Last to Blink Wins $10,000 Challenge - FaZe Clan

Birt 19 des 2019
$10,000 on the line.. no blinking.. who do you think will take it home?
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  • Am I the only who watched the whole video without blinking??

  • The prize in this video is nothing for Mr beast

  • I kept my eyes open throughout the video

  • for 1 hour

  • Me not blinking for 10 mins

  • I kept my eyes open for a hour no cap bro

  • Blink

  • He got away with the blink 5:51

  • Ciz got some huge eyeballs

  • shit

  • Why does FaZe Rug never show up in faze vids

  • This probably the only thing orba's good at 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I watched this whole video wothout blinking

  • Tell me how I didn’t blink through the entire video😳

  • bro i didnt blink my eye whole vid

  • I can do it for 1 hour

  • Is it just me or does orba look like a ninja turtle

  • ok if any ones here like if u didnt blink the whole video

  • did anyone else not blink throughout the whole vid or is it just me

  • teeqo he waa so handsome,,,,,,, ,,,,,, i like his blue eye

  • Whos here trying to look into the both of them eyes at once without blinking. Lol

  • I tried and I tied with glasses guy

  • 10 minutes

  • I didnt blink for 6 minutes and 47 seconds and 32 milliseconds

  • Im using orbas code

  • I kept my eyes open for the hole intire vid

  • Who else is also not blinking to see if they blink like🤪

  • Imagine making a video that’s so quick for 10k by just blinking which takes u seconds to blink

  • So where is my 10k?

  • Faze Kay how

  • Who was trying not the blink on the count down 🤣🤣🤣

  • I didn’t blink for 6 of the rounds and they can’t open for 10 seconds

  • i’d beat yall easy

  • I Tried to use “Apex” as my password but it was to short

  • 6"38

  • Nobody: Nikan:pretend you are in a desert

  • Is it just me or does orbs look like a lizard when he went against apex 😂

  • Adapt didn't blink he twitched

  • 8 mins

  • 5m

  • Me watching this whole video without blinking

  • Longest i didnt blink was 10:5 secs

  • I kept my eyes open for the whole video

  • I didnt blink on the hole video

  • 10 minuts

  • I swear it's the first video were Jarvis doesn't talk

  • Me not blinking the whole vid 👁👄👁

  • This is the coolest group of guys

  • Who else would have won the 10k

  • I dinted blinks in the hole video

  • I played them all I can keep my eyes open for %two minutes straight

  • I can keep my eyes open for over 10 mins i swear on my life

  • Who else did it with all of them and beat them all

  • who’s that dude with the wide head and messed up hairline

  • teeqo won didnt blink if you played it on 0.25 speed he was still in

  • Why did rain say those things about the faze house ? Was he hating...

  • I swear I watched all the video with out a single blink

  • Who else was playing along

  • them: not blinking for 10.000$ me: not blinking to see if they blink

  • one suggestion before doing this challenge: Dump a bucket of water so your eyes are moisturized.

  • I was watching this vid and I never blinked

  • I would destroy all of u easily

  • morgz wins this easy money from the alien himself

  • Me

  • Faze blink

  • i can keep my eyes opened for 5min

  • These guys are ass at this 🤣

  • 1 hour

  • 3 minuts

  • Nobody Not even a single soul Adapt: LeT mE SeE YoUr BeARd!!!

  • I got an ad for ikea when teeqo was competing

  • Couldn’t you just close your eyes and not blink?

  • 10000000000 hours

  • I would actually bet 500$ cash i could beat every single one of them

  • 10)0000000)000000000000000000)000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • I went this whole video without blinking

  • Smh

  • APEX:let’s us know how much you didn’t blind ME:ALL THE VIDEOS

  • I didn’t blink the whole video

  • everyone who was trying to vs them like 😂

  • Can I have the 10k cause I won all of them

  • Adapt reminds me of Steve-O hahaha

  • Swedish vibes 😆

  • Bro I swear I toyed this and went for 23 min

  • Lmao I didn’t blink the whole time

  • When you tried to vs them and you beat them all : *Penguin flexing muscles meme*

  • Not even joking I kept my eyes open the whole vid and my class mates at school said if I would keep my eyes open for 10 minutes I would get five bucks and that was ez money

  • Me

  • I can beat all of u at once😎

  • can I join faze I can send you some fire clips

  • 10 minuets

  • Fraisers face lmfao

  • I did not blink for 4 mins

  • Bruh I got six haurs new Guinness world record let's go

  • You see how Apex grabbed adapt neck

  • sub to me i sub to u

  • When Someone Say Apex You Are Short 7:55

  • adapt didnt blink all the way

  • If you just wink constantly from one eye to the other it's not a blink

  • The key is to keep your eyes open normally and keep them still that’s how you win