FaZe Clan vs. Nate Hill (Challenge)

Birt 17 feb 2020
Happy One Year in FaZe, Nate Hill!
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  • Nate hill is my favourite

  • The song’s actually amazing!


  • Nate hill is absolutely disgusting

  • Yoooo

  • is this video copyrighted beacuse nate singing

  • Why y'all hate so much?

  • I just found out we have the same name

  • Nate looks like grant gustin

  • 0:36 what?

  • Why he in Faze!!

  • cizzorz's hoodie is sick

  • 1:35 when they act like they plain but he still on the windows desktop 😂

  • Nate hill sings like a g 👌🏽🤯

  • Dubs lmao fat L

  • Dubs xdxdxdxd

  • He sings so good

  • Everyone in faze except for faze orba: holy let's go!!! Ayyy!!!!!!!!!!! Faze orba: ay.......

  • Why does this whole video just seem like a sponsorship

  • The song he made was really amazing and it was like on time on rythem he legit made a great song in few minutes i know hes a famous gamer but this guy could go so far at music

  • What was the prize I missed it

  • Wow they showed Nate's reaction for literally 5 seconds only

  • I love natehill

  • Gg

  • hey can i join faze

  • I hate blaze every day a little more... he think he's the new Banks

  • This was posted on my birthday. Lol is this good luck? 😂

  • Probably the most staged video ever 😂

  • The cringe...😳

  • Why does Blazikens hair always look like he just got out of bed 😂

    • Check my hair lol

  • I lov yu gais

  • Kinda bad

  • anyone acknowledge how nice orba is?

  • ...

  • Never thought I could watch something so cringe worthy

  • This shit blows

  • Can I join your clan?

  • At least Nate Hill is not dum

  • I don't like how heavily scripted this is

  • FaZe Challange I'm down✌😀

  • Nate hills cousin goes to my school not capping

  • The shittiest reaction at the end, starting to believe this was scripted

  • 4:20 that's a sick website

  • Wasn't it Blaze that did a disstrack first ?

  • Cringe

  • Replacing Jarvis

  • Why does it have to be pre scripted and acted out. They should have kept it genuine. His actual impression would have been better.

  • Like wtf is blaze and when there doing the good ?

  • Awful vid

  • ... na ...

  • Yung Nathaniel

  • Can I join Faze my chanle is gamerAdam s and add me if you can my nick is gamerAdam s

  • 2:12 are u ok

  • Nate Hill is truly a masterpiece 🤤

  • Hey a kid sed that he is in Faze clan and his name is Faze laviin so do u know this kid cuz he is my friend and he ses he is a editor 🤔

    • Check the roaster and hes properly just bullshitting to get friends which isnt his fault he doesn't have good social skill and feels forced to lie tell him from me it's okay just be yourself lol

  • Where is the faze vibe that we use to know ....? Faze vibe went from 100 to 0 real quick ... Disappointed :( !

  • Nates over bite 😬🤓

  • انزلي انت وياه تحدي تنطيل ✌🏻

  • Can I join faze

  • Bruh wtf is this

  • Faze clan I dare you to like this comment but you won’t.

  • Brah they struggle to get 100k videos, tf

  • Is it just me or Nate is an amazing singer needs to be on AGT immediately

  • Faze mello

  • H

  • H

  • H

  • H

  • Who is orba

  • Was I the only one that got goosebumps the whole video

  • I need subs at one k subs my dad said he we buy me what ever I want pls

  • Should do a serious of videos of old school Faze teaming up and owning noobs and trash talkers on cod would love to see some OG Faze cod vids

  • U guys know that we want to see him 1v1 orba right

  • that is sooooooo shit of a website

  • Love FaZe but the whole scripted shit is cringy and dub

  • how come sway isnt in any faze vids

  • This people don’t know how to act. Lmao

  • I didn’t know this guy was in faze for 1 year lmao I only know the ogs! Lol

  • Pls add me FaZe

  • damn he has to earn a website? Sick

  • Anybody else not able to skip this ad

  • Mutual koment subscription

  • You need to add some color to your videos, they look so black and white

  • Let's go Nate!

  • Y didn’t Blaze throw some Adlibs into the little song lol

  • Who are these dudes?

  • good effort, but the acting was slightly shit

  • We need the old Faze back

  • You guys get like no views or likes on this channel anymore cause you make restarted videos instead of montages lol

  • why is “faze” rug never dere

  • I want to join FaZe too

  • I wish i was in Faze

  • If you wanna join faze and have good luck sub to my channel

  • can't tell whether or not this is a skit. This would be so much better if it was a vlog style video and not so set up.

  • What a scripted vid

  • He was probs lowkey expecting a car or some

  • Btec sidemen

  • Yo, fuck this guy! Good looking, sings, pro gamer, and has money? That doesn’t even seem fair 🤣

  • Kæft noget lort