We Paid A Designer $1,000 To Make The Best Shoe

Birt 17 apr 2020
Come take a walk with FaZe Kay inside of THE HEYYMANS massive sneaker factory. View some of his dopest creations from his legendary sneaker customs to his customized footballs, watch as FaZe Kay creates his own custom FaZe sneakers with THE HEYYMAN. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.... Don't forget to Like and Subscribe. FAZE UP!!!
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  • *NOTE* this was made before the quarantine was in place. Who wants these shoes? 👀

  • can i join you and go to the faze house after covid plz

  • I wish I had air Jordan 1s

  • The way he said Kanye lol

  • Who is here from kays vid?

  • Bro these shos are fire bruw

  • Gassed

  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!

  • Who would love to see marko do this

  • I wonder if Kay knows theheyymans (chop top) are reverse union color way. Thos shits slaps so fuckin hard I want a paid so bad!

  • That’s shit trash

  • How do I try out for faze?

  • Should have changed it to black souls

  • Why not 50k like u alway give only 1k nice you have fakest content ever!!

  • Designer : *breathes* Frazier : Damn bro that’s nuts

  • They look like shit

  • There’s shoes that cost way more than 1,000 but ok

  • Ffgg

  • Wow I woulda thought that you would of look at the camera but no you didn’t great job

  • Anybody here who also know who the shoe surgeon is?

  • Did he just say Nike maybe in London but in America it is Nikee

  • did my man just call nike niek

  • Can i joined faze i am gud at fortnite

  • This vid makes me want to design shoes what would you call the job

  • lol he called them athletes

  • Kay: that’s lit, Other guy: right

  • 1:17 skyhigh la 💯💯

  • 5:38 Looks like children design half of them

  • This guy kinda sounds like Eminem a little bit

  • Damn that’s :crazy or lit the whole vid

  • I would buy those for sure

  • 1000 for them ugly fuckers

  • Y’all should do a faze challenge to who can make the best Custom shoe

  • Yooo custom football with the two teams on it for the super bowl and the game mvp keeps it

  • Everybody : na i kee Kay : na ik

  • I remember the first ever pair of "designer" shoes I got were lebron 11s


  • White laces would look even harder

  • should of had a black bottom not the white one

  • Those forces he made look like Kobe’s and forces combined

  • Wtf are them airforces 😂

  • Tight

  • I was low key curious as to what everyone in the faze houses reaction was to these shoes

  • Hi

  • kay's becoming too american, he's now saying neesan not nissan

  • 8 mil

  • Nike sponsor my brother and let him make shoes

  • Kay talk correctly your vocabulary makes you look so unprofessional (no offense)

  • Legit kay has changed so much who even this guy it’s sad

  • me name those the faze forces

  • Not gonna lie they look like off brand air forces youll find at walmart

  • i swear u said kangaye west

  • the est shose are the offwhite jordan ones you already know

  • Get a Jordan 4 and do black and red

  • FaZe Clan popping off, no capp🚫🧢

  • All he says is gas I mean stop going on about it still your amazing

  • Wow, you’re a fucking stingy bunch

  • holy the shoes are fire as hell

  • Hey FaZe Clan help me with my channel at icy bleu monster pls my family is struggling so I maid a youtube channel to try to help but it isn't working so can I get a shoutout from you guys I will appreciate that as well thanks and subscribe to my channel

  • Gg

  • No one: Literally no one: FaZe Kay: Nike, not Nikee (pronunciation)

  • This is like the only professional video I’ve seen from him

  • Friends with faze

  • Frazier tryna be a sneakerhead

  • This is how many times Frazier said gased |

  • Him saying something Frasier not knowing

  • This feels like watching a documentary

  • yo bro send me a pair , holy mate thats gas

  • Did he just call it nik

  • me plz i am a big fan can i be in faze i am good at fortnite and soccer

  • hi

  • Yall just hypebeast

  • 0:54 every yeezey drop with “nik” Americans wont understand that.

    • haha i was wondering if anyone else caught that

  • How many times Kay said gassed ⬇️

  • The Can yay west 😂😂😂

  • My favorite faze member is faze random

  • My favorite faze member is faze random

  • Jiedel went there

  • What’s up guys

  • That's the best pair of shoes I've ever seen 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😱😱

  • This is how many times Frazier said NUTS 👇🏻

  • Im pretty sure i went to the same school as heyyman. Hes from the 716 i think!!!!!!


  • u should make that merch

  • This video is crazy bro

  • i couldnt stop looking at all the shoes cuz they fire af

  • the white ones slapped

  • Tham thats lit bro😂

  • Someone if u are in faze clan and u see this pls hit me up im 14 please hit me up im trying to join faze and i look up to you guys

  • Kay walks in ThAts InSaNE BRO

  • I neeeed those Faze Shoes bro

  • “HOLE-LEE bro “

  • Those Shoes are so LIT WOW

  • dont like how he making nike shoe he not nike he need Make something original

  • I just copped the faze clan merch

  • Heyman is in wild n out

  • You should get the camouflage on the white part too bro

  • :28 the kanyay WEST

  • Who likes the faze car it's lit like if u agree

  • Yo FaZe Kay needs to chill