FaZe vs. FaZe - 1v1 Tournament (Winner Gets $1,000)

Birt 31 des 2019
The guys face off in a 1v1 Fortnite tournament at the FaZe Pop Up for $1,000 cash. Who do you think will win?
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  • Kay’s a sparyyyyerrrrr

  • Haven't seen FaZe Tencer for a long time glad to see him:)

  • I’m sorry Nikan but u did not deserve that first win

  • Imagine sway was in this

  • Imagine sway was in this

  • Jarvy

  • Adapt was using a combat...

  • Anyone else here from flea faze 5 montage

  • Im so much better

  • I don't like kay

  • I would have easily won that

  • 13:32 this man apex said put a claymore down

  • YOO KAY IS GOING TO BE THE NEW JARVIS ( his aim is better than before, his builds are faster! His edits are a lil better!! Kay approved!

  • Yup too easy

  • Jarvis thats cheating bro me your the one with aimbot

  • My eyes hurt when i watched those 2 fans 1v1

  • U guys don’t give money away

  • Y they suck doe in this vid ?

  • What about Jarvis he will clap them all

  • Adapt isent even good

  • adapt a bot with a combat shotgun f u

  • We’re is jarvy

  • I could clap orba at a 1V1

  • Why yall give $ away to winners, last i heard from the rain drama faze is the victim or embezzlement, and aren't paying members.

  • adapt has a combat

    • AND KAY


    • he only won becuase the combat

  • All the good players died to the bot players

  • They should of invite sway

  • Adapt- we have all these Faze fans here that are hyped Everyone- puts their faces in their phones

  • FaZe clan can u add me cause I am insane

  • Is there a way I can one v one kay

  • When I thought Kiwiz actually made up the 1v1 stuff on his own...

  • replace orba he lost to jarvis in a arm wrestle lol

  • There all terrible lol

  • i wouldve beaten half of them lol

  • Bro Kay's teeth 😂😂 they yellow asf

  • They is bad

  • When FaZe Banana Minion beats orba

  • Adapt is too bad to use a pump so he uses combat,if adapt used a pump he would lose to everyone

  • Alex is so trash he needs to use a combat

  • Orba lost because of his sensitivity

  • WHy is frazier bad in this video but he is playing like Jarvis on ps4

  • How many times has Kay beat adapt

  • i would destroy all of you lol

  • Can I try to join faze I think I got what it takes to join faze clan I want to 1v1 all of you please add me Loader25duty

  • I feel bad for orba

  • It’s just clear to say that orba is made for trick shots

  • Jarvis: "That's cheating" Tenser: "he would know"

  • And Orba actually lost in the first round against 🗑, how is he in faze... lol jk but fr how did he lose 😬

  • i thought its cod :(

  • Ngl I would beat anyone there

  • Jarvis would of won if he was in it, let’s be real

  • like if rip jarvis

  • i wanna be in faze soooooo bad

  • At the end it shows adapt sucks

  • adapts giggle when he trapped tenser is so ugly lmao

  • Faze kay has aimbot

  • What so u mean that's cheating Jarvis u aimboted and was banned 4 life what do u know about cheating

  • YO YOUR ALL BAD BUT NOT JARVIS no wonder he is referee

  • 3:15 no ones taking about Orba’s waves ? 😂

  • Orba is getting kicked from faze after this

  • Map code

  • You guys ahould do faze sway vs Jarvis

  • ,

  • for a moment i thought this was about old school cod 1v1 ;(

  • FaZe is bad

  • Your better on pc

  • This is shit if I was there I would clap them all

  • Can I just say that Jarvis was such a biast ref

  • Jarvis is crying inside

  • He was talking all that smack and then got skunked

  • I bet everybody in the comments be thinking “I get I would clap them” Me: where r the retakes I would be doing them even if I was on hight

  • You should give him a trial for him to join Faze

  • Go check out Soar Dylan’s channel and look at his trickshots

  • I would love to go against adapt

  • Uw

  • Woah

  • So can you please tell my how to join

  • Cause I want to be part of the FaZe crew because I want some vbucks and you guys are my favorite youtubers

  • When do you know when your part of the FaZe crew

  • Jarvis?

  • Imagine if dubs and sway was there

  • They are using sways settings

  • Adapt is a pussy he needs to use a combat shotgun

  • T,

  • 1v1 soccerstarboy07

  • Can i 1v1 orba for a spot in faze lol

  • Montreal would clap you all

  • Why is his name Apex if he plays Fortnite

  • notice how the only reason Jarvis is the ref is because he could easily destroy anyone in the challenge

  • Why are they playing so shit

  • can we just talk about how adapt destroyed tenser

  • Only because he has a combat

  • Orba is trash

  • I never knew Kay was a spammer

  • Jarvis I love you and I feel sorry for you

  • Make this with mongraal sway ewoked dubs and megga

  • kay wins everything

  • Bro tenser could’ve easily smacked adapt 🤣

  • Thought that this was call of duty.... clicking off now

  • I can tell Jarvis wants to destroy all of them