Farewell FaZe ZooMaa

Birt 4 okt 2019
-Goodbye to one of the greats.
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  • Anyone here after he retired bc he got Injured 😮😔

  • Who’s here after Zooma’s tweet about stepping out of the CoD League?

  • anyone else getting this in their recommended after he retired :(

  • FaZe Zuma... If Ykyk

  • that dude does not know how to treat a dog... how does he not realize how unhealthy it is for a dog to be that fat?

    • Are you dumb?

  • Attach and ZooMaa were a great duo ngl

  • ZooMaa is FaZe forever

  • Honestly one of my top 5 favorite faze members

  • Oof

  • Damn

  • i cant believe this kids from jersey

  • nobody knows who tf this guy is 😂

  • Who are you

  • real og's know who tf this nigga is 💯

  • all of you who don't know who he is are garbage at cod and you're all randoms 🤣🤣

  • I live in cranford were he came from!

  • Do more of these and less those fortnite videos and challenges please.

  • He’s from cranford wth? 😂❤️

  • There are so much faze members damm

  • Miss u beast🤮🥺🔥🔥

  • y’all make no sense for not knowing how ZooMaa is... he’s been to the FaZe house multiple times and trips with them

  • RIP zooma. Oh wait hes not dead?

  • I live in New Jersey too

  • When’s ion coming on

  • I don't know if I should dislike this or like this don't get me wrong Iove faze ZooMaa but I just don't want him to leave

  • Yoo faze let me be the replacement for zooma

  • Only true OG FaZe nonFortnite fans know the name... the legendary Zoomaa you will be missed dearly by the true COD fans of the FaZe clan

  • Where tf is faze bloo* Not blue😂

  • So why are we saying farewell

  • The BO3 Days

  • Faze Warpaint....

  • what about Censor tho

  • It's crazy how FaZe started out as a CoD clan and people don't even know who the fuck the Cod players are.

  • Didn’t he just join

  • the reason all these people didn’t know who zoomaa was is because faze never showcases their less known members

  • farewell attach?

  • Who is he?

  • Rip he was such a good player

  • what about farewell to faze censor..

  • This is just depressing lol. Some guy who lives with his parents and never left his hometown. Reminiscing about how he could’ve been a pro soccer player😂😂

  • Rest in peace

  • Bye brotha


  • Yo I’m the same I’m italian I have represented my state for soccer travelled around australia, tore my ACL except after the acl tear I am still playing. Whilst also playing cod and fortnite

  • Who is faze zoomaa

  • can someone please tell me what's his next plan is? didn't watch the whole vid, so please, is he just dropping COD for good?

  • faze up

  • Honestly, I don't blame him for leaving FaZe. I would leave if I never got mentioned in any videos or had any exposure sense 2013 too. Lol

  • Noooo

  • Can we get one for censor plz.

  • If you don’t know who Zoomaa is you’re not a fan

  • who?

  • Im looking at so many comments saying there are people they don't know well yeah dumbasses not everyone is a ISchatsr there are professional players and there are editors and camera guys so yeah your not gonna know everyone

  • FaZe needs to start showing some love to Swan

  • Alot of new fans of FaZe that doesn’t know ZooMa and it really shows the growth of faze.

  • Sad how zooms drives a Nissan Sentra while everyone else has crazy super cars and Tesla’s really shows....

    • Nah it’s cuz faze is sponsored by Nissan they’re tryna plug them

    • Xotic Shook it was sponsored my Nissan that brobly why

  • Most fortnite players are to young to know who he is

  • You gotta start promoting the real faze family like Swan and people who have been here for years...

  • I wonder if Censor is going to get a Farewell video 🤔🤔😂

  • This video made it seem like an introduction to him, not a farewell

  • Sign swan bitch ass niggas

  • Who?

  • who?

  • Y’all ain’t real faze fans.😂

  • FaZe swan joined the clan before it had contracts or a big big name at the time

  • why is zooma leaving

  • All these comments piss me off. How fucking stupid can you get.

  • I though some faze member died

  • Man was like “damn zooms drives a Nissan?” Lol then realized when video was over missed pops up as the sponsor 😂🤣👍

  • Honestly Attach deserves something like this. Kind of pisses me off that he doesn’t.

  • wait who

  • f

  • Remembered when he stuck up for his friend on king of the hill 🐐🐐🐐

  • Oh i thought this dude died 😂 i was worried for a sec

  • Oh i thought this dude died 😂 i was worried for a sec

  • 6:31 nice voice cracks😂

  • Dude you only hear about him if he leaves

  • Who is this “Zooma” guy and did he die ?

  • Who the heck is this guy? Never heard of him. Bye bye to your fame bruther.

  • Never heard of him but him and swan need more recognition

  • T3

  • People really don't know this man. If you even knew about FaZe before fortnite you would know him. Man's a cod legend and always will be.

  • *who?*

  • who tha FOok is this Guy

  • Og fans remember

  • Zayn malik was in faze????

  • It’s sad that these fortnite kids don’t know about Zooma he was one of the best back in the day

  • i'm so confused. i have never heard of this guy but the title said farewell but no where in the video does it say he is leaving or why


  • I thought he got his name from zooweemama

  • I’m about to go watch some old faze pamaaj

  • how can you disslike a video like this ??

  • Literally WHO???????????

  • Who

  • Who FaZe Zoomaa again. Never heard of him

  • Lmao who tf is this

  • Sorry, shoot

  • ,, _udid

  • Who?

  • and then there's Jake