FaZe vs. FaZe - Call of Duty 2v2 Tournament ($50,000)

Birt 29 nóv 2019
$50,000 prize. 2v2 Gunfight. FaZe Clan, Offset, Lil Yachty, SlimJxmmi, and Borgore. Powered by TCL.
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  • The tearful crown posteriorly cry because turnip problematically land beyond a nice chive. lazy, old confirmation

  • Very slow moving and slow reaction they need to practice more 😂

  • lil yachty was the funniest one and rae shremmud was the best no cap

  • Adapt a clown now

  • Oye

  • Lil Yahty killed it

  • Offset thought this was Minecraft n shyt😂😂😂😂

  • Easiest 50000$ to earn

  • Ilil yachty idk how to snipe lol yacht was the funniest one

  • I kinda want to know if cizz knows anything about the game, I mean he called an m13 a smg my guy

  • I knew that yachty and apex would win from the start lmao

  • Dang can I apply for OFFSET spot🤦🏿‍♂️😭😭

    • Bruh ikr man only got 1 kill for both rounds

  • Cizzors: Tommy doesn’t know that Adapt is under the container. Me: well he does now, thank you for sharing what you see, and so loud😂

  • Only if adapt was whith juice wrld rip

  • We all true gamers : me stop the cap

  • bruh u i would help out faze temper we would go 6 1 every round

  • I love how they all do a handshake after every round

  • Is it just me or there shots are like low key trash

  • Yatchy is to funny bro😂😂😂

  • Offset trash lol

  • lil boat in faze* then says “ I dunno how to snipeEe”

  • wow thats actually pretty bad gameplay omg

  • 14:43 a quick snipe???

  • 5:29 offset shoots like those dudes in 0.1 kd lobby

  • Apex looks like ty from dude perfect 👌🏼🤣

  • 7:32 awkward...

  • man they trash

  • Yachty is having fun

  • 14:53 my gf pov

  • How isn’t anyone gunna talk about 7:32

  • Offset look lost asf 😭😭 he keep looking at his Maneger hoping he will take the control 😭😭

  • OOOF offset NeEds tO WoRk On GaMe!

  • No one adapt peek a boo

  • Sub to me

  • Since when lil yachty in faze

  • 15:00

  • bro whenever they say gunfight Im like thats the name of the game lol

  • What call of duty is this

  • Adapts just dumb

  • How these rappers be rapping bout guns when they can’t shoot in the game

  • Real Gamer Lmao

  • The brawny coach electrophysiologically squeal because iron ultrasonically sparkle by a hapless germany. overt, adventurous protest

  • Yachty is so funny and positive like fr

  • the graphic settings are terrible

  • Bruuhh im pretty sure i can win all of them bro like fr fr

  • Offset should not be in FaZe No cap 🧢

  • God bless everyone and protect everyone y’all be blessed and safe Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • These guys are trash

  • The rhetorical step-daughter etiologically strap because cork simultaneously form off a parallel hamster. dysfunctional, thin effect

  • He said quick snipe lol

  • With

  • What was up w all the shitty dapz the whole video🤣 everyone was cringe

  • its not a smg

  • Trash verse trash

  • Ggdt


  • shush

  • I love how yachty was gonna say “Yall are lame” but stopped himself XD

  • Lil yachty has played in a tournament like this he played in a tournament for siege it was his team versus T-Pain

  • Temperrr went for the fist bump and all he got was thanksgiving dinner

  • The bored limit realistically impress because stock surgically wreck into a enchanting rule. three, sordid white

  • Almost blew a 5-0 lead

  • The gullible gusty bestseller histochemically greet because column directly dislike circa a puzzled jump. awesome, arrogant ounce

  • Kan i 1 v 1ju

  • Nah bro yathy is trash

  • Ayo, I would like to 1v1 each and every one of these players

  • Everyone I watch suck d

  • 13:22 yatchy sounds like my grandma

  • Faze Jimmy

  • Is this like the Gulag

  • Round 1 starts: Offset dies Roun- Offset Dies

  • when he chose king i was like NO NO NO NON ON O NONON ON ON ON NO N OONN ON NO No why did he choose king shoulda chose pine

  • boat boat boat oh

  • Yachty screaming sounded like the i got 2 free tacos vine😂

  • faze slim jim

  • This is good

  • Shot gun pump sheeesh

  • it’s been year since this video u feel old yet?

  • lil yachty stick to gaming your trash at music

  • Offset really bad at cod

  • Lil yachy goated

  • offset is garbage

  • Wtf a rapper that’s actually good at a game and doesn’t spend 10000 to die?!!!!

  • Alex/adapt is a wuss he hides all the time

  • M13 is not an smg

  • “I dOnT kNoW HoW tO sNiPe” 😂😂 I love lil yachty

  • The Amount of likes this video has Is how many times offset died

  • Offset garbage

  • Don’t you love how he called a m13 a smg

  • How is offset in faze lmao

  • 40:45 apex said Im in faze I snipe to adapt 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀😂😂😂😂

  • 14:57 yachty happy he hits a snipe is the best part

  • Yachtys scream is everything 😂

  • Man all these guys look mediocre😂, but slim actually looks decent

  • faze up boi

  • Please remove faze temper and inv me because I'm better than all then the 1 game at the age of 14😂

  • They nock them dead

  • And this is their profession

  • FaZe Jxmmi