Birt 26 nóv 2020
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  • Dire wolves

  • Jim Jordan

  • Wasn’t one time it was a 5v5 mw2 or mw3 on that one crane map on snd

  • Ksi is 0 in in first game

  • Ksi is always sus

  • The intro is so funny to me for some reason

  • Is it just me who thinks Jarvis and Harry would be best friend’s

  • He doesn't miss a shot bro

  • The imposters in the first game bro...😆😫😤

  • Why is the fortnite guy cussing

  • Everybody: it’s KSI KSI *thinking of excuses* I HAVE NOT BEEN IMPOSTER ONCE BRO

  • Jj is probably the biggest idiot ever

  • No wonder why KSI had a draw with Logan Paul because he can’t admit anything😂

  • Them swearing is so uncommon

  • Bro I have never heard Jarvis cuss that much

  • Jarvis is showing off

  • Who is watching this on the faze clan 2020 playlist

  • Y’all merch is so expensive

  • Can my friend join his name fadin

  • Ksi suck

  • Harry got itchy but

  • tbh Kay is not the brightest

  • ummmm wheres jev?

  • Not to be rude but how come you guys are like yelling or fighting over who to vote it’s not really a big deal it’s just a game

  • Ye ye

  • L

  • This is the best video ever lmao

  • I love your vids

  • Kay the proest impostor ever

  • Kay said i did the vents

  • Kay says i vent Everyone : .........

  • Lol

  • Kay said “and then did the vent” lmao

  • # Faze Absorber

  • Jarvis with the f bomb

  • No One: Not Even KSI: Ethan: BIG BRAIN JOSH


  • I love how ksi does not blurr the vid but faze does

  • The female fertile consonant thoracically love because seal bacteriologically shrug minus a gamy kohlrabi. stimulating, level pail

  • We need Toast

  • Look at Jarvis busted head and Frazier you can see his big face He looks like a twat

  • Harold Says if apex is a bad imposter i am F'cked But HAROLD IS SO BAD HE KILL INFROT OF 2 PEOPLE AND AS YOU CAN SEE APEX IS 1000000 TIMES BETTER THEN HAROLD

  • I mean ksi

  • The first game Kai and Jarvis is the imposter LOL

  • 9 form the uk 1 us

  • faze Absorber

  • Lmao ethan “he killed his brother 😦”

  • Not even 1 mill views lool

  • Harold keep digging in his but

  • Such a great collab !!

  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Dude why Harold curse so much bro

  • Hi jarvis

  • Who else noticed how Jarvis cussed so much more in this vid not saying that its a bad thing im just saying did anyone notice

  • Ksi is a snitch and like 69 for a sec

  • Ksi = the dumbest imposter

  • I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jarvis cuss

  • its so different how ksis mic is when u watch someone elses video playing with jj and when u watch jjs videos

  • Every time Jarvis plays with Faze, someone says “ I think it’s Jarvis low key”. But he hasn’t done anything 😂😂

  • Y is Vic in the thumbnails he's the worst sideman btw?

  • Simon the crybaby

  • This editing is terrible

  • Theirs no way he snitched

  • 💯💯💯💯💯💯🍑💨

  • Is that actuallyly is ksi

  • Imagine among us had free for all

  • How we know KSI would fold on his buddy’s. Psh smh

  • yo

  • KSI why did you have to kill Vikkstar ;-;

  • Tobi has such a shit personality

  • 😂

  • It’s funny how apex expected that it was Jarvis and it was lmaooo 😂

  • Good video and I love faze clan

  • I literally stan both

  • Dude

  • “Can’t outsmart the sideman” *begins to have emotional breakdown bc he doesn’t know who it is*


  • I lost my voice

  • They need to do another one that was hilarious lmao

  • Your collabs are the best no cap

  • 4:53 couldn't tell if he was saying "JJ" or "GG" cuz of his accent

    • U actually thought he was saying gg?

    • KSI’s friends and family calls him JJ. harry said JJ not GG.

  • 6:59


  • apex is ugly

  • Faze Kay was stoned asf

  • XD

  • Video would of been better if ksi wasn’t in it (my opinion)

  • who else thought the beginning when ksi was talking it was Kay 🤦‍♂️😂

  • The collab no one asked for, but needed

  • Apex isn't American right

  • S

  • The more I read the comment section I realise, people don't know who JJ is 😂 They only know of KSI

  • KSI still needs to activate windows! 😂

  • Y’all suck at among us

  • do a video with faze clan and corpse

  • Josh looks like drake

  • lol 0:45 ksi be hating on the vik man

  • Wow racist for not putting white

  • Jarvis has a potty mouth

  • Is it me or when Jarvis hangs with Uk people he cusses ? Haha