How to JOIN FaZe Clan - #FAZE5 Recruitment Challenge

Birt 4 sep 2020
Want to be in FaZe? Just listen up. Good luck!
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  • Can I plzz add me Mist_H18

  • Can I join because I always get bullied. 🥺😢


  • Can I join faze please

  • i can snipe in roblox phantom forces......

  • i wish i saw this video when this was happen😭 im hella good at mw but im to late, i feel i can win😭

  • When is the next challenge

  • How to draw a faze in 2021

  • Face

  • What time will you do 45 2021

  • I will never make it in faze I’m trash :(

  • Please let me join faze clan 2021 thank you

  • plz i am so so so sweaty plz or just gift me plz i have no skins

  • Please do another one🙏🏽

  • I’m down 🤝

  • Hey bro can u tell me a bit more and could I get your info on fortnite

  • Yooo rip i didnt know the Faze5 started september until like 2 weeks ago i am huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of Faze its one of my biggest dreams to join the clan🥺🥺 i just want to be in a group With friends and content creators like me even tho i am a small one🥺🥺 everyday i imagine visiting the faze members making vids With teeqo, Nikan, kay/frazier, Alex, jarvis and Patrick and all the other🥺 just imagine playing duos With h1ghsk1 like everyday or streaming With the others🥺 just makin content With the boys and having fun i wish it was reality🥺🥺 i hope i get in next year doe🥺😕😕

  • can i join and how

  • Pls name a new call of duty team

  • I'm cracked at fortnite can I try to show u


  • can i join

  • I Know that it’s too late since there’s already 6 new members but I’m not going to give up FaZe TF UP‼️ ima keep grinding @ my Twitter @thehades666_

  • this so aids man they said its not just about fortnite and cod but they only picked fortnite and cod players as winners

  • Like just want be in faze because when I tried one of my videos I didn't know how to edit but now I know how to just give us a chance to be in faze again please

  • Because know we know things you really like so can you give us a small task just to do

  • Can you make a new faze 5

  • Can you still join faze in 2021

  • What are the chalanges to join


    • I got 30 kills in one game once so ye

  • Can join

  • I love you guys I want to become faze but I’m only ten I can’t join

  • POV: u are here to look at dum comments that are trying to join now

  • I really want to push my LIMITS

  • Please

  • Can I join faze

    • It’s been over you can’t ask to join FaZe lmao

  • Baba_Streams is one to look at hes amazing

  • FaZe scp lets gooo

  • can i join you? because i want to be good at fortnite! and geting my gamming computer!

  • Im 9 my draem is to jion faze

  • i dont know how

  • noti

  • Do i have to be good at games

  • Is it already to late

  • I wan’t to try your clan

  • I missed it there goes my dreams

  • how to join

  • ok so when is next faze 5

    • Tomorrow

  • I’ll like to join but not ready still progressing my gaming and still have not started an gaming channel but looking forward of joining soon

  • What is your favorite faze member?

  • I realy want to join faze i am sou good at fortnite It is my dream to join faze and ieterday IT was my birthday and i wished to join faze

  • Ok so is the thing still up cause can you hit me up I'll try to record something so maybe I have a chance just pls hit me up.

  • Me

  • I love all of you

  • Can I join faze it’s my dream

  • Bruh can I plzzzzz join FaZe plzzz I’m pretty good at sniping I’ll do anything to join plzzzz

    • Are u dum it has been 3 months since the upload

  • I’m down for my dream.

  • Can I join please

  • FaZe nio

  • I’ve been trying to join faze for 1year

  • Can I try out plz

  • I wanna try to sign in :( Pliss I grind!

  • Can I join my name in fortnite is dsbn_clan

  • While I might not be the best at fortnite or call of duty, while I can barely crank 90's on fortnite, If I can get accepted to the faze clan, I will do anything for the others.

  • Hi i have a small cannel and i want to grow and turn out succesful

  • Man I wish I could join. Is just I'm still under age and live all the way in Asia.......

  • Can I please join faze I will do anything

  • Can I join

  • I AM Praticing Fortnite Daily Just to join Faze

  • I wanted to do this but I didn’t think I was good enough to even try out so I never went for it 😅😅

  • i think that ive joined that

  • U Got this stevie

  • I'm 10

  • Call of duty cold war

  • I would like to try out

  • Yo

  • Can I tryout

  • Honestly don’t even know why I came here I’m not even that good at the game

  • Pls choose lough

  • Oh nvm just finished watching the video

  • I don't know if this is true but is this challenge still open.

  • CAN I JOIN Faze

  • Is there a Phantom Forces team?

  • I would like to be a gaze member

  • I’m winning next watch me

  • I want to join more then almost anything

  • I am a gamer

  • Bro i dident te this i want to share what i do i am on Twitch 😭😭 hope faze keep going

  • I am a streamer

  • i can join faze clan

  • Can I join I might be young but that don’t make that go over your head let my sniping get your mind blown look at my channel:)

  • i would try but i actaully need a pc for tryouts i didn't try because i needed game setup ;-;

  • Bruh the thing is i get like 10 views per stream


  • Look at mine

  • Can you be 10

  • What if ur not a content creator?

  • Fazeproze

  • Can I join faze

  • yo please answer this do you guys hold this every year some enlightenment would be great