FaZe Clan Thanksgiving Cook-Off Challenge

Birt 27 nóv 2019
To get in the Thanksgiving mood, we decided to attempt to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner. Would you eat?
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  • 2:55 I lov Nikan face

  • It's probably gonna be awful

  • “Butter melts quicker than water” - Jarvis 2019

  • Bro Nikan is the only one taking this seriously lmao

  • And god bless


  • Let’s get cookies

  • I need to see more cooking videos, just to see if they improved😂

  • Being friends with FaZe Clan must be so fun

  • That part when they imitate the 'idiot sandwich'thing.😅😅😅

  • Nope they're going to burn the whole place down

  • 2:49 look at cizzorz face😂😂😂😂😂

  • Faze Adapt Thanksgiving - Eggs Eggs

  • There actually fried eggs not scrambled! I think they need 2 more years of school and then they’ve achieved life

  • i saw the definition of autism when i watched all of them cooking

  • I don’t know what to say about this.😂

  • Even I can cook a better thanksgiving meal and I’m not from america

  • It’s like nikan got a bunch of different girls pregnant and now all the kids are over for thanksgiving

  • I can cook better than them

  • Mans are brain dead

  • 1:04 oof u love seeing them Travis Scott cereal

  • Title should be 9 idiots try to make a thanksgiving diner

  • Sje

  • When Adapt said he was making eggs, I thought he was going to boil them and make develled eggs, lol 🤣

  • Let’s be honest, Jev’s cafe is better

  • I eat turkey with ketchup too🤷🏻‍♀️

  • i wonder how heavy them empty ass bags were at the beginning lmfao

  • trash

  • Adapt looks so high

  • Frazier: that’s a egg bro Me: noooo really

  • faze clan is the reason women r suppose to cook

  • I lost brain cells from watching them try to cook omg

  • Where’s cheo when you need him

  • gonna buy yur merch bro add me in FN

  • bruh to make mac n cheese all you need to do is, 1.grates some cheese 2.boil the macaroons till it have the perfect texture 3.cook the cheese with some water 4.mix em up together thats it m8

  • I was dying when Nikan said “yOu GuyS WanNA eAT oR NoT?!” 💀😂

  • After watching this I've realised how dumb 90% of them are, adapt isn't even the dumbest anymore...

    • Nah adapt is still the dumbest, at least the others know what a tortilla is.

  • Btec sidemen

  • No food was wasted in the making of this video smh 🤦🏾‍♂️lmaooo 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Jarvis was so but hurt at3:39

  • Cant stop laughing with this vid HAHAAHA

  • Literally comes out of nowhere 5:05 Eggs

  • Imagine gordon ramsay was there lol

  • I wish i could join FaZe

  • At the FaZe House, they're not friends, they're family cause they share each others *SALIVA*

  • *Golden ramsey* would cry and scream when he see that video...HAHA

  • this gives me anxiety

  • why is teeqo obsessed with squatting on the counter

  • That's dope 👌.

  • Who else is younger then them and can cook most of the things they are cooking?

  • This is how covid started

  • jack literally kills me in every video😂

  • orbas eyebrows are so thick I love it

  • Y’all rlly need Cheo bruh

  • Bro boil the potatoes so you can peel them

  • If cheo was there, he would have done everything by himself.

  • Idiots🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Butter Mets quicker than water😂

  • fat guy with specs talks too much

  • Gordon ramsae left the chat

  • Probably all kids r hungry/y will u upload this kind off vid

  • Just a bunch of idiots cooking. Just what i need to brighten my day

  • I love me some mamas cookin

  • xD

  • I’m dying. I so wish I was in that kitchen to help

  • I feel bad for teeqo

  • U guys forgot cranberry sauce

  • adapt high af

  • Adapt is the best!

  • “McFrosties”

  • This Is Just Going To Be Like The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Were Snoopy Is The Cook

  • I’m a Kid and I know how to cook mash patatos this just shows I need to be in faze

  • my mom was like why are you watching these losers

  • Cheo would be ashamed of them

  • Alex is my favorite faze member cause he sits on the corner doing dumb stuff

  • These gamers are retards 😭😂😂

  • Omg 🤦🏼‍♀️ y’all making me cringe , y’all grown ass men , y’all should take some cooking lessons. Mac and cheese is literally the easiest shit to make ever 😂 AND CUTTING A DAMN POTATO WITH A FUCKING BUTTER KNIFE 😂😂😂😂 I’m a chef, let me teach y’all something 😂

  • Alex 😭😭😭 6:30

  • You guys are lucky your rich because I don’t see you surviving any other way

  • no body: Jarvis: im mixing the mac n cheese cheese

  • H

  • Faze Kay expose at catching lol

  • Is alex high

  • Anyone know the hoodie blaze is wearing?

  • this clan is for kids now

  • if only faze cheo was here to see this

  • What ever happened to chef apex

  • Where short apex

  • FaZe adapt: they said I couldn't make a Thanksgiving dinner. FaZe clan: you maid a egg sandwich

  • And thats why u need females...

  • For next time make ham and add pineapples. You’re welcome

  • no one: Jarvis:I taste potatoes

  • I only fuck with the og faze clan members, fuck the new members 🙅🏼‍♂️🥱

  • Adapt was so high 😂😭

  • Jarvis:I swear butter melts faster than water Me:😂😂 WTF

  • Faze:Lives in a multi million dollar house Faze:Buys a Nissan SUV 😂

  • (hate comment) imagien having a milion dollar company and eats on paper plates

  • Why does the turkey butt hole look black

  • Ah shit jus thought bout it blaze went out wiv his boi ex like that actaully kinds messed up if u think bout it

  • Next time do faze members vs Parents cook off