We Defused A Bomb In Real Life with the HTC VIVE Cosmos - FaZe Clan

Birt 10 júl 2020
We Defused A Bomb In Real Life With The HTC Vive Cosmos - Faze Clan @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Kay @Cizzorz @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Blaze @FaZe Temperrr
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  • The person behind the cam sounds like Vikkstar123

  • Is that sam pepper talking in the back?

  • this video made me deaf im serious im not kidding my headphones are full volume and they scream

  • Hi

  • Only OG's remember this in the NY FaZe house

  • If search and destroy was in real life

  • Bfordlancer

  • Idk why but I wanna do this

  • LOUD x Faze clan LOUD is better 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • I felt so sick in my tummy when the bomb exploded

  • Can i join maybe

  • Cool

  • This video is so cringe lmao

  • Is that sam peppers voice?

  • Stop the cap

  • Why tf would Jarvis throw the bomb 🤣

  • Can some people subscribe to me i will sub back

  • I wanna try to join in Faze clan

  • Let me join FaZe clan pls I will be FaZe Aedan

  • Who else realizes that the kid laroi dropped a song here

  • Yo how come I wasn’t invited

  • Faze Kay holy hell

  • This is what faze has come too😂 what is this dogshit content

  • Why the fk the narrator is vikkstar

  • Are the worst.

  • Fuck faze

  • Faze clan suks

  • Faze clan suks

  • N

  • Why is Jarvis a fool😂😂😂

  • Is no one gonna talk about the fact that your not supposed take your vr headset outside

  • I have this game it’s not that hard bruh I’m so good at that shit I’m barely 13 and it seems like none of them went to fucking school

  • Nobody Knows? This Video Is A Search and destroy reference

  • jarvis needs to go to school now

  • Team rar attack you what will you do

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jarvis in every yhumbnail

  • Thank

  • Æ

  • Can I try out for faze

  • LMFAO Jarvis said clicky buttons

  • Faze in back words easy as f***

  • Don't bring your Vive Cosmos outside, because sunlight can damage your VR headset's display. The lenses act like a magnifying glass and when sunlight passes through the lenses, the sunlight can burn your screen permanently

  • Hacker jarvis

  • Why is Jarvis wearing the jumper the wrong way around? 😂

  • Rain and Apex duo on this game is unmatched

  • Imma put does things on my kids

  • This is why you don't drop out

  • Can you guys please sub on my youtube channel? I want to reach the 1k subs

  • Only ogs will remember apex playing this

  • Shoulda put apex in this

  • I have an HTC phone and its ugly

  • Good video man keep it up

  • A Loud e maior que a faze,como isso e possivel?

  • thers four clicky buttons

  • Faze clan is basically Faze Jarvis’s second channel at this point

  • I thougt faze is a fortnite clan...

  • FaZe Up! everybody

  • Why is Jarvis always in the thumbnail of faze videos

  • Jarvis was like “YEET”

  • This at this point a frat house.

  • Can I get in touch with faze clan

  • Only OG viewers now who faze sensei Is

  • They just making thumbnails with Jarvis on same as Kay

  • jarvis everywhere

  • Fix your shit, you all need to see why you got here today. This isn’t the shit we want. Really, not even breaking 2k in comments. If you all don’t care then fuck off with FaZe, you aren’t FaZe. Non of this is FaZe. If you want to vlog and do stupid ass skits like this then go make a skit channel and don’t advertise in gaming. Because you all have lost your roots, every single one of you. I’ve been watching you guys since tommy mid air poop stain on high rise. That’s what the fuck we love man, You’re losing investors and you’re losing ceo’s. You’re dying, the teams dying and right now i’m guessing players have the thought of jumping ship. You guys need to get your head out of your asses and fix this shit. Peace fucking squids, fix it.

    • Sushiwithframes th0 ik man just can’t seem to reach any of them bro such utter bs

    • Dude you spitting facts but they all have different channels

  • faze clan have become very boring fr

  • can I join FaZe clan?

  • my dream is to join faze when i’m older and be the first nintendo switch faze member

  • I think this is it everyone. So many memories of the faze clan will be cherished in our hearts. Faze is coming to an end, it was a nice journey everyone 🙂


  • Me name would be Faze Toxic

  • I'd love to join FaZe

  • I wanna join Faze can u help me

  • Wait a minute is a 6th grader smarter than Jarvis?

  • Wish I could join faze clan😔

  • Who else been watching Faze before 2020?

  • The clicky button for me

  • FaZe K1ng 🤔

  • Recruit Mansa sniping to faze

  • Kid Lario made a song at faze house today

  • Send me a email and I will give you a vid and a pic thanks and bye

  • Yo I just got a game 41 kill lmao

  • Can I join faze clan

  • If You Use to watch faze fakie like this comment do other ppl can see this. He’s still active , he streams on twitch

  • Bruh I feel like all the Faze members are on drugs

  • You guy should make a faze thing for RDR2 online if so you should hit me and my friend up

  • Everything y’all post is clickbait. Trash af rip to cod

    • bunch of disgrace to the whole esports comm

  • Faze pyro?????????????

  • Jarvis: my abs bro Me: You mean flabs Jarvis

  • Faze rlly went from a talented gamer clan that everyone wanted to be in to just being a group filled with talentless teens

  • Come back to the FaZe channel after years and years. What the fuck happens dawg who r these goofies....


  • That’s The Ting Mate.

  • Get Apex

  • Faze clan is breaking a part

  • I tried this fam it was to real I also tried horror games I kinda broke the headset

  • we need faze lexi

  • Hey FaZe Can you watch me to see how good I am its BobbyPlays55 On mixer

  • you guys remember when faze was a gaming clan