FaZe Clan vs. Connect Four - $10,000 Challenge

Birt 28 des 2019
Giant connect 4 and some giant brains. Who's taking Rug's $10,000?
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  • Bruh they are literally using rug for everything. Just because he has money lmao

  • I actually thought he had that hair but it was a wig lol

  • 6:41 Super Saiyan mode 🤣🤣

  • cheo your hair doesnt fit you

  • i downt like you but a like carter sere

  • lol the hairs are goooooodd LOL I lost my brain cells now if they say big brain LOL

  • Nikan & Tensers are idiots I can tell

  • Sponsored by Rug 😂😂🤣

  • I say cizzors is wining

  • When the bottom slot fell on lucus I started dying

  • You won and showed that you have the biggest of the underdeveloped childrens minds.

  • Cizzor big brain time

  • I literally lost brain cells watching the first match

  • Ugly

  • someone tell me the name of the beat at the start at the vid

  • The first game tenser should of put one far end right bruh nikan was gonna have to contest it and then tenser has another 3 in row and could of won

  • Cheo's hair is fire lowkey!

  • Ugh cizzor is such a lil hottie


  • Cheo snook in that 3rd one in his turn when teeqo was grabbing more coins. Idk if that’s cheating or strategy 😂

  • 1.45 @Kingbach imagine 😂

  • Yo cheo get the fuckin ugly long hair off your big brain

  • No one likes cheo is hair

  • I fucking love Cizzorz such a good sport

  • Fk that hair

  • he is so ugly

    • ok lets see ur face bro

  • His hair is dead

  • Make some more connect 4 vids

  • your hair. SUCKS

  • Sorry to say really shows how dumb these guys are like really lol no comments man

  • Rug big money

  • cheo the hair do

  • dude, every time I watch tensor, I get dumber.

  • hair sucks

  • Hi does rug always pay

  • Cizzorz would of win

  • Doll hairs

  • Cheo needs a hair cut

  • blazeiken and cizzors ruin faze these days

  • Not nice at all

  • Not good at all

  • That wig is ugly as fuck

  • I agree

  • tell me why this was juts a mix of the most annoying faze members except nikan i love u nikan

  • Ugly hair

  • Did anyone else notice that in the thumbnail,green already won in a diagonal way

  • 3:56 they don't see the difference they stupid

  • what is the music background?

  • Rug always put down his money

  • my brain hurts

  • It’s was my bday when this vid was posted

  • Out patriot 442 he has 0 subs tot not me

  • I won a connect 4 torent also check

  • tenser is thieths

  • it is really really baddddd

  • So can’t see we’re he won at the end

  • I really like cheo in the vids

  • cheo lowkey could pull off that hair style

  • I will destroy blaze at connect 4

  • Blaze is good at making traps

  • That hair ugly AF

  • Yo guys next time do a battle on chess

  • I like how Lucas thinks he’s the leader but he’s cringe

  • Were jarvi

  • okay lucas could win twice and nobody saw it during tenser vs blaze

  • Hey Blaze is Rugs Wallet ok I haven’t herd from him in weeks

  • Lol sponsored by rug

  • It fits him because he’s ugly enough for me with or without it(more ugly without it) talking about FaZe CHEO

  • Cut Hair

  • Cut hair

  • Rug is basically the bill gates of faze

  • blaze sounds like a fucking 3 year old with tourettes

  • Cizzors is my fav😂

  • Blaze is annoying not gonna lie. Miss the old blaziken

  • Oh that's his natural hair?? Let jim be what he wanna be

  • Sidemen r better then u 🖕

  • 7:52 orba and cizzorz voice together: ROBOT

  • Why did everyone forget it was for 10k

  • Blaze got sad lol cizzorz still out smarted him making him place it in a wrong spot lol

  • Disgusting disgraceful hair cheo is a bitch when it comes to design and fashion

  • We had this in year 1

  • Cut your hair Chelsea’s

  • His hair is bad

  • Im the best at connect four no one has ever beat me 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Dont se it its 3

  • Cheo that hair does not look good on you. Not to be rude.

  • Blaze had 3 actual winner targets against tenser, not two, but hey not judging...


  • I never scream at my phone that loud in my life 2:05

  • tenser look hella high

  • Even blaze knows blaze is whack 😂😂 He was so cutttttt brrrrrrt !

  • Thought this was run by Metallica

  • it fits

  • Hair/garbage

  • He’s ugly ass fuck

  • 6:47 me when I encounter a sweat for the 10th time in a row in a game

    • Copied Comment Lmao

  • omg I remember that exact connect 4 we had in our primary school back in the 2000s the memories. knowing British schools I bet they still have it lol

  • Lucas lookt like y2k with the hair

  • The hair is noice

  • Me and cizzorz always do the same thing