FaZe vs. FaZe - Search and Destroy (6v6)

Birt 24 feb 2020
12 FaZe members in 1 lobby... Who do you have winning?
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  • *12 FaZe members in 1 lobby... Who do you have winning?*

    • Honestly megga I think he is the most underrated player in the world

    • @Scutox just let them be honestly, if you see that stuff just ignore it. These kids are probably young and that can hurt them

    • FaZe Clan idk

    • Nice kill for ewok

    • Ewok

  • Where is faze sway


  • Hey it's SnD, great, a CoD video on FaZe Cla....

  • I deadass thought I was gonna see Mongraal quickscoping on Terminal..

  • This isn’t search, this isn’t faze anymore....Where is cod?

  • Get shit on

  • Montarlo still breaking that keyboard

  • were my mw2 ts at. thought dubs was about to hit the fattest nac ever

  • What's that map code

  • Does anyone feel sad for Ewok all of them talking while she just chillin

  • All I heard from dubs was: SWAY YOURE ON A GREAT SPOT or YO IM ON A GREAT SPOT

  • When call outs are everything in SND and Ewok is on ur team 😢

  • Damn Jarvis wasn’t there!

  • Who else thinks sidemen is better

  • I was hyped then I saw fortnite

  • U dont even care about jarvis

  • Wow I thought this would be cod 😭

  • isnt it strange faze ewok didnt say a word

  • Some of these faze members I’ve never heard of

  • Everyone talking a lot over here while faze Ewok just like peaceful

  • Shit version of csgo, i mean if it was cod i wouldnt mind but ew fortnut

  • Kick kaz he is ass

  • Bro dubs is so fucking anoying

  • You Jarvis would clap most of them if he was not banned 😥😥😥 I missed him

  • Faze is the best

  • 1:02 Congrats Mongraal for coming out! I'm so proud of you!

  • I thought it was cod not watching it

  • megga is mclovin

  • I was hoping this would be a cod SnD not fortnite

  • There r only 2 adults in the mongraal team lmao

  • The thumbnail looked racist with a white faze sign vs a black faze sign

  • He

  • Hi

  • 8:16 aim assist advantage

  • The faze mongrall team had sway dubs bro still they couldn’t win bro 😭😭

  • bruh how tf are yall playing snd on fucking fortnite

  • cringe as fuck

  • Post racist dubs 😂😭

  • Faze dubs said n word 😂

  • Are we gon ignore the fact blaze yelled "EWOK EWOK EWOK" ???

  • No one Not a single soul Faze houses keyboard 🤫 Mongrel 🔊 X OO

  • who’s here after the dubs thing

  • Jarvis is like I'm sorry I'm band

  • can I join faze clan

  • 1:13 blaze:ewok ewok Ewok:


  • Rip dubs

  • Did anyone notice that blaze was muted😂🤣

  • Subscribe to me for a free cookie

  • Not trying to be mean or anything b it how they communicating with Ewok

  • Damn this vid is getting a fat dislike I was hoping for some call of duty

  • When u realize they on fortnite so u head out but leave ur phone on and like so they get credit

  • I just realize the faze sign is the flossy sign 💫💫

  • Hopefully Ewok doesn’t feel too left out

  • When she asks you out 1:02

  • Wtf

  • Well last video were faze dubs was playing with faze members

  • No one gonna talk bout dubs saying n word in his stream

  • Gift me something plizz me name in fortnite DragonRageMatej

  • GOOD vid and I love faze clan

  • Where is Jarvis?

  • When u thought it was gonna be cod 😔

  • Why the fuck my dumb ass thought dis was finna be cod instead its a bunch of annoying fucks i dont even know Wtf😭😂

  • Why the fuck did i think this would be a cod video 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • My dad will get the belt and viciously attack me if I don’t get 500 subs on my clans Chanel @NAVY CLAN

  • I’m surprised Mongral didn’t say to sway CONTOLLER PLAYER

  • Dubs: N-

  • Who’s here when faze dubs got kicked out of faze?

  • Damn. Thought this was mw2 or some shit

  • Nobody Nobody at all Dubs: fucking ni-

  • Who is here when dubs got suspended

  • Bro rip dubs but he deserved it

  • Dubbz said the n word 😂

  • Who else clicked off the video after seen it’s Fortnite

  • Remember when dubs say the n word with a hard r

  • What has happened to FaZe man

  • Well the members in this video lasted...

  • Dubs last video

  • I only clicked on that video to see ewok and orba... where tf is Orbaaaa and why didnt you show her more often like wth

  • Good video and I love faze clan

  • I thought this was going to be 6v6 trickshoting (cod)

  • I thought it was gonna be cod with the og faze but instead got this pile of shit of a game

  • Polska lepsza

  • Where's Jarvis?

  • Imagine if Jarvis was on one of their teams

  • Lol, Nicks on top every round and game and we don’t even get to see his POV

  • FaZe Sway is the best ❤️🔥

  • H

  • Please let me be in faze my ISchats is money gang w

  • Cod is over sad to say that era has passed 😭😭😭 and it isn’t helping that their not playing the game that made everyone where they were today

  • Who are these people

  • FaZe did you guys send out a invitation to fans for a charity and are making a place for families with very sick children

  • I completely forgot nickmercs, ewok and funk were in FaZe

  • I thought this was cod 😒

  • I wished it would have been mw2 and not that shit

  • Rip Jarvis

  • thought it was cod... i’ll just go watch something else

  • Sidemen are catching yk

  • wow is this what all these stupid tards are watching this generic ass shit?