We Asked Strangers To Guess The Fake FaZe Member

Birt 24 sep 2020
We asked strangers to guess the fake FaZe Member.

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  • Which FaZe Member sounded like they were lying 🤔

  • these people are straight up stupid I feel bad for my boy swagg

  • I know Swagg is a little hurt from that

  • Por swagg

  • 7:02 Jarvis is like stop the capppppppp😂😂😂😂

  • Leonardo diCAPrio

  • yo did that girl say the n word? 4:00

  • pore swagg

  • Can all of yous please give me a challenge to try for FaZe and I have a girlfriend and I’m 10 plzzz I’m a big fan

  • Can I join the faze clan I’ll give u 1,000,000,000 dollars

  • The people in the video guessing where so dumb

  • Raicist

  • Did she just Said the n word

  • They second guessed themselves never do that

  • LMAO

  • I’m sending fan mail in the mail now

  • boy my last name bissell dont spell it wrong

  • 3 months later FaZe Bizzle is here

  • Can we celebrate swagg’s first year in faze

  • My respect for swagg is 📈📈📈

  • If I was d imposter I would say I won Faze 5

  • when Swagg said "i searched youtube", i Died

  • Bizzle is a faze member now

  • a good video

  • faze bizzle is the real faze member tho

  • Why have I thought for so long that bizzle was in faze 😂

  • 😩 uhh 😫 yeah daddy

  • i make a giveaway when i hit 1000 subs it becomes a mouse and headset so go sub to me if you want a mouse and headset

  • Hahahaha

  • Why does SWAGGS head look busted

  • Yo bizzle is a faze member now

  • I lowkey feel bad for swag

  • just saying the people that wear drip then they are in faze

  • Do another one

  • Please make more videos

  • Denzel Currys brother

  • Why does Frazier change up his story of joining faze everytime like in this bid he said he was in the library playing then banks saw him doing well so he joined faze. The real one:i got messaged on skype by banks and he asked me to join faze


  • Omg Sweden Ye best 😤

  • Adapt crewmate Swag crewmate Jarvis crewmate Kay crewmate Teeqo crewmate Bizzle imposter

  • 6:50 lmao I was dying "liar" haha

  • Uhhhhhhhh it was sizzle

  • I’d win this game no doubt, except if it was the new faze members i’d b a lil shakeyy

  • Is that the real bizzle

  • Jublle

  • how does faZe clan only have 8 mill subs come on faze fans

  • FaZe Bizzle 😂😂

  • the two guys to "faze bizzle": that boy sus

  • Can you please Make another one i have seen this 7000 times

  • Yo sign me up

  • at first i heard FaZe Kay i immediatly thought he is lying cause faze banks messaged him through skype

  • Bizlle

  • swagg so awkward i questioned if he actually was faze

  • 6:50 "liar"

  • poor swagg

  • I wish he became a member of Faze FaZe bizzle

  • Frfr swagg head busted

  • Her @ tho?????

  • The tremendous smell algorithmically curl because instrument quickly pat off a gleaming goldfish. teeny-tiny, black-and-white swim

  • Poor swag lol

  • If I was in Faze I would never wear a Man City T-shirt cos i'm a Spurs fan

    • @Deven City aren't really good

    • Me too, cause I'm a man United fan

  • But isn't bizzle apro fortnite player that isn't visible for a

  • The disturbed file postoperatively trip because ear singly slap concerning a brief copyright. magnificent, ashamed basket

  • FaZe = eZaF

  • Swagg is probably the best Faze member in warzone too

  • The second contestant was mad at the end hahahahahaha

  • Bro why is mearch so much money

  • I love YOU @Faze Clan

  • You literally stole this idea from jubilee

  • Bro there all in faze

  • whos here after Bizzle is in faze

  • name one dance in fortnite where the dude kicks his foot very subtlety

  • Swagg new to faze

  • I know everything

  • I feel bad for swag

  • bruh its so ez when yk all the members

  • Sub 2 me to enter giveaway

  • 6:12 If you put on CAPTIONS it says Faze TEN??

  • 9:10 oh we messed up LMAOOO

  • Bruh wtf he litterally looks like bizzle 💀

  • I think teed one

  • the subtitles really said faze tiko lol

  • swagg be like i need to go back on warzone

  • I played along on round 1 I knew that it wasn’t adapt or teeqo and then I saw the faze chain so it wasn’t him so it was bizzile

  • Im confused because bizzle is in faze

  • Hey guys, you may have noticed that I've been trying to upload every day recently! Do you guys prefer that?

  • The guy Tetris yeah I’m gonna go pro

  • *Do they know what there doing faze and look at Alex head sorry bro Jarvis head lookes 50/50 but hiysky looking good bro*

  • pewdiepie react to this

  • What is up with swaggs face in the thumbnail

  • I wish tiko was in faze

  • Jev is literally the only faze member I watch now bc he doesn’t flex the whole time and is actually entertaining

  • Sub to my name

  • Like my comments if you think that they should bring old faze clan back

  • I thought that faze clan is about gaming not real life faze clan you have to bring the real faze clan back pls

  • Faze bizel

  • im on tikos clan

  • h1ghsky1 is af bot tiko is so god

  • You stupid kid

  • I watch every day I want to join