FaZe Clan Real Life Treasure Hunt - Challenge PT.2

Birt 19 des 2020
@FaZe Sway @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Dubs @FaZe Megga go on a hunt to find some treasure with the help of Verizon 5G who will win this challenge!
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  • faze went from cool call of duty trick shot gameplay to cringy fortnite episode honestly its dissapointing.

  • What happen to faze dude I don’t even know half the people on this video

  • FaZe went to this

  • Sway looks annoyed that highskys taking all glory

  • Wtf they cheated they should be charged for 100$

  • This is really what faze is now huh

  • This is dogshit

  • Honest wtf happened to the old guys

  • Garbage content

  • This is faze in 2020 - 2021 😞😒 who remembers faze back in 2015

  • FaZe dubs and megga are shit they can't cmoplete the riddle and cheating like dog water

  • I liked when faze wasn’t shit

  • But they cheated

  • texting doesnt use mobile data you can text with out any data


  • FaZe isn’t even a clan at this point it’s a brand they are just letting little kids and it’s ruining them

  • Highsky voice going thru it

  • How Did Faze Turn Into this

  • Wtf has this clan became

  • Man I miss old faze 😭😭

  • Me looking I will alongfor mor how are more sway irl content👁👄👁

  • Recruit daksyhd

  • Freak you dubs in Mega

  • What has faze become


  • Who tf r these Neeks bro 😭😭

  • Ken ay going faze

  • Subbing to everyone that subs to me and likes my videos

  • Dang faze is dead

  • Wow💀

  • Sway at the end haha 😂

  • They couldn’t get them iPhones 😭

  • Their

  • Poor Jarvis he isn’t thier

  • Jesus Christ the ps3 is older than most of them

  • Do they take the money back after

  • I’m prancing my mom and telling her I’m in faze

  • Dubs will always be a cheater

  • This isn’t FaZe clan anymore bro it’s so sad

  • Who are these people? Wtf happened to faze dude. Go back to COD, none of this man. Not even entertaining.

  • youngest clan memeber

  • Ima be honest me and faze sway are alike like I try to be funny and act weird but I cant explain it I love the video it's funny

  • Mane where are the days that faze wasa actually abt gaming and not only abt fortits and this bs

  • Yall realy fell off

  • Faze clan wasnt in the mrbeast rewind lol

  • What is this like these kids don’t belong in faze they belong in their moms basements

  • thats cheating

  • Does Sway has ADHD? He literally can’t stand still 🤣

  • Sway probably fried during this 😅

  • When an 8year old just got a phone lmao

  • When an 8year old just got a phone lmao

  • FaZe downbadd

  • Honestly faze is so garbage now because of their nee content and high sky and all the new people are just ruining it and fortnite is just making things worse for faze

  • Dubs and megga are aholes jk

  • Not even entertaining 😕😕

  • What happend to the real faze members? Why is there 13 year olds outside

  • Holy shit this is so stupid

  • That’s cheap

  • I miss old faze. I don’t like the new faze.

    • Same now I barley watch them

    • 😭😭

  • That’s not fair at all lol


  • This shit is so rigged

  • What tf is this this is not faze this is shit. Little prepubescent little fortnite kids. What happened to Faze house new york

  • Is this even Faze anymore?

  • Sway is ugly

  • Notice how faze is now fortnite or challenge videos

  • When dubs said the n word

  • Who the hell are these irrelevant children? Wtf

    • Faze members. There's you're answer.

  • this is old

  • Fortnite ruined this clan

  • Ngl I was kinda mad they cheated lul

  • Cringe content

  • Bruh they kinda cheated tho ngl

  • These vids so trash now

  • What happened to FaZe... smh

  • Faze clan is dead LMAOOO

  • Dubs and megga cheated

  • Oh yo, bro, dude, have you never heard of precautions bro, yo, dude? Dude bro bro dude yo dude bro.

  • Bro we got a 10 year old in faze now smh

  • I like how among us is included

  • dubs and mega were cheating

  • Dubs and mega cheated

  • Nah they cheated

  • dubs mega loserz nah jk

  • faze just dont get the views it used to

  • 10/10 people in the video

  • I like how the last one was 1 hour and this is 8 minutes

    • It's because it's a Verizon ad

  • Bruh i cant believe this is what faze is now

  • The kid should like tiko

  • This ain’t even faze no more 💀

  • Dude imagine cheating that hard I'm unsubbing from dubs and mega

  • Wth is this little kid shit

  • Wtf this faze clan turn into lmao

  • it’s that kid that said the N-word dubs👌

  • What happened to faze clan this is not what I remember it being

  • FaZe clan is honestly losing all of their og fans with this little kid shit, I Love FaZe clan and all but I can’t deal with this child like content (Jarvis)🙄

  • dubbs cheats in games and real life yikes😬

  • This I think, was the most cringe thing ive ever seen

  • This channel is so dead lmfao

  • What happened to faze smh