FaZe Clan vs. Escape Room - Challenge

Birt 23 okt 2019
Locked in a room, counting on Adapt's brain to escape...
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  • They should have had a camera on adapt the whole time

  • yo that whole thing was cizzors bro change the title to faze cizzors beats a exscape room lol

  • Bro ciz was the best one😂😂

  • Let’s just say scissors got you guys out of ther 😂

  • Hello

  • Me: thinks Jarvis is gonna win and thinks Alex will lose lol

  • kinda wanted to see what would happen if they lost

  • FaZe UP

  • Cizzorz: carrying Faze Adapt: trying his best Everyone else: literalky following Cizzorz lead in everything

  • Yall should do a scary escape room

  • if Cizz was born in 19th century he'd definitely became a great detective

  • Cizz is the smartest faze member by far

  • Cap they lost without the lady

  • The fact Frazier responded to the automated call 🤣

  • Ha Alex said he has to use his IQ

  • The only one who looks like they’re doing something on the Thumbnail, is Alex ( FaZe Adapt )

  • Me hoping Cizzorz is in the video or there not making it out alive

  • 7:57 money heist characters 👄

  • “I’m just kinda floating around”😂😂

  • Expected more from temperrr

  • I like this kind of vids

  • Little does Adapt know he does not have a brain

  • Orba is really stupid!!!!

  • Cizzorz finally getting respect

  • ngl wtf was orba doing in the beginning

  • Jarvis doesn’t need school he smart bruh

  • Tell Temperrr to take that City shirt off

  • I did my first escape room when I was 10 at a bday party it was a race between teams before the countdown started I looked under a table saw a lump in the carpet moved the carpet found a trapdoor moved the table we needed a code we opened a pot found a key opened a wardrobe found a light plugged in the light there was a bunch of pipes on one side of the room we moved the light until the shadow of the pipes spelt goat we typed it into. The trap door there was a basement we went down did someother stuff got a key that worked on the exit door and won

  • Fucking sick vid

  • I’m so tired of seeing this Dr Lupo commercial on Faze videos🤢🤮🤬

  • Good job guys

  • “This was easy!” Has the lady giving them the answers the entire time

  • Cizzors is like that one kid in your friend group that just knows everything

  • Jarvis : the code is 1 2 3 4 Kay: thats insane bro

  • To be fair cizzors went to high school soooo....

  • Kay: It’s EASY. Time: Yo you guys got like 2 minutes so get out my room

  • where is rug!

    • yeah rug makes it better kay is it more clout for rug

  • When you get locked in you school classroom

  • Can I join your clan?


  • Do more

  • Cizzorz is big brain

  • cizzorz is officially the smartest in faze

  • No Apex

  • Who is the guy in the blue shirt and bape shorts? Cause he is cuteeee

  • I feel adapt

  • Do this again it was actually intertwining

  • Only time we see FaZe use their brains

    • Only member that used it was cizz

  • What if Alex was there alone lmao

  • Conan went to this escape room

  • Who else thinks the man city jersey should be a Liverpool Jersey 👇🏼

  • Cizzors is good

  • Team work makes the dream work faze the Fuck up baby

  • Adapt being as useful as Switzerland in WWII

  • Faze temper was like a ghost in this vid. Like I barely heard him

  • this is the same place and secretary as the one in the conan video from 4 years ago

  • Yes Faze clan did it

  • Hi everyone from Faze

  • Where's apex

  • Why banks never there

  • You guys need to make a video of who’s the fastest faze member

    • Clipz Gaming I’d love to see it happen

  • That is the same place off of Conan

  • Cheater 🖕

  • Nobody in the world: FaZe Adapt: It’s like a it’s like a it it it it’s like a puzzle

  • Sub to my ISchats channel the first vid is called THE NEXT FAZE CLAN...NOT

  • if brian was there he would've got tall out there easily bc that kid has severe nerdneck

  • Were faze Rug at that means he's not in faze clan

  • This is absolutely hilarious not so sure i would like to be in a escape room would feel claustrophobic

  • Bruh Cizzorz so attractive here with all his smart ass

  • all of adapts friend

  • my name is stash


  • Did any1 see wut happened to Faze banks ina hotel room

  • can I join faze

  • Please faze Clan 1v1

  • Hey can you add me on Fortnite I want to join faze clan i’m good enough my name is jayjaygamer35 also I have very old skin don’t judge me pls

  • I looked at the thumbnail and saw Jarvis and Kay I instantly said thats video is going to be insane

  • Bruh I came back to check on faze being a 2015 faze fan. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

  • Too many dumb people and only one smart one to be doing an escape room lmao 😂

  • lit

  • Yo, wheres Apex cant find him again ?

  • Do some cod gameplay

  • Just look at adapt’s face throughout the vid😂

  • Do a Halloween addition

  • You should recruit machi he currently is in parallel he’s insane and he’s down to join faze

  • New cod came out. Stop doing this shit and go playing it

  • who else came here cuz they saw the fortnite guys video abt the leader???

  • There going sweety

  • Whats up guys .when u gonna add rug to ur videos ?

  • Hi faze clan I was looking at cracked fortnite players and found this person called soar cricket I think u should add him to faze

  • Is this the same room conan was in?

  • Any one notice where banks went

  • hello clan members faze well my birthday is coming and I want to buy one of your official shirts but I have a question can they come to mexico orders thank you ❤❤❤

  • Recruit MKlaf and MKsokker to faze,(Building is better than sway)

  • hey faze clan check out Dodoeu

  • Do nerf hide and seek

  • Keep Rain safe.

  • Where is is faze rug

  • Sign up jack he’s goatrd

  • Alex gotta be stoned