FaZe Clan Tries Becoming Professional Athletes

Birt 30 mar 2020
In this episode our FaZe guys get challenged from the 2012, 2014 NHL Stanley Cup winners The Los Angeles Kings.
Watch as they go through a Competitive Relay Race, Shooting Lessons, along with a sick Trick Shot competition.
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  • Comment below who else we should make videos with 👇🔥

    • Dude perfect faze edition

    • U guys should clab with the dobre brothers

    • Edmonton Oilers

    • Do one with the Toronto maple leafs!!!!!!!!!

    • Lonzo Ball

  • you should make videos with the edmonton oilers connor mcdavid

  • where's cizz

  • Watching them skate is like watching the kids who didn’t know how to skate at school field trips

  • 3:37 legit thought was blood

  • U should make a video with me

  • calgary, alberta lets fcking go!, i live in calgary

  • As a hockey player it is funny how bad some of them are

  • ____________________$$$$ ______$$$$$$$$$_____$$$$$$ ____$$$$$$$$$$$$$___$$$$$$ ___$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$___$$ ____$$$$_____$$$$$$$ _____$$$$__$$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$$$$$_$$$$ ______$$$$$$____$$$$ ____$$$$$$$_____$$$$ ___$$$$$__$$____$$$$ ___$$$$____$$___$$$$ ___$$$$_____$$__$$$$ ____$$$$_____$$__$$ ____$$$$$_____$$$ ______$$$$_____$$$ _____$$$$$$$_____$$ _____$$$$$$$______$$ ____$$$$$$$$_______$$ ___$$$$_$$$$________$$ ___$$$$_$$$$_________$$$$0 please like this took me ages

  • I feel bad for nikan... he can’t even crossover with the crusty rentals

  • “We got some legends here today” to be honest I had no clue who these people are lmao

  • Benders

  • For once someone does something with the NHL and watching as a hockey player was🤣🤣🤣

  • do a vid with mickey mouse

  • Don’t lie, who is looking through the comments while keeping the video playing

  • Your insane Jarvis 😂

  • Bro these r fourthline kings

  • why did they not put a helmet on jarvis oh wait cuz his head is to busted

  • Swedes are the bets at hockey

  • Picked the right nhl team too 😉

  • Learn how to skate

  • Why is cizzorz not i. This video. He actually plays hockeu

  • More hockey!

  • i love hockey

  • Where cizz

  • Of course taco can skate what can’t he do

  • Hockey is my favorite sport

  • I’m from Calgary anyone els ?

  • Yo I know Austin wagner

  • who else rewatching this cause they miss hockey

  • I’m the best at Hockey 🏒

  • Can I join Faze

  • I love 🏒

  • cizzorz should have been there

  • 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Before they even skated i knew nikan would do the best because he is Canadian. 😆

  • 9:42 It's the what?!?!?

  • Anyone know that feeling you get when you see a familiar place on a ISchats video

  • I know watching this as a hockey player be like

  • bruh i won a hockey tournament on that ice rink

  • To bad the LA kings suck ass😂😂

  • Was the blood when Kay fell

  • Kempe is the 🐐🐐🐐

  • Why is it like teeqo is good at a lot of things

  • if this isnt the cringiest video ever

  • Why wasn’t kopitar there

  • @ninja

  • La kings is trash

    • YT_OGDIAMND 1. your youtube channel is trash. 0 views

  • Sub to my channel please tryna get myself out there

  • As a Brit, this was fun to watch

  • nah avalanche

  • I wanna see nordin body check Jarvis

  • Lol. Nikan and Teeqo were the best. Well they are Canadian and Swedish.


  • they should’ve gotten kopitar or doughty

  • Javis should be good he did us aimbot

  • I went to that ice place in January

  • Serious question... who’s the best sniper outta all of FaZe

  • Why didn’t you guys get Kopitar

  • Couple of legends they are absolute nobodies besides maybe kempe 💀

  • Swedish teeqo and canadian nikan turned up lol

  • I live two hours away from Calgary alberta

  • Holy dust

  • YYC

  • you should have done it with the anahime ducks


  • Adapt the type of guy to be thirsty and wait for the ice to melt.

  • I love hockey had 3 offers to juniors A at 16 but tore my ACL for the 3rd time and the doctor told me no skating so that sucks

  • No Anze Kopitar.

  • Not surprised that the Swede and Canadian can skate

  • Funny they only got these bums, the dusters on the team

  • The time has come my Canadians

  • wayne glensky

  • Too bad the LA Kings aren't the best team

  • This is a dream come true! The clan I’ve been watching for years has partnered up with my all time favorite hockey team! Dats crazy

  • Where is mongraal al time ?!

  • Been playing hockey for 85 years and this is just really bad

  • The perfect syncronized shot from the kings at 6:33. Damn

  • Y’all need to sign some chel players 👀

  • I fucking hate the kings and im glad that they suck now. Most boring team in the whole league

  • As a real hockey player this hurts me

  • Social distancing at its finest 😂

  • Where’s doughty kopatar or any good players

  • LA kings Legends😂😂 I've never heard of them

  • Do more video’s like this

  • Austin Wagner was on the Regina pats

  • Faze Clan video or the movie Bambi?


  • Kempe and Teeqo, the Swedish duo, it cant get better

  • i want them to more hockey stuff

  • Americans: MORE VIDSO GAMES Canadians: MORE HOCKEY PLZ

  • If only I was in faze

  • Watched 10 seconds of this and as a Canadian I’m betting none of them can raise the puck of the ice unless they’ve played hockey teko can probably fuck shit up isn’t he Swedish. Edit I mean I think I was right

  • None of them is legend😂 Not even "star" players

  • 😂

  • Please dont give jarvis or kay any camera time when it comes to any sport. they are awful!

  • Benders

  • Go kings! Go faze!

  • This video was made for the Canadian fans

  • More hockey