Birt 12 sep 2019
Blaze, Cizzorz, Teeqo, or Apex... who is the smartest?
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  • Adapt=mc^2

  • I am in 9th grade and I know all the answers

  • I think Adapt tryd to say immediately

  • Apparently IQ scores 140-160 are highly gifted

  • dude like adapt just pretends to be dumb for content

  • I have a higher iq then all of them and I'm 13

  • how high was adapt😭

  • Adapt:i have the highest IQ Cizzorz: Am i a joke to you?

  • I’m not sleeping I’m meditating -Alex

  • Adapt has the lowest IQ

  • Apex getting 141 Adapt writing 141 on the board ur definitely the smartest

  • Faze adapt is the high eq

  • Aaaaaay

  • Is it just me or does it seem like Adapt is always high

  • Soo harddd

  • 140+is genius specter tho

  • Adapt is high af right

  • why adapt remind me of ed from good burger

  • i like adapt because of his voice it just sounds high

  • I'm not hating but IQ isn't the same as being smart so math questions don't tell you that

  • It's like adapt is high.. You know what I am saying---like really high

  • 4:28 that’s literally what I’m learning in school

  • “You got any milkshakes”

  • Does adapt smoke cause he looks higher than the sky

  • He changed like almost literally all the numbers except 113

  • Why was tenser in the thumbnail

  • watch adapt is a super nerd

  • i took the test and got 120 at university level and i have not reached highschool

  • Adapt needs to leave faze

  • That wasn’t an iq test those questions were so easy

  • Porch mom key

  • Adapt was high 😂

  • 2:15 adapt 😂😂😂

  • I took the same test, Got a 132.

  • Why the teacher look like he gist smoked some good good

  • 0:41 don't put IQ put EQ🤭🤣😂

  • 4*420 times that's what I see in adapts face 👌👌

  • Adapt is higher than a damn kite

  • FaZe used to be a group of some of the coolest people in the gaming community. Now it's just a group a people.

  • adapts teeth is yellow af

  • I was laughing because when faze adapt said that he had the highest iq my headphones said low battery😂😂

  • Legend says adapt is high af till this day

  • what's the link to the IQ test they took?

  • Hi

  • Adapt mus be high

  • Eq is like social iq so he wasn’t that wrong

  • Alex just has the personality of a weed plant

  • Adapt so dumb that he said eq

  • Adapt isn’t high, he’s just being alex.

  • 2:18 is he high?

  • Bro I knew apex was gonna win as soon as I saw the title 😂

  • Is adapt drunk 🥴 or is just a idiot who is so stupid I think he is drunk like if he is drunk 🥴

  • idk why this video flopped it was a great video

  • Wow

  • I have the highest EQ

  • It took him more then 4,000 times to actually get a good score.

  • If I never saw adapt before I would think he’s baked out of his mind but that’s just his personality

  • Mary will be 24

  • Cizzorz: "Im the smartest in the room." Cameraman: :"(

  • Apex is shorter than his iq

  • FaZe Adapt is not stupid or dumb. The nigga just high asf

  • Adapt sounds high 🤨 and looks high

  • I kinda got a 157

  • I want dumbass to take the iq test

  • Adapt really said you have an iq of “1” “2” “3”

  • I casually guessed Apex’s IQ was gonna be 143 I guess I was off by 1 point 🤣

  • How does adapt have the IQ when he calls it EQ. Stupid

  • What was your score

  • Adapt talked like a genius because he was so high

  • Wtf is EQ

  • Why adapt in the video💀

  • Looks at thumbnail Apex

  • 😂💛

  • That's a shit test, should have at least taken a MENSA test

  • Me a 14 year old with a iq of 68

  • Why is the dumbest person in faze the teacher

  • Haven’t watched the video but I know Adapt is the dumbest because he said EQ not IQ

  • Adapt haliroius

  • I ain gon cap adapt looks baked

  • lmao adapt is funny asl

  • This is the fakest video because apex is smart LOL😂😂😂😂😂😋😝

  • Who think s adapt is the one guy that always says i don't know in class

  • Adapts infinitely higher than anyone else in the room not smarter

  • I have 149 hahaha

  • You got any milkshakes ?

  • Wouldve loved to see jarvis do this

  • Loved this

  • SwEEEEEden 😂😂 editor spelled Sweden wrong lol

  • He high as hell. He even said 420, he not even hiding it. It's obvious.

  • Eq is a school

    • Ok

  • Adapt made this test and he’s making Lucas higher than his IQ

  • I got an iq of 128 and theyre double my age

  • Adapt has no IQ but he has alot of EQ

  • Boring

  • apex had 141

  • Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hi everyone from Faze

  • “Just start firing in the dark” 😂😂😂

  • I did that in test today