FaZe Clan is the best Valorant team...

Birt 12 apr 2020
Beta's been out for 5 days. This is our 2nd Teamtage. ENJOY!
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  • Tsm,cloud9,sentinels, etc. what?

  • K

  • g2 is the best valorant team faze is trash

  • No its not faze its tsm,100t,sentinels and cloud 9....... you guys got defeated

  • Fact that this was considered good is 💀

  • Fast forward to today, FaZe might be the worst NA Valorant team. Shouldnt make bold claims like this one in the beta :)

  • Silver 3 valorant montage😂😂

  • U should leave Valorant

  • I think Castlers is way better than other team

  • *cough* G2 *cough*

  • wait you guys got into the finals or semi finals? I might have to watch all the valorant comp to see give me a sec

  • Yh ur team is good but there is loads of other teams like 100t hey got hiko gb fpx and others but wish u the best

  • TSM employee watching this: 👁👅👁

  • tsm

  • Check out our channels velorant video🔥 @fragIT

  • Ofc ur gonna say that ur the best its ur clan😂 let the ppl decide 🤣🤣🤣

  • No it's not its tsm and cloud 9


  • MATE




  • I’m actually confused why they didn’t pick up twifo to late now cause XSET got there hands on him before FaZe miss opportunity if u ask me

  • not even close to best lmao

  • This clan used to be a small clan made by people who did old cod trickshots....

  • Another Teamtage pls

  • Why does valorant look so easy tho

  • Woah they promoted theirself

  • wait ur telling me that faze barker can edit and make good teamtages and still be an epic gamer?

  • ngl those are just normal clips that don’t make you the best team.

  • sike TSM is

  • join your team pls

  • Everyone knows teeqo is the best

  • This game is amazing but I prefer CSGO

  • Am I good enough to be on the faze val team?

  • Faze Clans the best and I hope to possibly join one day

  • Cbass?!??? Holy shit man, he's back

  • To be fair c9 is pretty gud too

  • I like how none of the people in the video are in the FaZe Valorant roster

  • great montoge

  • Rip faze jarvis

  • im better

  • No faze isn’t

  • Clan Fight?

  • Faze is kinda shit

  • T1 says otherwise

  • I beat u guys when I played against him tho......

  • Description: *Edited by Faze Barker*

  • Be the best call of duty team again

  • Stop trying to act cool your not a real clan. Im sorry that l mean but plz im nice but you just make me mad. Sorry if l hurt you

  • What game is the first one?

  • FaZe is so good but missing the best sage FaZe shuld sign him

  • Must be nice to have a good computer to be able to get good at a game 😭

  • it's worst valo team lol

  • Yo were is faze offset

  • Old faze was better like cod

  • wait is faze gonna just do valorant now or they are still gonna do other games

  • Were is mews?

  • teeqo is actually so cracked

  • Shroud eats them all like a night snack

  • Ima god at valorant

  • Recruit me

  • FaZe are you going to make a pro valorant tram of pro valorant becomes a thing

  • i’m actually gonna try and join faze

  • I can join faze team .

  • It’s not long till they start trick shoting

  • C9 whould be better cuz of shroud

  • faze is not the best valorant team lol

  • FaZe TheFortniteGuy coming soon???

  • i like that old faze are here and not fortnite

  • Were the best team says faze devs are you sure about that

  • Actually this are good clips, but they are not the best

  • Bro I'd 10-0 all of them

  • This should be called teeqo is going to carry faze


  • how do you join the valorant team?

  • i just made a new clan clan name LS clan if you good yall should add me FaZe_estiven2

  • I just died by face Jarvis

  • The title should be : Faze clan has the best editor ever

  • Do u guys remember Faze Ewok? Like if u do

  • how is FaZe Clan the best Valorant team if im not apart of it?

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • nah im better

  • I’m waiting for faze to go against Stewie2k and his team😳

  • Wheres highsky

  • I’m sorry but if u look at the score on the top of the screen most the times they are losing?????? 🤔🤔🤔

  • I practice in creative because I want to be a Faze member

  • This song is from rocket league

  • Ayo faze my passion is to join faze from valorant I’ve been playing the game really often like getting better and more comfortable at the game and I’m starting to realize I’m actually good at this game and I think I can go far in this game in the future you will notice me from tournaments me and my friend on valorant are Turbo and Burke’s and if you don’t belive me just add me and try me out if not you will notice me👌

  • Wait isn’t this the rocket league pre game song?

  • If mew isn’t in this montage I will literally delete ISchats off of my phone and use a browser

    • Marko Stojmenovski ik it’s so annoying when he’s like the most underrated in faae

    • was literally looking for him

  • I'm trying to download that game it's probably kinda better than fortnite

  • Owerwatch + CSG0 = Valorant 😂

  • 3:10 bootleg scump

  • Bruh this game literally looks like a mix between overwatch and cs go

    • andre haha fr

  • It is like a mixture of cod and fortnite

  • Good old rocket league song😂

  • Faze is the best any team

  • 1v1 me doe

  • shorud plays better than these guys