FaZe Clan Makes A Wish

Birt 10 okt 2019
- 6 FaZe Fans...1 wish at the FaZe House...enjoy :)
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  • The kid who bought his brother a PS4, is a very kid kid and a great example of how human kind should be. He had 500 to spend on what ever he wanted, he turns to his bro and is like brudda ima get you a ps4. Great kid non selfish and we should be more like him.

  • .

  • 4:19 rugs camera man lmao

  • these kids are so strong and im glad they got to meet faze members


  • Make a wish on G fuel

  • Did I see Jarvis playing Fortnite

  • I feel bad for the kids

  • i wish i was there i want a ps4 😢😢😢😢👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👋👋👋👋

  • Cizz is so nice bro

  • imagine disliking a video of kids that are very sick meeting there favorite youtuber, IMAGINE

  • Hey apex I’m 14 and 6 feel y’all lol

  • ima sub just for this

  • dude said he was going to face time dbook but all i see is dlo lmao

  • Sometimes i wish i was ill to go to a make a wish

  • “We got all the vans,we got all the kids” that sounds wrong...

  • Hi

  • You know what’s lit tho they all get a pizza table. What else could a kid want

  • Oh mah gawd, so many people.

  • I remember when I was 4 I asked my mom “Mommy can you sign me up for make a wish” Lol

    • Lmfao what’d she say

  • When the kid who was in the hospital n watched their vids to overcome depression......I really felt that❤❤❤

  • The get to meet Faze one day and next kobe not Fair

  • 9:15 mini nrg unknown

  • Did no one notice there is stripe poles

  • faze just brings an awesome vibe

  • Can I join your clan?

  • Who are your top 5 favourite faze member in order

  • My wish to meet faze Jarvis

  • wow so great

  • FaZe, your such great people.

  • This is insane im amazed i love faze so much i have two fingers and i love the best life ever. I love to see this type of thing

  • My greatest respect to you guys. This is why FaZe will always be the best Org! FaZe UP

  • 2:31 it can’t be Jarvis for fortnite cuz he’s banned

  • Song?

  • Where’s highsky

  • Can I be in faze because I'm good on fortnite I'm a pro on fortnite

  • Fuck i love faze

  • Great video,,,,bravo!

  • I love faze i am so desperate to join faze clan i wish i would be there chilling and i love u all i subbed to all faze members because i m big fan of faze and i am going to comment in every single video i wish my name would be faze king that would be so cool much love from me keep it up peace out faze out Bye and it’s my biggest dream to join faze and i live uk 🇬🇧💓💓💓

  • What’s this beat or instrumental?

  • I would love one of them to say apex is short

  • You guys are awesome.

  • 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • I’m a bit jealous yo jk

  • When that kid said all that about is depression I teared up a little

  • Tosh.0 ..... ....Rental Mansion

  • I liked what the 17 year old said he is right cause I am going through quite a bit and it really has haloed new much love to everyone in faze and everyone who takes the time to read this no matter what happens push through it and it will all break away...💙💛😃 much live no homo

  • If you saw any FaZe members you gotta like this comment 👇🏻

  • the kid watches FaZe videos to block crying of fellow children

  • gang


  • This is awesome

  • That shot of orba eating that slice of pizza killed me lmao

  • Whoever disliked this video's Is a POS!!! 🖕🖕🖕

  • Faze clan is my favorite ISchatsrs

  • 1v1 me faze kay

  • faze kay is a bot

  • How can people dislike this vid and still be okay

  • Faze ewok?

  • Please can faze read this. About a year ago I went to make a wish and they asked what j wanted and I said to go to the faze house and you guys never responded. It really sucks and I really wish I could meet you guys because you guys are my childhood and life

  • faze is the king its my wishes to meet faze clan

  • I have depression and anxiety, and y’all haven’t changed me. 💔

    • Hope they see this comment bro

  • I love FaZe Clan

  • Of course $500 on v bucks

  • How on Earth can 286 people dislike this video about Make-a-Wish kids meeting FaZe Clan?????

  • Sign Swan

  • “You should just sign me ... I’ve got my jersey “ haha big up Williams

  • Bru why can’t they visit me I’m in a wheelchair and have a disease but I guess I ain’t gonna do that 😔

  • “That is the brother you want to have” Me In my head my brother hasn’t come out of his room in three days he’s depressed and hasn’t gone to school I miss when he was happy and fun to be around

  • Sub to my channel

  • Where is FaZe Blink?

  • Yay

  • stop all these make a wish videos you gna make me cry lol

  • warms my heart

  • Wish I was them...

  • cissorz is a b he makes me depressed with his deathruns

  • highsky made a wish to be in faze

  • I hope no one bought anything for fortnite 😂

  • California pizza company brand deal

  • When they called Devin Booker, my heart just swelled because they did so much for these guys

  • My dream is to join FaZe😭

  • My heart cried

  • Song?

  • I would wish faze Kay and Jarvis to leave

  • That was the most Dollar General Devin Booker Actor Ive every seen

    • Omnious Jellyfish it was Deangelo Russell. They called Devin Booker and then Deangelo Russell. They were not trying to claim that was devin booker

  • The people who have thumbs down means for other people feelings

  • was that D'LO on the phone? that was NOT dbook

  • Hey where's kalen from mindorez I thought he was in faze XD

  • This is how much hearts faze got 👍

  • 😂😊❤️

  • 8:40 felling bad for that kid he spent 500$ on v-bucks and the game ends press F to pay respekt

  • My schools doing a fundraiser for this foundation

  • Every kid getting fortnite related shit Fortnite black hole-I’m boutta end this whole mans career

  • they still milked the ten minutes tho

  • Hope I can see faze clan one day or maybe not but stay happy man peace

  • Really really good stuff boys.

  • That was Insane bro!

  • Best feeling ever to see this man, much love

  • 8:39 looks like that kid wasted his money on v-bucks 😂 RIP fortnite

  • Wow almost 300 people disliked the video for faze clan buying and helping out kids