FaZe Clan Goes Undercover On YouTube & Twitter

Birt 24 ágú 2020
FaZe Clan Goes Undercover On Twitter & ISchats with @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Kay @FaZe Nikan
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  • Who should go undercover next 🤔

    • K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adapt banks and rice😁

    • umm u who ever u are because ur maybe banks,idk maybe u bro, i allways love to watch faze clan more then jarvis busted head, nah jarvis busted head is way better ikr

    • Cizzorz

    • Faze adapt

  • Jarvis just sounds like a kid not British bo more 😂

  • If you guys want to go check out my ISchats channel it’s Bgsports and games

  • But the thumbnail is true doo

  • I feel bad for Jarvis


  • 6:43 toxic Jarvis 😂

  • Guys I was on Omegle with one of y’all I was so happy once I get to meet one of you is not for long but still it was something

  • 2:30 Mexican food is better

  • Wow good vid

  • Jk

  • @FaZeJarvis is busted

  • So faze clan is Jarvis and Kay?

  • Austrailia is great.

  • Faze up

  • Yes Jarvis roasts are the best

  • Who tf has never had a roast dinner? Come to texas and ill show u a real one Jarvy

  • I want to see faze Jarvis go undercover on fortnite oh wait

  • Can I join Faze PLZ I am good at Fortnite and at amoung us

  • 3:02 i actually learn graphic design photoshop in school lmao

  • Wot- faze kay

    • pepe frog yeah your name is Evan too

    • @Evan Bach bro why are you not believing me I'm serious I really knows you in real life

    • pepe frog Ye I know

    • Wtf Evan I'm your neighbor

  • Idk why I just wanna 1v1 anywon in the comments in fortnite

  • Faze clan back stealing original ideas

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    • 🙌🙌 Earned a subscriber

  • lets be honest tho Canadian food on top

  • I took a screenshot of that big head

  • 6:55 what Jarvis looks like me I swear

  • Let Absorber join!

  • why jarvis still on faze he is banded on Fortnite

  • Kay sounds British instead aussie

  • Hi everyone

  • nikkan:says too take care of urself also nikkan:you need to drink water btw water can kill you if u didnt no that

  • Hey this is jaid and I heard about the faze thing were people can join faze and I want to say you should pick absorber because this means so much to him and he begs for it in every video😸

  • Kay, i am aussie why dont u wana become aussie its the best contry ( beside londen )

  • Why don't you go undercover with your girlfriend

  • Jarvis : UK is on top ( Food ) Indians : Hold my butter chicken and naan

  • At the end jarvis was saying a bad world lol

  • I love Faze so Much

  • Bfordlancer

  • Cleary stole the vid idea from GQ

  • Pause at 6:19

  • When you think you're famous enough but can't make it onto GQ

  • Who is your favorite faze member mine is Kay and Jarvis

  • Just come to India and eat our food then tell which is better

    • Hii sahil I'm from future

  • Watch my Faze recruitment video plz. I want to join 😭

  • Absorber

  • Absorber

  • Faze absorber

  • Let’s go

  • Go to the chiropractor and see who has the best back cracks the most

  • when kay said he didn't want to turn australian was going to fight him

  • We Need Faze Absorber in here

  • Kay is busted to

  • Giant minion 1996 I’m dead

  • Alright I’m f***** done

  • If every other youtube channel stopped making videos tomorrow faze clan wouldnt know what to do

  • Can Faze Jarvis hit a basket??

  • Lol

  • i live in the us

  • I want to faze clan member

  • 2:03 guys if don’t know krunker gives the option in the game to install cheats and hacks Quite convenient why jarvis likes the game 🧐🧐

  • i agree with skull jarvis.s head those look like stewie

  • Jarvis lives in LA for a year and thinks he knows all US food 😂

    • Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

  • alternative title: seven minutes of complete cringe

    • Ur moms cringy

  • Naa Mexican food is better we got tacos and tamales

  • I love how they just take ideas from something on ISchats.

    • The outro music is fire

  • Peruvian food on top Jarvis, stop the cap

  • No one likes you guys

  • alternative title: seven minutes of complete cringe

  • My epic is romeomoraless

  • I have pre diabetes

    • And i have to work out


  • No he sounds British

  • New people to the gaming world will think Jarvis is crying in his profile pick bc the shape of his head

  • They get the message idea from GQ

  • To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy in quarantine My dream is to have 1k. I been struggling to get there!!!🙏

  • Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

  • To the 0.7% seeing this I hope you have a great day ❤️

  • the shape of Jarvis head is about the shape of stewie griffin head from family guy😂

  • Jarvis it shouldn’t be I’m stillbusted it should be Imstillbanned.

  • The outro music is fire

  • Good life lesson Nikan

  • Can I join faze clan please i had 24 kills in Fortnite

    • Let me try out for FaZe u won’t be upset I promise redwolf_FN is my epic

  • Poor jarvis

  • "I recommend this guide: *app𝐢.r𝐞st* So grateful it exists." 2:34 Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους


  • You could put a plate on Jarvis's 4 head

  • His head tho

  • @FaZe Jarvis if you think UK food is good come to South-Africa and eat Braai vleis

  • You could advertise a whole company on Jarvis forehead

  • Last time that I’m gonna say something about Jarvis head. My brothers and my think that ur is the shape of a bowling ball. 😂😂😂 Sorry 😂😂😂

    • soinhu foitu Ik but u was talking about Jarvis not Nikan. Ik he’s a great guy but I was just making a meme of Jarvis and his big head.

    • Nikkan a positive guy much respect to him 🙌🙇‍♂️

  • why jarvis head so werd tho i dont underatand that shit

  • I wish I could cop faze merch but I don’t have any money to afford it. And my parents are hardly gaining any money. 😔

  • Can I join Faze please.

  • Can I join Faze please.

  • Am i the only wnats to see faze clan playing pubg ?

  • Let me try out for FaZe u won’t be upset I promise redwolf_FN is my epic

  • Claim your “here before a 200K views” ticket here

    • When

  • Mongrall expose faze jarvis on fortnite

  • Hire Dodoeu to faze clan he is a god sniper

    • Faze clan plz read this recruit loochytv he’s the best sniper in warzone