FaZe Clan's VALORANT Teamtage

Birt 8 apr 2020
Is VALORANT the next big game? Let us know...
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  • Like this video and let us know your early thoughts on VALORANT 🔥 👇👇

    • bots

    • Fire

    • Where teeqo guys???

    • Z😡😡😡😡😠😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 you good noy


  • i thought i was good 🥺

  • go minecraft team agin w8sjzniqishsnwian

  • bots

  • Valorant dead after 15 days Fact0

  • jajant

  • yo tambien quiero ese aim bot

  • Sorry to sayit but yall faze members are not good on vl

  • By far worst team for valorant like these are fortnite players not valorant

  • 2:13 goes hard lmao. It matched the 1 enemy remaining

  • Bro we need more faze vs faze valorant

  • This is like if overwatch and CS:GO had a baby. Thats one sick baby though ngl.

  • The song and editing made this regular clips look amazing

  • Lol it’s basically the old Fortnite squad

  • Bro it's amazing btw What is the name of this song.

  • Cizz going off

  • i thought bizzle was gost bizzle

  • No one: Literally no one: Valorant: *one enemy remaining*

  • Wait a minute is this apex?

  • I make literally these videos but then with airsoft and not video games. In real life shooting people on a beat

  • teeqo thinks he's soooo good lmao

  • I love faze

  • This is definitely one of the worst editing in a faze clan video yet

  • render settings?

  • Where teeqo tho

  • Lol this team is about to be fucking terrible

  • That finger in thumbnail tho

  • majority fortnite players :(

  • This game is so slow-paced that nothing looks really exceptional...

  • ngl there all kinda bad at the game

  • Where do I submit my clips again?

  • Anyone got the track they used?

  • This is not that impressive... 🤨

  • After seeing them clips i think i have a chance to join FaZe5 im not saying there better then me but im saying i think i have a change of winning FaZe5

  • Jett gang

  • Ngl but the people they vs r kinda bad

  • Is it just me or the opponents in most of the clips were way too noob and easy to kill.

    • Yep, if they r fighting tenz, shroud, screaM, and hiko. They will go bye bye

  • faze clans says they have a valorant pro team no members have even come close to qualifying in any tourneys.. lmao faze cs/cod is the only thing thats good these days

  • APEX!!!!!!!

  • He uses scope on phantom

  • your boys next...

  • I like chocolate and pineapple

  • I think TheAllKiing Montage has really good clips as well.. i recommend that better hes on montage number2

  • Where teeqo

  • Is this Fortnight or CS?

  • later theres forsaken69

  • Are you guys looking for VALORANT Content creators? @fazeclan

  • They hopped on this game

  • sick pub stomps bruh

  • Let’s just note here, faze used to be about quality content. Now it’s a cesspool of trash, you have people like faze rug who have nothing to do with faze what so ever and they make so much off that title alone. Fuck this clan not the people who are stuck at the bottom of it trying to make a living but rather those who don’t have anything good to offer at the top making atrocious content.

  • To bad it’s not out in Australia yet

  • I m 14 year old

  • Can i join faze clan

  • What's the final song? at 3:00

  • Aghh i wish i could be 50% better and i would be their skill

  • this is the most boring game i’ve ever seen

  • This kinda feels like old faze again

  • FaZe D3MN

  • 2:56 can u guys hear the cypher trap i bet he got caught in it 100% XD

  • Is this for if the game becomes pro league

  • Thanks for inspiring to make my own montage! It came out good

  • Can I join faze

  • Music is sick

  • I want to be FaZe member in the island royale my name is Faze_Teodore please ni want to be member in island royale FaZe clan plz i am very pro with sniper in island royale

  • This game suck

  • Is it possible for like I don’t know for me to make a fortnite no scope montage for faze to try out

  • dude i llay valorant and i really love ur community and you...pls is my dream to enter faze clan

  • dude i llay valorant and i really love ur community and you...pls is my dream to enter faze clan

  • Can i join faze I am better then jarvis at fortnite and The best overwatch player Can you test me on fortnite my username is yt bonecrusher8

  • why im i not in the squad doe?

  • Discord??

  • Mew is trolling lmao

  • TopFaze straw Can I join FaZe

  • Include warface someday

  • All fortnite player on valorant why

  • I will join the FaZe Clan

  • Who wants a chance to join faze

  • How shite is this compared to their old trishotting content from 2011-2014

  • No valorate fortntie

  • Waaw

  • Can i join faze

  • I'm getting my first gaming pic in a few months so I have so many games ima get right away

  • Once u guys make a pro team please put teeqo on the roster

  • so ur tellin me teeqo only had 1 clip? yall should have put him in there more

  • Wow the clips on here are not what I expected but nice video !

  • Yo FaZe Clan can I join look at my montages in my channel

  • Fuck dubs

  • I didn't think any of the actual Popular Members were gonna join that's cool to see them in professional gaming again

  • 2:14 no one gonna talk about that?

  • meeeeeeew

  • Can i join faze clan

  • Cheack mu channel Fortnite Legend 89

  • I'm not trying to be rude but could I try out for faze please I keep on hitting sick snipes on fortnite please

  • Trying to get 100 subscribers


  • wait dubs is back from n word training?

  • Can I try out for faze on fortnite

  • Recruit me

  • Check my ISchats channel and my clips out better then kaylen

  • apex!!!!!