Meet FaZe H1ghSky1

Birt 22 mar 2020
A deeper dive into the life of the youngest FaZe member.. Enjoy!
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  • A deeper dive into the life of the youngest FaZe member.. how are you guys doing during this quarantine??

    • Gg

    • Omg

    • That’s gonna change ima be the newest and youngest lol

    • It's awesome how a kid as young as he is can get into FaZe Clan, and it is surely an inspiration to see someone who hasn't even entered high school buying mansions in the Hollywood Hills.

    • Cool

  • Nice video From a person who is trying to join faze in Australia

  • Little squeaker

  • Who is watching this in 2021 while the pediatrician is going on

  • Can’t believe that he is 13. He looks about 9

  • Is there room for me to join

  • What the

  • Why? What happened to the CoD clan ?

  • What is the background music called on this video?

  • his moms is really romanian

  • I could not imagine being patrick.

  • AYOOO My WASHINGTON homies!! I live 1 hour from seattle

  • Does highsky even brush his teeth because his teeth look blue🤮

  • Did highsky come from England

  • I subbed with all notis

  • Yo

  • hi

  • who else is here after H1ghsky1 moved into his million dolllar mansion

  • ŁĮĶƏ

  • Highsky sounds a lot like his brothers

  • he is so cute and young in march 2020

  • I am going to practice cranking 90s so I can One V one

  • I have watched this at least 26 times

  • Every 13 year old's dream is to get accepted into FaZe.

  • Highsky: Going back to my old elementary school, the food here was terrible Me: Expected

  • He's slowly looking like lil tay .

  • how old is he

  • What is the song at 7:37? Please let me know.

  • Awesome and inspirational.

  • Didn’t he quit

  • Yo my dude highsky went through puberty or something cause that voice tho

  • Can you cough for once child?

  • FaZe up

  • Faze up

  • At 2.34 why does it look like gta with the vine wood sign on the mountain ahhaha but at least you got in bro keep grinding faze highsky

  • yo he has a mansion oof

  • Wait what country is highsky from Romania or United States america

  • Fortnite looks horrible

  • Why would they let a sqeaker in FaZe, look up old clips of faze in the MW2 era and they were making fun out of the sqeakers.

  • What

  • He's so smol

  • the amount of times patrick said like is the amount if likes

  • His puberty just bombard

  • I want to join FaZe clan

  • This is literally like a full on reality show and I love it great fantastic job you guys and I always love watching these video’s good job everyone and everybody.

  • Most awkward vid bruh

  • if I had a dime for every time there was a Frisby trickshot i would be rich

  • ktoś z Polski ?

  • Imagine walking pass by and you see hella cameras on a little kid while hes talking and walking😂 I would feel so cool if I were him tbh😂

  • You should be living on the streets

  • You don’t even deserve your subs

  • Honestly faze clan just get lost

  • And faze does not care about anything besides the fact that all their members are good at fortnite

  • WhAt the heck faze

  • Dude you are so young like honestly get out of here. I mean not to be rude but this dude hanging out with adults but he can’t even drive 🤣

    • You seem like you aren’t much older, you are just jealous someone the same age as you has actual success in their life

  • He’s been here for a year

  • la

  • yo

  • I'm about 3 hours away from L.A

  • Ay where my Washington gang at

  • Highsky e roman

  • Only people who didn’t come from TikTok are worthy of liking this.

  • willsmith

  • I wish I was in Faze with luxury and all that good stuff....

  • Can I join haha

  • poor jarvis


  • they live in seattle no way

  • FaZe Clan 4 life

  • He sounds like issac its cute

  • Dude this kid isnt even good....

  • FaZe Hyrez?

  • Like like like like like like like

  • Lui tifa juve Madoo

  • gimme a dollar each time he says like - i just made billions

  • his cute :P

  • Was ein opfer

  • I thought kids weren’t allowed

  • I'm Afghan my name's subhan I love you brother

  • Can I join the clan

  • U are the best 🤘🏻

  • h1ghsky got hose in the music

  • Remember when FaZe played CoD and not Fortnite... what a time

  • M

  • can't imagine how many people are salty this guy made it into faze

  • I searched up faze corona and this was first video

  • Lucky he has such a good dad

  • Faze high sky:I’m the youngest faze member. Faze baby: hold my bottle

  • Keeping up with the Faze-Kardashians

  • This would be a dream to join faze

  • I want to join I live in la

  • He sounds like me trying not to cough while talking😂😂i still watch him tho

  • "my voice was up here, now it's down here"

  • Im pro

  • Can I join faze?

  • N

  • this video was made on my birthday

  • OMG he actually joined

  • HighSky inspires me, that no matter how old you are, just do it

  • U cool