Destroying FaZe Adapt’s Room Prank

Birt 12 des 2020
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  • His room looks 🔥 now

  • Actually so boring to watch now😐 the acting is awful tbh I want cod back

  • Samuel Garcia $$$$$$$

  • F banks

  • 1:40 that’s why you stay in school kids

  • sorry but this aint it, im going back too 2016 faze

    • watching Nordans old vlogs really hits the feelings

  • Recruit daksyhd

  • Alex’s room looks sick no caps

  • His head is busted

  • Sorry😭

  • Frazie acts like he doesn’t have 9 more fingers he can use lol

  • Well we know that ya don’t gotta be Smart to be in faze now .

  • If you dislike the vid then why you watching

  • Nice!!

  • Hi

  • Why the fluff is a little kid up in the faze clan?

  • Jarvis: yo f adopt’s room Others: I’m hiding it but yeah Me :f adapt

  • Looks better adapt you should keep it bich

  • His room is sooooo clean bro

  • Rip to the og faze clan

  • The way I was like yesss the best faze members then realised Alex wasn’t there 🥺

  • Ngl that room looked sick at the end

  • This is the best

  • Jarvis is dum

  • Its so hard taking Adapt serious with that big forehead

  • Make the best busted. Me: writes jarvis

  • Wtf kinda ending was wth at u waste ur time watching them spray paint the walls and only get adapts reaction for like 1 minute

  • That’s insane Jarvis

  • Faze is honestly just a kids channel now, they're all cringe especially highsky

  • Tmprs the best he actually knows how to graffiti

  • Spoiler alert: Jarvis started ruining it and still lost

  • Jarvis Hack

  • Graffiti writers are crying...

  • Highsky Stick to Fort Cause You Suck At TicTacToe

  • For all the OGs and people who keep calling this cringey, it’s all down to money and relevance, they need to still be appealing and the only way to do that is target the right audience. The reason we find it cringey is because we’re old now. We miss the New York house and when they were all hungry for the views. It’s not their fault. It’s their living. But that highsky has GOTTA go. I wanna punch that kid WAY too much

  • Absolute disrespectful you guys just lost the best ISchatsr, absorber worked so hard just for y’all to do that his reaction could’ve been priceless y’all actually are gonna lose clout congrats and idc if y’all loose clout Bc it would be funny y’all suck at the games and y’all don’t deserve any of this also y’all are so rude that you won’t even let the person that has the most subs on their channel win he bought all of your merch now he just wasted his money his hard worked money that’s not funny just wait you guys are going to loose subs

  • I’ll slap tf outta Jarvis, he gets on my nerves

  • Bro this is so made up (acting)

  • Not going to lie it looks good

  • Bro this is so setup like I wish it was real

  • They say whoever loses takes the blame for it when they all literally spray painted the wall as they were doing the challenges😂

  • My man el Terco

  • I bet it was painful to edit this

  • Remember when they played call of duty


  • highsky flushed his own childhood down the drain

  • Why is a Kid who is younger than me in faze clan I literally am a creator and a person who pulls 10 or more kills every game

  • Bad acting but good video

  • Funny how there is just a little kid running around with them

  • bruh if high sky did not mess up jarvis he wold not take the blame yo

  • I reckon Jarvis likes tik tok👍

  • Mr.Banks please come back to youtube we miss your crazy ideas


  • Cc cc. F fcfffffforffff f CUF f ffffffcfcfcokF & & f. C f. F. F. &

  • ada

  • lan MONTANA BLACK kullanıyo adam bana ver bana 30 tl lan o sen x o mu oynuyon onla allah ım

  • i am graffiti writer

  • faze turn into shit

  • Jarvis still has big head 😂

  • Kay said a bowlsaq

  • im buying a faze jersey for my bday lets gooooo

  • Jarvis Finally Got Revenge Of FaZe Adapt Because He Calls Jarvis Busted Head ! >:v

  • @

  • what happen to cizzorz

  • L

  • That's sad for Jarvis Alex already hated Jarvis cuz of the faze president thing

  • That kid pisses me off he gotta go

  • Bro but look at jarvis head bro when the faze university Adapt " have you seen jarvis head"

  • Fazek1ng

  • I like how they are like painting on the wall to not take the blame for the small paint line

  • It looks lit wdum


  • The song at the end whats it called

  • The room looked insane at the end i cant believe he didn't like it

  • Hey bruv really love the vids

  • 7:05 ; Kay- " u are not a compass bro"

  • Faze Proze

  • I get that at some point they all got tired of grinding cod and moved on with their lives but to me this isn't even faze anymore the FaZe I remember were a bunch of codgods who struck fear into the lobbies they joined

  • I kinda feel bad and I dont at the same tine a very funny FaZe Clan Vid lol

  • Hi you guys are the best.!

  • Remember when faze was good?

  • Why is Jarvis still in Faze

  • This video was pointless jarvis had to take the blame either way there was no point

  • Can. I. Be. In. Faze

  • 5:05 what Kay said 😂😂😂

  • Mor di man

  • let me tryout for faze I'm very very good at nothing and I defentli don't have hacks on arsenal

  • let me tryout for faze I'm very very good at nothing and I defentli don't have hacks on arsenal

  • let me tryout for faze I'm very very good at nothing and I defentli don't have hacks on arsenal

  • let me tryout for faze I'm very very good at nothing and I defentli don't have hacks on arsenal

  • let me tryout for faze I'm very very good at nothing and I defentli don't have hacks on arsenal


  • ye bet ti si the best channel hehe

  • I'm wearing two Chinatown market items right now,

  • They didn’t even spray his room

  • i deserve to be in faze

  • It has been my dream

  • I love love faze

  • Can we join faze clan

  • we all knew Jarvis was gonna take the blame