Introducing FaZe Clan's Valorant Team

Birt 25 okt 2020
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FaZe Corey - corey_ow
FaZe Marved - marved6
FaZe ZachaREEE - zacklombardo
FaZe Babybay - king_babybay
FaZe Rawkus - rawkus
Hamood (3D) - officialhamoood
Starker (3D, Editing) - st4rkerr
Tafa (Editing) - tafa_edits
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  • So no teeqo

  • video red

  • Iroh1st best Val Player NA

  • hey faze im a good cracked grinder for faze and im wondering if i can get a chance to join faze

  • sick vid

  • the first part of the song was epic in rawkuses part

  • What is the music in this video?

  • FaZe Teeqo is insane too but im proud of the FaZe Valorant Team

  • lol i cant take faze seriously as a real esports league after fortnite and cod


  • is there gonna be like a recruitment challenge for this maybe????

  • Oof

  • Very good edits to compensate how shit faze is

  • ive really been wanting to join faze as a valorant player

  • the red and black colouring.. wow something nice

  • Sage using op is so OP. 🔥

  • can we get a c9 vs faze in valorant?

  • 2:41 and that is why the desert eagle has 7 bullets

  • I sub to all faze members on all channels

  • poor editors

  • Wait faze and gaming when has that been a thing

  • Editors of this are outta pocket for making something this crazy 🔥🔥🔥

  • I feel like i'm having seizures watching this... But I still watched it anyway

  • Headache go brrrr

  • Liquid, FaZe Clan, Next?

  • I don't know if this is correct but in the clip of jett on haven you can see a 3D asset of a knife which hasn't been animated

  • Finally

  • I'm speechless...

  • This roster didnt age well lmfao

  • Fortnite is better

    • It’s really not

  • Song?

  • music?

  • song?

  • Where tf is teeqo tbh

  • what is the song name?

  • Editing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • But they will lose to c9

  • Rufflzforprez

  • editors went crazy

  • Remember whem Tequo said he was gonna go pro in valorant

  • If I edit like this could I join Faze5

  • 330 dislike valornt noobs

  • this edit is so well made

  • ABİ HANİ BENİ KOYACAktın videoya

  • Hey where's FaZe NiKo? =)

  • i want to join your clan

  • Do you guys have to be everywhere ?

  • i feel dizzy


  • Wtf :o

  • Im surprised there was no Faze Slinky


  • Just in case if Faze csgo wasnt enough of a joke rn.

  • which legend edited this

  • Faze never knows who to recruit ffs that’s why they loose in tournaments

  • liquid introducing is better :x

  • Faze rocket league team ?

  • I love Valorent and happy to see more teams coming out

  • 🤘Aye Dope Montage, sick editing and insane valorant clips!. Keep it up!. :D. We make similar content🔥👍

  • iron

  • Honestly......The edits from FaZe never fail. Good Shit!

  • The people who edited this video are LEGENDS, WTF...

  • Just realised the forehead of the skull on the headshot kill sign has a Faze logo

  • lil bit over edited but cool

  • When the team intro is better than the game trailer

  • in Faze Clan fashion... sick edit

  • Hopefully it’s not as bad as the siege team

  • awesome

  • awsome guys

  • i wish teeqo was there

  • Song: F.O.O.L & SKUM - Hysteria

  • FaZe Clan's vs Team Liquid, i love thats "Introducing Valorant Team" edits, its so beautyful man

  • What's the name of the song?

  • i love when the editor puts faze logo on skull when killing

  • dang the edits are so lit

  • Can i join pls

  • Music was epic. Awesome work

  • this might be the first time in my life I came with my pants on

  • The editing is pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Imagine if Jarvis was in this shit 🤣

  • Is that Zacharee from Dallas fuel, Corey from Washington justice, baby bay from Atlanta reign, and rawkus from Houston outlaws?

  • Chills... literal chills

  • Seizure warning

  • fuiyoooh

  • That was the best edit i've seen in a long time ! Fazed up!

  • wtf is this editing

  • we need a black n red jett skin, looks so sick

  • marved have big ego put gray fps instead would be better i think

  • DANG! what kind a type of music is this ? it's kinda lit

  • already got more attention that ur shit csgo team

  • I thought Teeqo was going pro

  • sickest edit ever seen

  • i knew it was coming

  • Cloud 9 at TOP!!! Cloud 9 is the best!!!!!!!

  • ok but imagine if jett had black hair and red clothes😳

  • mad edits

  • That was fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • This is just Liquid video lol

  • FAZE MIXWELL???????????

  • монтаж понравился, а откуда команда?