Keep What You Grab Money Challenge - FaZe Clan

Birt 18 júl 2020
Presented by SCUF: Who Can Grab The Most Money Challenge - FaZe Clan with @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Teeqo @Cizzorz @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Kay
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• Edited by: thisisranvir
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  • I still just don’t understand why they can’t unban him

  • Nikon said the rules loud and clear Alex grabs everything he can and stuffs it in his shirt

  • I like how everyone is hyping Alex to get the money

  • He hid it in his clothes

  • But didn’t Alex cheat cus he hid it in his money

  • Is that modern warfare?

  • Jarvis is lit

  • 4:55 that edit tho lmao

  • Yo

  • it looks hard

  • Fat Alex!🤣🤣🤣

  • Everyone togerter fitout adapt had 762

  • Faze kay looked like he trying to bust down

  • 6:53 Jarvis scared lmaoo

  • cash me outside

  • Your driven by money and nothing else

  • 7:52 he cheats in real life too 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • i always vote alex/FaZe Adapt lets do this

  • call of duty/cod gameplay yoooo i missed this bro yooooo

  • I kinda wanna be a maid now for them

  • Hi

  • im pist

  • i just realized Nikan and Adapt were wearing the same shirt

  • From no scopes and trickshots to


  • On FaZe clan but your hard scoping alex...

  • From quick scope to this bull shit...


  • They look soo crazy

  • yo Alex. got a smart twin brother bro

  • "Y'all thought you were going to catch me lacking... Not me, never me" Yearbook quote 💀💀💀

  • We not gonna talk about how temper was hard scoping

  • This time Jarvis don’t turn on his aimbot

  • This is how many times Teeqo knifed John Cena 👇

  • who else thought they meant the game rust? ..

  • Y is faze so bad at cod now 😔 they were good but look at this shit

  • Imao only 5k for a faze clan vid? that’s too little Imao at least 10k bruh don’t they got that money from taking advantage of that one million loan dam they greedy

  • Holy adapt

  • alex gave em 1's?

  • So this is what u do with the government’s money that u guys swindled

  • Bfordlancer

  • adapt isn’t book smart he’s street smart

  • Temperr is the best at this

  • We need FaZe Absorber in here

  • Jarvis cheat in everything

  • Ur all trash at cod now lol

  • Its cod what? Waezone?

  • Why does faze clan have lots of money? -Because they own a bank😂😂

  • The only reason I still watch faze clan is cause of adapt and temper

  • Need to make more videos like this, stop letting Frazier and bighead Jarvis coming up with video ideas

  • NDL

  • Bruh, Jarvis stop cheating. LMAO

  • Jarvis, fraizer,adapt

  • fucken jarvis 🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️🤣🤣🤣

  • Do the challange who can type faster with keyboard

  • Is it me or did faze clan get less viewers ever since Jarvis got banned

  • Can I clean ur house 😷

  • Tehnicky jarvis isnt in FaZe anymore

  • Faze Clan is slowly falling apart

  • Hi

  • I want to 1v1 one of them

  • Noooo Jarvis don’t cheat ever again it’s challenge

  • Faze upppp👄🔥🔥🔥🔫

  • All this is now is a challenge clan i see no cod or anything anymore

  • The Kar isn’t a sniper tho 😂

  • Jarvis has a big HEAD but not a big BRAIN bro

  • Omg

  • The d in faze stands for diversity

  • cant use your shirt but they could of used their hats

  • faze can suck team rar is better

  • faze can suck team rar is better

  • Can some people subscribe to me i will sub back

  • Who tf is Parker 637 @ 4:05

  • Whattttttttttt

  • Shut up and thanks

  • So cringe expected from degenerates but still...

  • This video was so funny but we need nordan


  • Unsubscribed faze clani

  • Fresh should be in Faze

  • Thats that good good goverment loan coming in?

  • Faze clan may I join you guys but I stay at my house but I'm in faze pls I'm a fortnite and call of duty and apex and pubg gamer so may I

  • On his channel

  • Alex is wearing faze clan juice wrld

  • isnt jarvis the little crying bitch?

  • Keep What You Grab Money Challenge.... With money you got from the PPP perhaps? Fucking clowns.

  • Jarvis has aimbot 1month later IM BANNED ! HOLLEE

  • 0:15 Faze: who wants to win $5000 Me: me pls meee

  • Honestly faze members got so scummy man getting free millions from the government that could’ve been spent on small businesses going bankrupt

  • I do not have Keyboards 1 pointer plz

  • Faze are dead no one cares about them I’m not a hater I’m just saying no one rlly talks about them like two yrs ago they used to be rlly popular but they aren’t anymore

  • I love that they got a 2 million dollar check from the government because they lied and said that their company was suffering due to covid yet they bought a 30,000,000 dollar house during the pandemic

  • Can yall give me a scuf controler

  • To everyone looking have a good quarantine and pls stay safe

  • theybe havin the best lyf lol

  • Nikan they learnt how to get lots of money 😟

  • Can me and my friend try out for faze

  • PSA Stop supporting these scummy cunts. They scammed the Paycheck Protection Program (government program to help small buisnesses out during covid) and got 2 million dollars out of it EVEN THOUGH THEIR JOB CONSISTS OF ONLINE CONTENT. Boycott these fucking assholes for stealing money from small buisnesses who really needed it.

  • This is why I only watch jev you guys don’t even game you just do challenges

  • FaZe playing cod this is what I miss more Cod videos