Nyjah Huston Visits The FaZe House

Birt 24 apr 2020
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  • Cringe

  • Trickshoters are pretty much *Jaws* To the skateboarders

  • haha fais klahn

  • I love faZe, WE LOVE FAZE!

  • “So you’re going to the OLYMPICS this year?” “I used to be one of the best snipers in call of duty”

  • Money can buy you a lot of things... but apparently not social skills

  • What that buly shet🤘😈🤘

  • looks like a tinder date

  • Fuck You For Doing That to Carters House And His Lamborghini third That Happened Fuck Your Mom And All The Faze Clan Members

  • straight poser lmao

  • I clicked on this vid to see banks bruh tf and this shit was awkward as hell bruh straight disappointing

  • Nyjah carried this interview

  • If you would’ve told me years ago that FaZe would make a video with nyjah Huston I would’ve been mind blown, it’s just crazy to me how big this organization got.

  • So awkward holy shit

  • it seems scripted asf

  • The chemistry between these two. You can really feel it thru the screen 🥴🥴🥴

  • im so sorry but this shit is so god damn corny bruh

  • FAZE skate boarding team??

  • Yesssss!!!! I love nyjah Huston he’s the best I got his set up 🔥🔥🔥 shout out to faze and nyjah!! 💯

  • Faze Huston

  • Bring back comp sniping


  • temperrr high as fuck while eating

  • He should go pro in skate 4 when it comes out😂

  • What park is this?

  • I loooove Nyjah

  • wtf lol

  • wrong host man smh

    • video had a lot mor potential

  • temper did one whole kickflip at the park good for him !

  • "Nyjah visit faze house" Bullshit they just skate in the park and eat 😂

  • Ig you gunna still all them other skaters footage throw a tag of their name in there or something mane, damn give credit when credit is due.

  • what if faze started sponsoring skaters lol

  • Duritos and Mountain Dew

  • The beat at 0:55 is fire

  • Nyjah is the fucken man that other dude got no emotions he too lame for nyjah the interview or whateber this was is cringe

  • Nyjah looks lit af 😂

  • faze is dead lol

  • Boy baked af

  • It’s so sad to think that half of the people who watched this video don’t even how legendary nyjah is smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Can I be honest. This vibe was off

  • Hi

  • Why did you have to put his instagram showing all of his followers that he has?

  • When douches collide

  • It’s so ackward

  • 1:32 where is this view from??

  • Yooo sickkkkkkkkkkk I wish I could meet Tony hawk one day ‼️

  • 😒🖕🏾

  • who else loves to see faze making big moves like this

  • This is to like scripted it should have been more normal

  • Anyone at this moment realize the subs triple 7 must be a message

  • Why do you guys swear

  • Not officialised competitive sniper leader boards on xbox cod. LOL

  • cringeeee

  • Nyjah is one of those guys who spends all his money on clothes and thinks he is too cool for school.

  • What a bunch of fucking tools

  • Lol I've never seen Nyjah more uncomfortable in my life hahaha

  • People hate on Nyjah way too much. Nyjah put out a part at 10 years old that is better than anyone in this comment section could put out regardless of their current age.

  • To bad there’s no Olympics

  • Nyjah better lay off the coke , crawling out of his skin like a little geeker

  • Temper what happened to your personality ? You with arguably one of the best skaters alive and you acting like you overdosed on pills trying to talk."yea,that's dope,yea,America,dope,yea,lunch,yea,dope,right,hahah,"

  • 10:30 & 10:34 that roof gap would be a sick clip for nyjah

  • wtf is this shit

  • Tha cringe to hard lol

  • big faze fan


  • This is too much cringe for one video.

  • Nyjah is an asshole in person tho

  • so awkward they dont know what to talk about

  • the bro temper faded as hell

  • You fucking guys are the worst.

  • I'm here for the cringe

  • nyjah doesnt visit the faze house

  • dude does one kickflip great sesh bro

  • Tbis shit is so fucking corny and contrived. Wonder how much they paid him to kick it and wear their ugly shirt.

  • I feel like these guys are like the same person just in two different universes lol

  • This is as weird as a first date with your friends mom.

  • stfu about it being "awkward". theyre clearly just baked out their minds lmao

  • I never thought Nyjah would be this much of a toolbag... the fuck has happened to skateboarding

  • Why the hell is this shit on my timeline lmao

  • A mw2 red tiger wrap on that whip .. Legit

  • Awkward...nahhhh it being real...then later they gonna open up to each other....i bet 99 percent be acting like a simp if they meet any of the faze members...omg big fan...ohh this ohh that....but shit who know 😆

  • By the look of the thumbnail you guys really be on nyjahs clout lmao

  • Americans do not know how to hold a knife and fork properly 😂😂

  • Damnnn. I haven't heard talk about Sniper LeaderBoards in a minute. Use to be ranked top 50 marathon mw2. played against m40a3 and optic players. Miss that shit lets get it poppin again !!!

  • I bet tommy is hyped

  • Nigel houseton?!

  • that nissan truck is so dope

  • garbage as the skater

  • Isn’t this a clan of sniper trick shotters on MW3

  • Yuto visits the faze house

  • FaZe should have a skateboarding team

  • Never dabbed my homie after eating that was really awkward

  • Soooo ummmm hoW dOeS iT fEeL LiKe tO bE iN a ViDeO gAmE

  • This is pointless lol

  • Whata kook

  • Faze clan was cool back 2009 but now its a straight meme lol

  • Am I the only one who didn’t find this awkward?

  • You people are dumb

  • Well this is a weird collab but I like it

  • so is the clout house the faze house now? I know rice moved out of there.