FaZe House 2v2 Challenge - $5,000 Tournament

Birt 23 des 2019
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  • We chanting Jarvis use your aim bot

  • With no other games

  • How come they went from 4-3 4-6

  • they shouldve put orba withj jack

  • this ain’t fair nikan was just saying were they were 😐

  • Samuel Garcia TKO 10000000000000000

  • Samuel Garcia

  • Yo at 17:15 they are at 2-2 but then the next round they win then its 4-2 wtf is this

  • Nice to see faze together

  • I thought it was about fortnite but jarvis is banned

  • It's been a year but I still want temperr to be in this video

  • The OG Gaming Room Was Elite

  • very funny

  • 2 to 2 then to 4?

  • Kobe died a week after rip legend

  • Who is keeping score the championship match it was 2 to 2 then randomly 4 to 3

  • yo why the scores go up 2 for quit

  • 14:13 round winning satisfying gun reload

  • The 'KOBE' hit different

  • Yupppp

  • Yo gwidt is insane

  • I’m sry I’ll put 5k on a 1v1 on Cold War snipes cuz y’all seem like bots after BO2 I’ve been day 1 fans to and yeah 5417060291 if u rlly want a challenge

  • I love how gwidt is doing everything and cizzoRZ IS TARSH TALKING 😂

  • i go with cizzors and gwidt

  • Can gwidt and adapt do a 1v1

  • Anyone notice adapt always talks about peoples heads

  • Qwidt is pulling a Jarvis

  • dude we need more of these videos! all of the new one are like sommer ray an a bunch of challenges. let’s get more gaming in here

  • what cod is this ?

    • The newest modern warfare

  • Dhe

  • *fortnite just doesn't reach this hype lvl.*

  • Teeqo was mad 😂 he doesn’t know how to take a loss

  • Yo I miss this faze but most of em are really rusty

  • I guyz are good at cod

  • I miss old faze

  • They didn’t bring jev, agony and kitty because they know they’re gonna lose

    • @MaskD Its kinda like what Nickmerks did and hes still in faze but hes not physically apart of FaZe so yeah.

    • @Kriptic so is jev and kitty and agony lol

    • @MaskD no hes lives somewhere else but hes still apart of FaZe

    • @Kriptic does apex even live in the faze house anymore?

    • Because this was the faze house only soooo your point.

  • Teeqo played like it was CSGO and he threw Molotov instead of using the frag😂😂😂

  • gwidt and cizzors suck

  • adapt insane under pressure

  • Adapt Is such a camper.

  • Lets go gwidt im not scared

  • Gwidt is a quickscope god

  • Watching today in 2020 big fan of mw and no money to buy it is there any way to get it free?

  • Gwidt is making everyone look bad.

  • 9:33 I felt that

  • they aint even that good but well played

  • Did y’all not think apex had aimbit

  • Bro cizzorz is terrible at cod

  • When Adapt makes that one face they dont have a chance

  • Adapt is trash on god ive never seen someone camp so much

  • Frazier is bad at everything and if jarvis got anyone other than kay and cizzorz he woulda won

  • ExoGhost????

  • Iagree

  • Adapt GOATED asf for that first game in the final round

  • cizzors and gwit are going to win

  • Scooo wooo!

  • This is a video where I didn’t even skip a millisecond

  • 💧

  • Teeqo and blazakin on a team

  • faze played call of duty for ten years they blew up from that little fortnite kidd🐷🐷😂😂😂

  • Cizzors is trash faze members should not hard scope

  • The only ting that Alex says is look at the shape of his head

  • Honestly wish they did more cod.

  • Are they playing with mouse and keyboard

  • Do quick scoping and see the difference

  • Id destroy all them in cod🤣

  • I feel like gwidt has aimbot

  • Buchi

  • Did anybody see when Jarvis and Kay reloaded there gun at the same time in 6th round in 2

  • Alex is cracked mate lol

  • Thank god there off of fortnite

  • imagine adapt and gwidt together

  • Cizzors with the hard scope💀🤡

  • Cizzorz is dumb he could’ve gotten the flag but instead pushed

  • Cizzorz is actually good tho

  • Gwidt and cizzorz got an extra point on pine

  • To be honest cizzorz has really good call outs

  • Who else feels like adapt is depressed

  • Literally can’t see who the fuck is winning game is too fast

  • nobody: cizzors: UUUWEE

  • Where’s faZe hysky

  • kay doesn’t stand a chance

  • When they put someone’s POV on you know they are getting a kill. It literally ruined the whole vid

  • Apex is terrible bro😂😭

  • Apex and teeqo are dogshit

  • kay anj jarv

  • Faze jev and testy vs the faze house😳

  • What monitors are they using?

  • I have no idea why but I laughed so hard when Apex said “you didnt tag anything kid”

  • What cod is this

  • adapt is so underrated he’s insane

  • Ik faZe Kay is a bit of a meme now but he’s still goated at cod

  • Anyone notice Gwidt was the only have decent person playing so he slaughtered everyone else cuz everyone else is trash and don’t make gaming vids anymore so they not up to date? 😂 imma go watch SWAGG 😂

  • Watching this makes me think I can be in faze

  • Vikkstar would’ve won on his own

  • Bo2 and MW2 Adapt Gang.

  • if you didn't want Adapt to win, they you only got into faze in 2018.

  • Which cod is this

  • Where was never in this? Bruh

  • I honestly don’t like any of the new FaZe members. Especially Cizzorz, Gwidt, and Jarvis.