FaZe Clan: Four Corners Challenge

Birt 24 sep 2019
- Four FaZe members drop at different spots across the in a game of Fortnite...watch to see what happens!
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  • basuras

  • Read my name

  • Hi everyone from Faze

  • Lol

  • This is fire! 🔥

  • 4:12 theres white tacs and white ARs

  • Tennpo is so bad Tilt is the best in those 4

  • You trash

  • There’s different audio of each person.

  • Faze clan sucks

  • Faze clan sucks

  • Faze clan sucks

  • Faze clan sucks

  • FaZe clan sucks

  • Faze clan sucks

  • Can I join faze, I’m 14

  • now i know why FaZe Is so Good it backwards is ez af

  • Itt may be faZe before my name? Please

  • Fortnite will never ever be as good as MW2 AND BO2 once was

  • Can I join FaZe

  • should'nt it be frosty not happy

  • I bro faze Can join Im Pro

  • Want more gameplay sub to my channel

  • Introducing FaZe Mitr0 soon......

  • How i can't join to faze clan?

  • Who is ready for Introducing FaZe Mitr0

  • I remember when ninja did this back then... When walling woods was a thing and you could just sky base

  • faze sucks faze sucks faze sucks faze sucks

  • If someone in faze sees this got to a ISchats channel called not xhylos he's a god on controller and keybored and mouse

  • When does the man city collab come out

  • Welcome Faze Mitr0

  • Why isn’t sceptic in faze

  • its funny seeing tilt tennpo and and thiefs have a t at the beggining of the name but not replays LOL

  • Can ai jon faze ai beter a alex kan you se Main ISchatskanel navn is Steelingtax

  • Quit this game alright like honestly your clan became trash because of this game


  • Unoriginal

  • why is high sky not in the faze videos no more 😭😭

  • No lie replays and goth who be a good duo

  • What is the name of the skin Replays is using?

  • Good to see tennpo back

  • So does faze do RC challenges anymore or do they just sign players that are good now? I’m confused

  • Imagine doing a 4 corners challenge in season 10😂

  • Good vid and I love faze clan


  • I thought replays was supposed to land frosty

  • Faze vs NS my clan

  • 387k views on the main channel in 2 days🥨 Yikes🤨

  • Hii guy can i get a shoutout for my new gaming channel called CPT BEAST, I have a dream that I would love to collab with you in a video but THANKS bro!

  • I love the FaZe clan I will please 😭😭 in the FaZe clan

  • This is my fav squad ❤

  • the undercard of faze are all bots

  • Only controller players can like this🎮🔥 (Small ISchatsr here I would appreciate support)

    • BlaZe Dxrk ⚔️ self promotion swords

  • Please go back to call of duty

  • Ok faze tilt I see you

  • Sub to me and I will Sub to you Clicky logo for my channel to go to it to sub

  • Me and my friends did this back in Season 7 and we won on the first try, 2/4 of us were alive.

  • why is replay's audio so loud ):

  • Nice job

  • You can’t really tell your dick to shut up

  • Glad to see tennp0 is back

  • *Like If You want to join FaZe?*🐤 👇(I’m Gifting My next 100 Subs)😇

  • I'm wanna sign up for faze

  • Can I join

  • it's funny you guys have been playing this trash game for so long and are all still trash (clown emoji)

  • How about FaZe Kaylen

  • 2:19 look at kill feed :|

  • I’m close to 100subs! Please sub to me if you like my new recent video.

  • Good to see my boy tenpo back

  • In my opinion i think Mitr0 needs to join FaZe

  • Who plays this game in there school

  • Fortnite is irrelevant

  • ninja done this why did you copy ninja 🤬🤬

  • Only Og’s remember when Courage, Ninja, Lupo and BasicallyIDOWrk did this back in season 2 or 3👌 Have a great day! You don’t have to but checking out my montages would be amazing!

  • Frosty flights:am I a joke to you?

  • Tilt is actually better than he rest

  • Tilt messed up the ej that was weak man 🤧

  • Underrated faze players right here...

  • replays is sooo much better than the rest its insane

  • did anyone else see the look on tennp0’s face after tilt hit the trick shot??? he was maaaad😂

  • This challenge is hella old

  • Tenpo looks so depressed

  • Why are you copying ninja and his squad

  • Why the fuck is everything replays do delayd by the sound????

  • Yo guys can u reply. Can i try out for faze

  • 10:34 onwards had me dying...

  • replays is alright but why are the others in faze

  • Yo to be honest with you, Thiefs was camping then he got salty when the other dudes were camping

  • Which is better dubs or mega

  • Do they know what a Corner is!?

  • tennpo is trash had 1 kill

  • Let replays 1v1 jarvis

  • Wait I thought you have to do this with no guns or fighting just heals

  • I didn’t realise that tilt was so nasty

  • Only 200k in 18 hours... fortnite is dying

    • Muhammad ismail their cod videos get less views?

  • Do you relize that the for corner challenge you are not allowed to use guns

  • Cowgirl skin helly thicc ngl

  • Bruh I’m watching this during class right now hope I don’t get cought🔥🤐

    • Dominic Ginanni-Smith did you tho

  • Faze clan

  • Sip slow