FaZe Clan vs Haunted House - Challenge

Birt 3 nóv 2019
The boys go through a Haunted House to see who truly is the toughest of them all, watch till the end to find out!
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  • This Is How Many Frazier said Holy | .

  • Literally satan himself infront of Jarvis Jarvis: elephant thing

  • I miss harlot

  • they are over reacting

  • people who is watching this in 2020 like and im a year later

  • bro october was over but they stiil went to the haunted house

  • This is how many times kay said holee 👇

  • Anyone watching during quarentine

  • I now tenser

  • Me to

  • The scaryist thing in this vid was Jarvis’s face

  • You should go to miasma

  • thats not scary kids dont cry aboutvthis

  • i did that at school

  • jarvis calling a goat a elephant

  • 7:16 That's a goat not an elephant

  • How many times did Kay say ho-ly bro

  • Remind me of things one on Halloween on a Adam please and my sister they put a change of them from the head it was banging on the wall if you want to topped off and alsoThere was a killer clown that was about to give her I a high five and they put up a knife right next to your neck

  • The only thing Frazier mows how to say is What bro. Hoooly man. That’s insane bro and that’s insane jarvis

  • Every comment is like *WhO iS hErE aFtEr JaRvIs Is BaNnEd?*

  • 6:05 i swear i hear an apothigan noise from zombies easter eggs

  • where is this at?

  • Blaze looked so lit when he said don’t do drugs lol

  • real life skull troopers

  • 2020

  • Aimbot

  • You should go sub to me I’m only 9

  • The house you guys were in its call the hell house it also a movie

  • Watch from 2:48 and it will look like sway was there

  • My friend vapes and 10

  • tell me how many times FaZe kay said HOLY:

  • That was pretty shit recording

  • someone count the amount of time Faze Ray said Holy

  • You guys should go check out okybo

  • They r the biggest org but still call themselves FaZe CLAN

  • I looked at the merch and cant find what they are wearing, where can I find those Faze Clan merch?

  • Let’s be honest the only Faze members that matter are Banks and Rug

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaa

  • 2:12 Song ?

  • Boring

  • Jarvis it insane

  • Who has that alarm sound

  • This is Dope!!!!

  • FaZe Blaze: “And because he’s short we said ok” 😂😂

  • Ye all suck cheats

  • Fuck u Jarvis comment clout like chasers

  • Normal person: AWW MAN I M SO SCARED!!!! FaZe BoiS: don't be scared, *QUICKSCOPE THEM ALL*

  • If I was there and one of those people jumpscare me I would have said "my mom told me not to talk to strangers".

  • I hate Blaze

  • I honestly don’t like selfpromoting, but to make a long story short, i make funny moments video’s with much effort put in to it. I hope you check it out, i will guarantee you will think its funny :)

  • Faze kay : oh holi

  • Who is here just to see Jarvis after his video

  • can i join faze i have 50 win's

  • Can I join faze to replace jarvis?

  • Jarvis the human shield cause he got nothing to live for after getting banned from fortnite

  • Just saying check your dms for daniel_bortolazzo I appreciate it but I know this message will most likely not be soon but I tried so love you guys!

  • because he was in faze for a pretty medium time banks apex please i’m begging you

  • please don’t kick jarvis

  • Why did you kick faze fearless from faze he was better then all of the faze members

  • I heard the alarm sound and was think 5 more minutes

  • *2009: that was insane jarvis *2019: bRo WhAt

  • Remember when faze made call of duty videos. They really fell off

  • Justice for faze swan

  • Jarvis u fucking baby

  • no one: literally no one: kay that mans insane bro

  • Yo whats up guys I am your biggest fan a wish a joined Faze but I am a mobile player but I am pretty good I am at my moms phone right now. GG

  • I wonder how many times those people get punched

  • Hahahah jarvis "look at you" and lucas "aaa"

  • FaZe has became shit..

  • Everyone: literally everyone who's here after Jarvis permaban

  • Hi dicks Logan Paul’s better than you

  • I swear to god that im sunscribing to the owner of the comment

  • Can I join the FaZe clan

    • I'll be a fortnite player

  • Video

  • You should do food fight

  • Pls check out Serpent AU he has to join faze

  • Brooo you guys be scared to moan while having sex but I be in my girls ear like 6:30

  • Can i tryout for FaZe clan I’m good at Fortnite I mean I’m very good my epic is leo10513 but my username is TaZe_Mew and I’m in a clan that is called TaZe clan. I won’t be naming my self Faze mew😂 but I will think of something that I could name my self😃👍

  • More like Jarvis vs trying not to cheat

  • Add on instagram for more 😂😂😂 potato_clan_123

  • I have got a new challange for you guys if I win in 1v1 at fortnite can join faze 😎😎😎

  • Bunch of aim bot cheaters.

  • Literally everyone: " literally everyone who's here after jarvis vid "

  • Everyone: AHHHHHHH THIS IS SO SCARY Orba: Yo this is kinda dope

  • Fucking Cheater 🖕

  • What’s the discount code,

  • Can I join faze I'm not allowed to post video's annymore

  • I realize everyone in faze except Jarvis has a weakness for dem god damn clowns 🤣

  • So when u guys gonna recruit this ISchatsr called Fe4RLess

  • Who else clicked really quickly and is a true fan?😂 But I’m Śüßßing to ëvèryone who lįkėś and šùßs to me! 💯

  • Can you guys go sub to my channel Adolfo Escobar

  • Who's watching after jarvis got banned

  • Kick that hacker off your bum ass clan

  • Whole video: I'm too big I'm too big I'm too big HOLY!!!

  • Dude just change your gamer tag lol they can’t ban you if you do that

  • Sorry i spelled (want) wrong🤣

  • I eant to ask you can i ok why faze apex is short

  • If I was there I whole close my eyes the whole time

  • You guys should do the bring sally up challenege