FaZe Clan vs. 5th Grader

Birt 22 sep 2019
FaZe Clan takes on a 10 year old, 5th grader today.. Who do you think is smarter?
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  • Orbaa was lagging at 10:6

  • he was looking at the computer for every question😂

  • Idk y they got this kid he wasn’t smart 😂

  • He lost the one that wasn’t on the computer

  • Cheated

  • Tyler chrated

  • Im in forth grade and im muslim

  • Tyler kept looking at the computer

  • Yes he looked over there lol 🤪😭😂🤣

  • Should be called "Are you smarter than a kid who looks at the computer all the time?"

  • Kid do be peeking at the laptop lol

  • The kid looks like he's in 4th grade .all my 5th graders are l

  • He be cheating tho he sus as vote him out

  • i wana say im sweden you dont lern this so its harder for teqqo so....tyller has it easyer then teqqo

  • Bro tyler cheated in 3:06 huh?

  • Tyler should join FaZe

  • Who else is watching this in 2020

  • Sixnix about to snich on the peaple

  • Im 4th grade lol

  • 4:36 it's grammar Apex not literature 😂😂

  • 9:55 orba popped his head in there

  • A gallon of water actually weighs 8.35 pounds

  • That’s not 5th grade math

  • I swear kay and orba and Jarvis need to go back to school

  • The plural for moose is messe

  • The little kid kept on looking at his computer

  • There is one under Europe

  • Bruh mans cheated the whole time😭

  • the kids cheated the whole time he is looking at the computer like a 1,000,000 times

  • I thought Tyler the creator too 💀

  • 9:55 orba checking if they are faking a trickshoy

  • 5 months have 30 days

  • Why is rain not here he was the goat in these

  • Anyone else notice that the kid was looking at Apex's computer? ⬇️ Lil cheating ass.

  • tiler was looking at the laptop so he is not a giunisus

  • 3.08 he looks at the answers the 5th grade person

  • 3:07 EXPOSED

  • this kid is a genius a cheating

  • Look at the door at 9:55 😂

  • Stop been mean

  • The kid is a cheater he looked at his computer


  • Aint that kenedys brother ?

  • All teachers: SHOW YOUR WORK. oh ya and btw the kid was cheating the whole time.

  • kid is looking at the computer the whole time ;D

  • Bro he cheated so much but at 3:07 I felt like apex new Edit:he cheated more

  • 9:00 the stare of death

  • Ok I haven’t passed 4th grade and I know the native Americans and Omish people celebrated the first thanksgiving keep in mind I learned this from the movie CHICKEN LITTLE

    • yo how do I delete comments

  • Lol

  • How many months have 28 days

  • this kid is cheating

  • Faze kay: ive swum in it Faze apex: this kid just said he swum in it

  • I’m in second grade and I even know the pilgrims question so Tyler is big dumb dumb

  • I don’t know If he knew a single question


  • The kid cheated every question and didn’t even get everything right

  • hla

  • The kid was looking at the laptop the whole time

  • Kay: I was taught English history Apex: I don’t care you’re an American now brother...

  • His is from master chef us junior

  • Tyler’s fucking regarded

  • This little bitch stared at the computer

  • Tyler isn't smart, he's a cheater

  • His board said April

  • Hey Faze ik I’m gonna get blasted in the reply section my clan would like to battle you

    • 1v1’s

  • Where is rain,banks,highsky and replays

  • Mate we can all see ur stoopid eyes just looking at da laptop bruh

  • The continents are 6: Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica

  • Kid was looking at apexs computer whole time cheatin ass

  • This is some faze rug editing

  • Average faze fortnite fan smfh

  • 2:58 look at kaz and tenser dying

  • So yeah they are gona ignore the fact that this kid looked at the laptop the whole time?

  • they are dumb

  • That kid cheated and got the first question wrong who is watching this in quarantine

  • Could've just been alex vs faze because he is a 5th grader 💀☠️

  • I see orba 9:55

  • 9:29 6ix9ine snitch on him 😂😅

  • Mar Twain was easy cuz it’s my fav book LoL

  • C

  • Tyler keeps looking at the computer

  • 4:05 apex prob knew he was looking so he said f it ur not looking no more lolololol

  • I’ve known all but like 3 or 2

  • Adapt put a arm in a garbage disposal

  • The faze clan wanted him too win

  • 3:06 bruhhhhhhh someone get their mans

  • Tyler cheated

  • the 5th grader lowkey dumb

  • The kid isn’t even smart apex is right next to him and he keeps looking at the answers

  • He looks like a young norbit

  • Tyler is a cheater he kept looking and getting the answer and answered late

  • Amphibians are not species they are a class.

  • The kids not smart he just cheated

  • Wow that kid cheated lol


  • he last answer is eleven because only febuary has less than 3o

  • whos watchint his at 2020 iam at may 19 tuesday

  • The little kid showed his board after everyone else did except for the easiest one

  • For the “How many letters are in the alphabet” there actually is 27 because “&” was supposed to be one

  • This guys is a genius he sayd apex to sit down near him and look at pc