FaZe vs. FaZe - 5v5 VALORANT

Birt 16 apr 2020
Apex Bizzle Blaze Cizzorz Nikan vs Dubs Jarvis Megga Teeqo Temperrr... who you got?
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  • How to become one of the FaZes members?

  • Apex is a shitter


  • We need to see a Search And Destroy game FaZe VS FaZe on COD

  • We need part (2)

  • calling spike BOOM

  • pls make more of this faze clan

  • Valorent best game

  • Is that the racist kid

  • The crosshair placement of these guys is just yikes🤣

  • Man this Teeqo guy plays well. He should go Pro

  • bizzle is trash

  • Makes me happy seeing telework happy

  • apex is so bad with omen istg

  • And y it is almost big crosshair

  • Y is it old varlount

  • ayo let’s goo

  • Teeqo is da best

  • Dubs: GOT ONE Apex: I grew an inch

  • you could tell why they didt put bizz on normal ping cus if they di it would be over

  • you could tell the older memebers like apex and bizz where better since they have cs experience

  • teeqo goated no cap those snipes thooo:0

  • Can i join faze do you have a valorant team

  • FaZe NiKo > FaZe Nikan lmao most of the new FaZe kids are..... questionable at best

  • Nice to see jarvis grew up

  • I love Sykkuno just standing there awkwardly. He's such a cutie. I also love how everyone in the comments is showing love for him because he's got such low confidence that I think it probably makes him feel better when we all say how much we care and like him. He's got a huge Harem without even trying.

  • Where da aimbot Jarvis

  • apex could of got 2 aces

  • Pepelaugh jarvis

  • Valorant looks and gives me cs:go vibes

  • The EU csgo team va 5 na faze members would be good

  • These apex and cod players do be scoping in hard though

  • Lol Jarvis is real bad in all games other than fortnight

  • Ah so faze allows racists now

  • Jarvis has aimbot how is he dying

  • Faze bizzle trash

  • We need another one plz especially since this was beta

  • Jarvis be aimbotting

  • Im good at valorant and fortnite

  • Can i join faze plz

  • Just imagine if shroud was in this

  • everyone is trash except teeqo lol

  • Can't even get 60fps on valorant ;-;

  • lol 2 round 13 - 3

  • good days when raze had 2 nades 🤩

  • 2:49

  • 2:50

  • why is jarvis' alt and his e swapped

  • FaZe Clan Vs FaZe5? :0

  • Omens Hand was huge. look at his hand while carrying the phantom

    • Time stamp?

  • Welcome FaZe Bronny!!!!

  • They are actually so bad at this game

  • Ngl teeqo is the only good one

  • where is jarvis aimbot?lmao

  • FazeDubs is trash

  • 16:52 dubs said the n word

  • I hit him hard and then bizzle 😂

  • Jarvis getting banned on valorant in a few weeks 😂😂

  • jarvis looks so dead

  • U are bots in this game faze clan

  • Dubs us still in faze?

  • Bruh I swear if Jarvis uses aimbot in Valorant...

  • I love to see jarvis playing games its frikkin awesome

  • 7:14 lmao that moment

  • bro why is bizzle a good igl in any game he plays

  • 30:47 he wanted to talk shit but he realized it was megga

  • CFC

  • I feel like Jarvis is so quiet because last time he really played a video game with all the faze members was fortnite, and he was banned in that

  • was jarvis playin on controller?

  • Jarvis can be insane agian

  • TEEQO is a beast

  • teeqo is so good👌👌👍

  • bizzle is a trash can

  • Jarvus🤣🤣🤣

  • Jarvis: It's just 1 enemy i'm not gonna waste that..... Bizzle: Wins the round after a 1v3......

  • I want valorant to release on console. It looks so fun

  • I was just going for Bizzle I didn't care which team he was on

  • Bro why dos Jarvis look so depressed

  • Jarvis was officially the first hacker on valorant? Idk lol maybe

  • i swear nikan the goat bro bannas for life

  • Nobody: Jarvis:so today we gnna try aimbot on valorant

  • Is Jarvis playing on keanaord?

    • What do you think its a kb&m game like csgo 🤓☹🙁😮😲😳🥺😦🤢🥴🤢🥶🥴

  • dang teeqo gives the best vibes

  • Whose named faze clan member

  • Bizzles keyboard is louder than the game

  • Some of these guys are brain dead when it comes to valiant while others are actually really good

  • I love it when they say the map is heaven when its haven.🤣

  • Who is fazeclanmember on this

  • Hey Jarvis don't hack in this game

  • I love you guys I wish I was a part of the fam ❤️ you guys bring me joy from all of my problems I wish I can be playing with you guys

  • Where tf håvard at

  • Am I the only confused as who is faze clan member

  • No One: Kay after seeing this video: thats not insane bruv

  • Why doesn't Jarvis make videos of another game. It seems like he is banned from gaming, not only fortnite.

  • In the description they wrote the teams wrong? Just me?

  • jarvis on kbm?

  • FaZe promoting the wrong game, Tom clancy rainbow six siege lol, look at there bio.

  • The next thing you know, Jarvis will use aimbot.

  • Use pings ut is easy to communicate

  • lol I thought teeqo said Si not C