Introducing the Atlanta FaZe

Birt 5 mar 2020
FaZe Clan takes a trip out to Atlanta to watch our new team compete. Enjoy a full weekend with FaZe Clan! #FaZeUp
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  • Let us know what kind of content you guys want to see from the Atlanta FaZe squad 😤👇

    • What’s the music

    • We wanna see FaZe Simp show all the Tier 3 subscriptions he made 🤣

    • @Goldyyy I have learned this since

    • @Blyzix it's the naming rules in the cod league

    • @Fifty 1 it's an esports team dude

  • I'm actually apart of Atlanta FaZe for Xbox!

  • i live in the state georgia i love the faze clan!

  • That lady was hella uncomfortable when Offset put his hand on her shoulder at 4:51

  • I want to goin faze plz

  • Weres noisy butters

  • Mawdness

  • Music?

  • FaZe Up!

  • Let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • I literally played with members of Atlanta FaZe yesterday!

  • 7:45 my highlight of the video

  • That one dude look like te is Scott

  • Simp on top


  • Nah Florida for life

  • Bro I just got in a war zone game with you oh my god but we had to come 2nd

  • Not retired professional CoD player from Xbox!.. subscribers to @Pride Mob!.. (229!)...

  • Sooo cool no masks

  • Bro iwas just online with 1 of u guyz...lmaooo add me up isent u a Invite Cod Name BipBond

  • Faze Butters?

  • 0:07 was so cringey

  • What’s the difference I’m so confused 🤷‍♂️

  • I like the mutineers outfits better then the faze outfits just my opinion I like bright colors

  • Lost the chip 😭

  • Was at the gunfight stand i was going off great f time there

  • Is there tryouts course it’s my dream

  • Coming Back Here FaZe Ain't Winning Champs Lol

  • That is what FAZE CLAN IS FOR

  • Beach

  • what happen to covid?

  • Simp=Nastiest Mw Player In The World

  • 8:43

  • To the 1% of people who sees this : You're awesome, God bless you and stay safe during this tough times! 😇 ❤

  • u should sign up noisy butters to ur team

  • Bootleg faze adapt on the thumbnail

    • That's priestahh

  • nice

  • the only simp i respect

  • Faze simp garbage tho

  • Lol I died by faze Atlanta in cod

  • High sky pisses me off idk why

    • Wtf he’s a nice kid

  • FAZE UP!

  • You guys should start a junior team I would love to join my name is jmomk007

  • Butters!!

  • Yeah I'm here for the esports team not the vloggers

  • When they were presenting the check and offset signaled the two girls to come over and just completely blocked out rugged bruuuh

  • Anyone here for noisy butters?

  • Bro i came here bc i was in a match with him

  • you should make a British FaZe house so there's a giant house i Britain for the British FaZe members to stay in

  • Noise butter lets go

  • Is FaZe h1ghSky1 in atlanta

  • FaZe up!!!!!

  • Offset is kinda bad at cod

  • Plz make rc chalangs i avg 13 kills in warzone and have 2,282 wins

  • 13:22 hey look it's me in the grey hoodie red hat staring at my phone 😂😂

  • So they just chillin with lil yachty? Wow okay okay

  • I live an Atlanta

  • I live in Atlanta can I join Atlanta faze

  • Legit.. seeing Butters there.. After seeing her grow.. legit puts the most insanely huge smile on my face GG to you, butters.. you made it!

  • Like how you never go to tournaments for your R6 team but you do for csgo and aCod


  • faze up love you faze

  • This is most cringe worthy thing I've ever seen

  • Damn the intro song is fire,what's it called?

  • I see you butters

  • Apex needs to kick rocks tbh

  • noisy butters is underrated

  • Who else came here for noisy butters?

  • Who’s the Knock off off brand Adapt on the thumbnail

  • This is how you know nobody gives a damn about Atlanta Faze 398,371 Views.

    • Huh?

  • But what about @NoisyButters

    • 7:45 ill shut my mouth

  • Love FaZe best team !!

  • FaZe up babyyy

  • EZAF

  • when gwidt was interviewing simp and cellium and then puts the mic to simp then switches to cellium and simp was about to say something 6:38

  • Everyone acting hood when offset pull up

    • @3kdGOD white people smh

    • @domzz7 grind its the truth

    • 3kdGOD you tripping buddy

    • offset aint from the hood lol

  • Just because Hannah is there I’ma like

  • Unsub from keemstar

  • Gwidt really hyped it up haha

  • See how they pushed rug to the side lmao

  • I still don’t know exactly what Atlanta Faze is though. Is it like a faze pro team or a whole new team for Faze

    • Alex so it’s a faze COD team

    • It's a whole different org funded by faze and it's a cod team

  • Anyone give me the beats? pls

  • I was just slain by a member of your squadron on Call Of Duty Warzone. I am not happy about this event, therefore I am leaving a comment to tell you that I am very angry with you all. I am making a public declaration that I am going to hunt you down, and if you would like a rematch, against me and my regiment, reply to this comment, and it shall happen my friends. Oh be ready, the thunder is coming.

  • Fireeeeee

  • Apex is short!!!!

  • This man just fucking pumped me full of lead in warzone

  • Who's that, it's Mr MVP. SIMP!!!

  • Who came here only for butters

  • Im just happy that i saw butters lul

  • Prestahh on a better team now 💯T

  • Hey I haven't seen faze simp

  • simp

  • 13:33 mr SoaR Makz

  • „Introducing the atlanta faze“ ... i barely saw the players 😂😂 it‘s just faze clan guys doing shit that has no relation to the cod league team ...

    • yes. We need more Atlanta faze content...

  • Glad to see Georgia finally had a winning team.

  • Wow! That name is smart A.F


    • I honestly didn’t believe it!

  • Faze is like that kid with all the cool stuff

  • FaZe up!!!!

  • i was gonna shit talk this vid but legit no point every1 who watches these retards is already brainwashed