Introducing FaZe Swagg

Birt 4 apr 2020
Everyone please welcome the newest FaZe Member to the family! FaZe Swagg!!
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  • My guy is a savage! 😤🔥

    • @Bronx Szn also raidaway man can’t forget him

    • At reverse boosting

    • I think he dosent deserve to be in faze becouse he's such a tryhard

    • @FaZe Clan you should kick him from FaZe

    • Alldif

  • Ayyyyy faze reverse boost

  • What do you have to do in order to join the faze clan ?

  • yeah Swagg

  • Yeah Sưagg

  • Faze reverse booster

  • how tf did faze recruit swagg ? he is average

  • The song fits it so well

  • Is anyone gonna talk about him being a reverse booster?

  • The most deserving. Used to write this guy off as a MarkOfJ wannabe, and he's truly carved his own lane.

  • I remember FaZe mainly for using Snipers and trickshotting

  • Reverse booster

  • FaZe Beats clue?

  • 2:45 I remember that clip when I watched the video

  • So we are all looking at the video when he joined

  • To the people saying he reverse boosted to get these clips, no, players were worse back then. And now that they got better, so did swagg🔥🔥

  • Yo debería entrar a FaZe yo lancé 3 c4s

  • What is that gun 1:51

    • grau

  • When the grau had no recoil

  • Is Swagg actually got kicked? Cuz he has a video of it and hes not Faze Swagg just Swagg

  • what song is this

  • Who is here after he reverse boosted.

  • What is the song

  • Till this day my fav faze introduction vid

  • imagine recruiting a reverse booster

  • Song is cartoon - howling

  • Faze’s editing was better back then

  • 🎧🎧🖥🖥🖥🎮🎮🙏🙏Fazejr🥺🥺🥺😩😩😩😩

  • In one clip he’s so reverse boasting one guy was level 16

  • He reverse boosts but ok

    • @rotattions wtf u mean "its not his fault"

    • yea but its not his fault he reverse boosts

  • An actual gamer in faze

  • So this is a complication of him playing om bots? LoL

  • 1:57 he hit him and he downed him then he hit him again mid air thas some FAZE X GAMES TYPE SHIT 💯🏃

  • Imagine if faze recruited vikstar

    • He declined faze offer and became a owner to a irrelevant low tier cod/CDL org lol

  • What’s this song called?

  • I honestly don’t understand why there is 1.3k dislikes, but Swagg is dope asf, hopefully I become the next team member

    • He reverse boosts

  • yes a reverse booster in modern warfare wow nice pick faze you took reverse booster

  • Finally faze picking up people with actual skill

    • @RaY1209 and? its not his fault

    • He reverse boosts

  • recruit futives

  • FaZe boosting

  • so if i reverse boost i can join faze hmm ok

  • 2:22 Can we have a moment of silence for all the people with epilepsy who lost their life while watching this video

  • wat song is this

  • Cap he reverse boosts, i endure a toxic tryhard lobby everyday.

    • ClipmySweatlitos who asked

    • Your just jealous bro

    • IK be is not that good lol, sits behinh walls half the time, needs a thermal to snipe someone lol... i had a snipe from top of the tower on the og ground war map and sniped a dude from the enemies spawn near the industrisl building without a thermal

  • Ik that swagg is the goat and he deserves to be in faze, but I think faze should recruit k3 (TheKoreanSavage)

    • They both reverse boost

  • The is the most recent video with cod in general. RIP Old FaZe (26 videos down from most recent.)

  • I just want faze scope

  • Wha song is this lol😂

  • Why are there 2 Nickmercs like,what.

  • he=maniac

  • introducing faze reverse boost

  • Song?

  • What’s the song you used

  • Song is called Howling if ur curious

  • Watching this has made me realise that if I really commit my life to ISchats/gaming I can get a big platform like my favourite streamer(swagg)

  • What is this song its fire

  • That's sad that FaZe member goes for reverse boosting to get kills

  • I’m sry faze is going downhill as this guy is ur best or 2nd best member after jev like jeez I remember when faze was wayyyy better

    • What do you mean swagg is one of the best cod players in the world

  • Smh keep bringing in the reverse boosters you know.

  • Doesn’t he use reverse boost

  • 1v1 me swagg

  • I watch swagg so long even his streams

  • Happy to say I was part of the swagg team before he was part of faze he has come a long way

  • ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🤬❤️

  • Oh hey its _faze_ Reverse Boost now

    • @Griffo is ture swag did revers boots before now he didn't

    • Jester King username checks out because you are a *clown*

    • @Griffo He literally nuked rank 10s 7 months into the game's life cycle with DUAL DEAGLES. Last time I ran into a rank 10 was the day the game released. And I'm not gonna say that he is a bad player because clearly he's very successful but his enemies are clueless meanwhile other people including me just find cdl skins slide cancelling their souls off. It's like his enemies don't even know what game they're playing. My apologies for the super long paragraph.

    • @TheLastTootsieRoll You're saying he reverse boosts, when he is in so many good lobbies with pros, like when he was with Vik ,Nickmercs and some other donnie, and got a 40 bomb

    • @Griffo He really does reverse boost along with others. You should stop being such a no brain 9yr old and do your own research. Just a suggestion 😉

  • Faze picking people who reverse boost smh

  • This the guy who plays in reverse boost lobbies?.. I’m cool I guess

  • Faze isn’t the same anymore but this guy is sick

  • Swagg=reverse boosting

  • *so all you gotta do to join faze now is just reverse boost?*

  • Good job man

  • Any one know the song ?

  • Idk If you can tell but he reverse boosted

  • What's the song called

  • anyone know the song

  • Reverse boost

  • All I’m waiting for now is ‘introducing faZe vik’

  • Yo,Swagg might be the coldest sniper💯

  • SONG?

  • I've been watching Swagg for a lil while and didn't know he was actually in Faze until now

  • This man is an actual gamer he deserves mad respect he also didn't join faze bc of fortnite that games not even good

  • Dan asco con el aimbot... se re nota que lleva aimbot... lo peor de todo que la gente los aplaude a los salames estos

  • Who remembers when had to have help in order to drop a nuke in bo4

  • Best introduction video of faze . Plz go pro

  • dreams really do be coming true doe

  • This guy is a loser drop him

    • Your name is toxic gamer and you have no videos or no subscribers your opinion doesn't matter

  • As faze Kay would say HeS InSAne

  • I wish we could’ve seen some Bo3

  • This has deserved to be in FaZe for so long

  • Already a forgotten faze member

    • Because he’s fucking cancer. His content is cancer and he reverse boosts.

    • I know it's honestly weird like they don't even promote him or anything it's like he's not even in the org he doesn't even go by FaZe swagg anyway it's kind of weird

  • Swags on some other shit I knew he could always be on faze

  • Been watching swagg since blackout

  • absolutely the best cod player in faze now💞 i love his videos

  • swaaagggg

  • back to say hes A FKN BEAST

  • Where dysmo

  • Swagg is the beast and I remember when he played bo3

  • Sad how they recruited a reverse booster.

  • This by far is the best introduction of a faze member

  • My guys not even a sniper and joins faze🙄

    • This isn't 2011 you don't have to be a sniping God to join FaZe