Meet FaZe Orba

Birt 11 nóv 2019
From Compton to Hollywood; check out the latest episode of our Nissan Docuseries following FaZe Orba.
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  • This was my b-day

  • Do a meet faze kaz

  • in the Thumbnail orbas hairline is so Unstraight😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Or is it your life now?

  • nice vid

  • Faze Orba is Straight Outta Compton

  • I wanna join faze clan

  • FaZe Alpha

  • I love this mans attitude😂😂 when he was talking about hitting 100k n he said to add the confetti that was funny to me idk why😂

  • He is one of the most underrated member of FaZe

  • He’s only 19?!??

  • Used to one of the best trickshoters ever. But he fell off big time

  • what is his real name

  • This is how many times he said like 👎

  • Love Orba bro

  • Hi

  • Yea bro

  • You chosed your dad at your mom are you crazy 😖🤢🤮

  • I thought orba was like 25

  • Can I join faze

  • See how many people rain inspired? It’s pretty amazing

  • Just Sub to FaZe Orba- 384k Subs only and He is in FaZe

  • How old is obra

  • And maybe one of us can be like him

  • They should do meet faze kaz

  • Like like like like wh6 does he keep saying it 🤣🤣

  • Faze Orba is actually an underrated member of FaZe.

  • FaZe flips baby

  • 4:16 literally I was the same orba I feel you

  • Is FaZe Orba indian

  • Lol like like

  • Yo no one dislike it's at 666 dislike and it's 1 in a lifetime moment

  • i am the 33 333th liker

  • me: clicks vid ad: CANADIAN MILK IS SO GOOD

  • His head is like an orbee that’s why he is faze orba

  • Orba literally started from the bottom got here fast at a young age. He seems really chill too bro

  • This was just amazing I am grinding so much I hope I can get to my life changing point

  • Orbas 19 thought he was like 21

  • Put likes if you want me to go I HOPE I can

  • ?

  • Can I join faze clan

  • Liven day

  • Straight out of compton crazy trickshotter named orba

  • It's so funny that in the videos tags, they have most of faze clan except faze orba lol

  • i wish i could join :( im a nasty a*s player in creative and i heave abt, 1500 wins

  • Orba sub to me

  • Welcome to faze

  • Fuck u. Jk. Lolololoolol

  • orba can say hes striat outta compton

  • My mom lived in componton

  • So what's his actual name?

  • You are my favourite FaZe member

  • I love him

  • When orba doesn’t mention the high school we went too 😔

  • Ayy im from Compton too

  • Meet faze orba going to the gas station with his car

  • I love faze orba he goated with trick shots

  • Since I was 4 I started playing cod 4 mw in mw2 trickshotting and being a big faze fan

  • No joke faze orba's story about being a fan of faze and him wanting to join faze is the same as my story and I'm 18 wanting to be in faze that's crazy

  • i live in compton and im like damn seeing everything 💀

  • Nice story 😦😦😦😦😳😳😳😳

  • FaZe orba is straight outta compton

  • From the ghetto Compton

  • why did they kick this guy out of the faze house

    • They didn’t kick him and he made a video about it I believe there is actually two videos

  • Hope you live a good life

  • 0:12-0:33 I’ll be saying that one day I promise and I believe it 🙏

  • Wow both got kicked

  • Rain is the goat

  • He from COMPTON wtf!! ♿️ ♿️♿️

  • Love you brother

  • Hes not in the new faze houses cause they said they dont have enough rooms but its so big

  • We don’t care about your life we care about your 360 cod no scopes

  • Next should be meet faze adapt

  • 19 and doesn’t have a license

  • Bruh a white boy from Compton must have been tough

  • Ay repping compton the area im from to ✊🏻

  • Does he have discord

  • I’m #1 fan

  • Orbit I played your map I did like the Rick cancelled and I did the flintlock and I didn't know scope with the heavy Sniper I'm insane can I join FaZe I want to meet Sadie Jarvis tell him buy Orba

  • Respect , but Compton isn’t really all that bad anymore bud

  • Can I join your clan???

  • Orba have you meet all the faze people

  • The first time I've heard 'Faze Blaziken' in a long time....

  • Whats the song in the beginning

  • You are a legend bro💖

  • In my opinion probably the worst FaZe Member

  • NICE

  • He’s so underated

  • Orba=gangster

  • Every like I will add a cat 🐈

  • The vikstar123 of Faze

  • How can you join faze y'all should have try outs

  • So much fame yet can’t recognize your own mom. While she lives in a little trailer that’s falling apart, sometimes doesn’t even have money to eat. Came up to you and told her to get away because she embarrassed you. Wow what a real one!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Bruh were tf is his chin 😂

  • This fuckin fruitcake didn’t grow up in Compton 😂😂💀 what a lame

  • Faze seizure

  • This has 666K views

  • It says 666 views

  • You look man fucking ugly 😂

  • He actually joined faze and he sucks at fortnite