 Christmas

  • Christmas

  • can we just respect teeqo as he’s such a great guy

  • Can we acknowledge how happy Teeqo looked? Especially for the M&M’s. Respect for Nolan.

  • Then he is going to put ambot on

  • blaze’s laugh 😂 2:54

  • Subscribe to BH Disc

  • Ayyy

  • Adapt looks like he’s high on something

  • December 24 is my birthday

  • Sway in view see not

  • Sway in view see

  • when Teeqo saw the M&M he like OMG

  • What about faze highsky

  • People like if you are watching in 2020

  • Adapt got a brain🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 07 no capitals 074 letters no capital is okay

  • Can i join faZe

  • The brain was funny 😆

  • K

  • Btec sidemen

  • 7:10 there’s a moan

  • 4:31