Introducing FaZe Bizzle

Birt 6 apr 2020
He might be the most accomplished Professional Fortnite player of all-time. Now he's in FaZe Clan.
MUSIC: Blackened Out - Coma Svensson & Van Psyke
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  • Poo

  • surprised he didn't try to go pro in valorant.

  • csgo man

  • lol xbox360

  • I just Klaped him just wanted to see who was bizzle

  • 99%.99 people wont see but god bless and have have a good life


  • I like how they don’t show any clips where someone says ghost bizzle 😂

  • Are you actually in faze?

  • Who tf is this

  • Woow

  • Bruh remember when he won a World Cup qualifier with no guns

  • Bizzle in London means a slag. So he’s called faze slag in London 😂

  • I know people that are way better than him at Fortnite 🤦‍♂️🤣

    • But tournament wise, he’s definitely top 3

    • Qntn I’m not talking about sway I’m talking about players that aren’t even known or famous that are better than him , I ain’t say he was bad he’s good but there’s better is better players.

    • You’re going to say something like Sway. Bizzle is one of the best competitive players of all time consistently. It’s not about who’s the flashiest, my man is one of the smartest players

  • How do I join?

  • song?

  • who else thought bizzle was gonna win the world cup

    • Bizzle and Zayt

  • Who else is waiting for faZe bugha to happen

  • Can we acknowledge that FaZe is currently in posession of: - Sway - Mongraal - Replays - Bizzle - H1ghSky1 - Avery - Nate Hill - Funkbomb - Megga - Dubs (?)

    • @Yuzre ah, he did? My bad

    • Avxry left bud

  • Gid

  • Can i Join? Im pretty good I started since season 2 and im 10

    • Yikes

  • I fucking hate the background music

  • Whats the song used in this video?

  • Hey Faze if you have sometime check me out!

  • Just shows him barrel stuffing

  • Check out LinusNOR. I am his friend. All the times I die, he fixes the job and kills four persons without any problem. Can you please check him out on replays. His dream is to join faze klan. He confuses me totally with his edits. Please check him out.

  • Ben turkum

  • Like bro whats this music

  • Compare him to mongrael tho

    • Ikr bizzle is so much better

  • One Question How do you get like recruited into faze because i have always wondered?

  • pls introducing FaZe Kamo

  • Can I join FaZe Clan

  • FaZe Jarvis: “I’m the only one that plays fortnite in FaZe. he gets banned... FaZe: Let’s get someone to take his place! INTRODUCING FAZE BIZZLE Jarvis: 🙄

  • Welkom bizzle

  • 3:50 dude do not give bizzle a grappler or else

  • Go luck bizzle. I 💕 FaZe

  • I wish they would recruit me

  • Anyone here after Apex wanted to "kick" him

  • He left ghost ???


  • What happened to FaZe Bazzle

  • Wonder if going to be the same with ghost aydan

  • Wellnow we know why he left ghost

  • Where FaZe Benjyfishy

  • Wait is he new

  • Add Noahsnoha he clapped Bizzle


  • He’s insane Jarvis M8

  • Welcome to Faze I Hope U Get Popular

  • Now, lets see how he gets disqualified.

  • This guy looks kinda cracked though

  • Sub 2 me for a sub back :) I’m fast

  • Do y’all sometimes talk to urself??

  • Hm I think Faze Aydan next.

  • So...jev?

  • Bro I'm insane and some other are to let us try to get in faze.

  • That was unexpected:0

  • Recruit dodoeu

  • I swear these faze names keep getting gayer and gayer

  • If only I was in faze

  • Um so is bizzle a comp player for valorant now? cuz he quit fortnite

  • He looks like Nevil from Harry Potter

  • fucking lol

  • I thought it was the rapper

  • most of those mw2 trickshots were barrel stuffs LMFAOOO

  • Who is better like=Jarvis before he got banned Comment=Faze Bizzle

  • Background music is CHEEKS bruh

  • Of course, the FaZe roster has more people than brain cells

  • Ghost Bizzle FTW!

  • Bizzle is what heroes are made of.

  • His building ist trash but his aim is 💯

    • Better than your mechanics

  • He deserved it man. This guy has been called washed so many times only to join faze clan. Alot of people did not see this comming at all

  • 3:45 when you realize bizzel is cheating Only real ones will get it

  • What a time to join faze

  • He isn’t even that good to be honest

  • Bizzle is the best faze member by far he qualified for World Cup without a gun

  • He’s actually cracked

  • I'm really happy for him but just this isn't even getting fair now faze are picking almost everyone they want

  • 3:48 Bizzle: im here to win Bugha: I dont think so Bizzle: CLOWN

  • Not gonna lie Ghost Bizzle sounds a Lot better than Faze Bizzle

  • Welcome bizzle to faze clan

  • Introducing FaZe Bizzle....Jev Has Left The Chat

  • Yo can I tryout for faze

  • Now we want faze comikazie

  • Why did he leave Ghost?

  • Did bizzle win the world cup

  • Nice

  • There are way too much faze clan members

  • When I saw the fortnite I was thinking great another one of these guys....but hes a badass, respect my guy

  • *Bugha

  • Who is next, Faze Biggs?😂

  • Can I try out

  • 600k of earning tell me more🧐🤔

  • Hey faze keep up the amazing work🔥I was wondering even though you wouldn’t see this comment but it would mean so much if you noticed my yt channel I work so hard and I don’t have much I just work with what I got and thank you you for inspiring me

  • But he still remains the guy who died to noahsnoah

  • Why is this not impressive anymore

  • Fortnite? 😴

  • Ok well now kick Jarvis he’s useless

  • He’s not that good

  • Who else thinks he looks kind of like TheCampingRusher