Meet FaZe Bizzle

Birt 18 nóv 2020
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  • FaZe Bizzle 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Meet you 5 years later ahain

  • look at tim man

  • Bizzle is so skinny

  • 2:37 the way he's way he said fortnite made me laugh

  • i killed him in arena

  • Video summary: “GALF”


  • 2021 anybody?

  • nobody: his dad: soccar

  • Mans scrawny asf

  • He was noodle arms

  • i thought he was like 15 lmfaoooo

  • T O O O U U U R R R R N N N N M E E E E E N N N T T T SSS Ss

  • 2:44 he Bizzled out*

  • I’m sorry, did she just say that he played ‘Actual’ sports as if to say fortnite isn’t a sport

    • are you joking or are you stupid

  • Hehehe

  • The fortnite legend himself. If there was a fort Mount Rushmore this kid would be on it

  • Bewan dek? Le ya le ya le le le lo le lo le la le e e e e e o o o o o o o bi ya oo o biya

  • Asu

  • Why is not bugha

  • His from Commack bro I live next to Commack

  • The whole video is just golf

  • just watched a toothpick drive a car

  • Dude looks like golf stick

  • Why is there a tooth pic ad in my recommendations?

  • How Is FaZe Bizzle So Good At Driving!!!!

  • *Gawlf*

  • To think that my aunt knows this guys mother...

  • Noboy: Bizzle: GAWLF

  • Shit faze letting in everyperson now sign me up

  • y do i love his dad

  • i’m so close to commack tho 👀

  • The beginning of the vid reminded me of the rhythm of jhus- did you see 😂

  • He look hungry

  • he is so ugly

  • I didn’t know there was another Bizzle, thought FaZe recruited me 👀

  • Who’s this

  • In 5 years youtube is gonna recommend this again

  • My name is also tim

  • who remembers the old "meet faze ____" and it was just crazy trickshots and clips ?

  • Best golf player

  • Oh my goodness big shitter duo interview

  • what handicap has Bizzel in golf

  • looks like bizzle fizzled

  • Faze Bizzle: The Cry Baby of the Fortnite Competitive Scene

  • # Faze Absorber

  • Oof

  • I just skipped to 0:22 and said bruh

  • There is a gaulf course behind my house 😂

  • if yall gonna have a FaZe MN house ill join

  • I am Bizzle’s neighbor...

  • Even my name aint this sad

  • Hi I was thinking I could do a tryout for faze maybe I pretty good for a ps4 player

  • bro so skinny i thought he was the chair in the thumbnail

  • This is legit just a golf video but love you bizzile keep it up


  • 1:15 we used to relax right here at the playground

  • Gawlf and sawker

  • "Most of his days were busy playing actual sports... Like galf. I'm sorry, what are we talking about again?"

  • Me:Golf Bizzles parents:GALF!

  • who remembers when these were actual montages and clips instead of a 10 minute video about some suburban white kids parents complaining about him not taking up pro golf...dry af

  • tell me he's ripping the D-Stick off the deck

  • Did someone say golf?

  • WE ARE...

  • He reminds me of a brown haired Formula

  • Put respect on ghosts not everybody does but I remember grinding everyday on that game

  • I watched to see FaZe Bizzle's life story but learned about golf.

  • Nice never new

  • Fortnite ruined faze,

  • real humble and down to earth kid. much respect. happy to see him coming up

  • Welcome

  • esports is more of a sport than golf oof

  • Or please shat awt my new clan

  • “Bizzle I’m trynna eat ya ahhh”

  • Please

  • Can I join the faze clan

  • FaZe brittle

  • Ever heard of the gym

  • the toxic stickman

  • so we all here rn?

  • is this the guy who always talks shi?

  • Bizzle looks like a disabled spider in the thumbnail

  • 🏌️‍♀️ ⛳️

  • g a l f

  • holly he need some meat

  • 06:44 said no one ever lmao

  • Bizzle “the guy who never reads chat”

  • He wasn't introduced with a cod clip??? I refuse

  • Ghosts was sick

  • GALF

  • Such a chill dude can’t believe he made it to FaZe!! 🤞🎯

  • Bizzleee

  • 4:17 he goes and hits some balls

  • Golf Bizzle

  • My guy actually went to an ivy league but dropped out for Fortnite.

    • Whatever rows your boat

  • His parents: we want golf Bizzle: pro fortnite player

  • Yessirrrrr!

  • Faze up Bizzle!

  • I’m sorry but like, that was the most sad, setup laugh I have ever see and my entire life 😆 but fr congrats to becoming a new FaZe member