Best Moments of FaZe Clan #6 (Livestream Compilation)

Birt 10 sep 2019
The best moments of the month!! #FaZeUp
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  • 6:51 the kong’s not even playin😭😭

  • Highsky?

  • I love faze i am so desperate to join faze clan i wish i would be there chilling and i love u all i subbed to all faze members because i m big fan of faze and i am going to comment in every single video i wish my name would be faze king that would be so cool much love from me keep it up peace out faze out Bye and it’s my biggest dream to join faze and i live uk 🇬🇧💓💓💓i watched every single of all of your videos

  • How come the Burger King is cracked at fortnite tf

  • MoNgral:why in bloody hell u blaming me cause my accent

  • there is a Fack clip his controller is not even on his hands are off the controller to the king was not playing on the Jarvis clip

  • was FaZe H1sky kicked?

  • Should I be in faze next?

  • Wait nickmerks is in faze? And where’s the introduction of him and offset

  • You know damn well king wasn’t playing

  • 7:30 his controler is ont on

  • What if mongrall is watching this

  • Remember when being in faze was rare and made you relevant 🤦🏻‍♂️


  • Sign comikaze faze

  • jack by far the worst. not even faze to me.

  • Really Burger King playing with a ps4 controller but in the bottom right it’s a on Xbox

  • Lady Boxing And Sexy Battle Show

  • What is that other game everyone is playing?

  • Bot on bot violence 😂

  • i was literally smiling the whole video omg 😂❤️

  • 0:29 he has pewdiepie chair $399

  • Tf is this quality

  • Bro the king at 7:00 isn't playing🤣🤣🤣

  • faze isn’t what it used to be:( i know things change but it just seems like these guys only care abt money now

  • FaZe Typical Gamer plz

  • The Skrapz clip killed me. It went from fortnite to that.

  • Jev

  • Please make black ops vid we want old faze clan

  • Hola tengo 60 años y nunca e estado en uno y cuando veo sus video siento que estoy en uno

  • sksksks and i oop and i oop sksksks.🤪 hi, you must be new.😇 mhm ya this is my new hydroflask!🥰🤩 oh, u dont have one?🤨 sksksk and i oop and i oop.🤩 um, how do u🙂 make your friendship👯‍♀️ bracelets then,👁👄👁thats kinda weird.🤠 hmm well, save the turtles!!😁 um, oh these?😽 these are just my scrunchies🥴. i noticed you dont🤕have one🖖🏻. really, you keep that😃, dont even worry about it.☺️😗. sksksk and i oop and i oop😝✨ oh, this? this is my new lip gloss👄. yeah i apply this like every 5 to 10 minutes💋🙌🏻 uh-huh. uh-huh! its my fave😌 really. try some!😎 mhm!😇 oh my god, you’re not🚫 wearing a big tee👚 but do not fret☺️i actually brought an extra!😄 here you go, you can keep it, dont even worry!😎 omg that smell?🤑 it’s actually my brand new victoria’s secret scent.😏✨ uh, ya bombshell! 🤪🙌🏻 you never heard? hmm. hmm! right. okay 👌🏻well it was nice meeting you!🥰 sksksks and i oop and i oop! 👋🏻😻

  • Hey faze clan can I tryout for faze? Plz

  • I only acknowledge Faze Agony and Faze Kitty

  • You know even if Jarvis was playing and not the Burger King guy, he still goated on the sticks

  • Wheres Replays the God?

  • Who else forgot nickmercs was in faze

  • you need to add RNG mrfreshasian

  • Do 7 on 7 football for a challenge video that’d be sick asf

  • its 2019 and faze clan still doesnt have female faze members making videos.... or LGBTQ reps......

  • Hello faze clan i would like to join faze btw im a ps4 combat pro player and in my opinion i think im pretty good. If i can try out please send me a friend request. it it ScorE_Jason_YT

  • So glad mew got the first clip he deserves that shit so much

  • Ahh some good ol’ nostalgia... off to a good start of the day 😁😔

  • I don’t know how dumb Jarvis thinks his viewers are but the Burger King is playing with a ps4 controller and on the building manual it shows Y to take out builds and why does Jarvis need a headset on????????🤔🤔😬😬

  • Lmao Jarvis is playing and makin it look like the Burger King bot is playing 💀

  • The ammount of "no way" in this video is greater than all the people thanos snaped

  • I hate ppl like 7:40 cause they are some of the best players in the world and so cocky about it ruins the game to watch

  • Ofc it is fortnite dude!!!! Where the fuck is the call of duty

  • Can I make a clan called blaze I want permission I want to for getting sraite a's

  • I forgot the NickMerce was in FaZe lmao Srry if I spell his name wrong ;)

  • Only OGs remember iLLCAMS 😭

  • Can I tryout for faze?😁

  • 2:22 is this guy even I faze?

  • 7:14 edits with 1 hand actual pro

  • We all love Skrapz

  • 8:58 why does it say temper when it's clearly cizzors

  • 3:39 what game was that

  • 720p btw

  • You should put a kid named webbys in FaZe he plays with news he’s hosted I think he was at the beginning of the video

  • Too many people in faze 👍👇 if you agree (Help me to 150)

  • 6:35 its Jarvis playing the. King's controller isnt even turned on🥙

    • There's Xbox controls and kings holding a ps4 controller that's not on

  • 1:26 😂😂😂

  • burger king guy is the best editor ever he can edit with one hand on his controller and hes not even looking at the screen

  • There’s no way!


  • Drop a reply to this comment every time you hear “no way” 😂

  • when are u rec fazeup i need a team


  • Praying I don’t hear mongraals annoying shouting in these highlights

  • NO WAY !!

  • Plz can I join faze plz I hit no scope plz my epic is hydrx_killer ps4

  • Like si eres español y no entiendes nada

  • Today is my birthday. FaZe up❤️

  • I thought the first clip was rice gum lol

  • FUN fact there are 60 FaZe members

  • jesus when did the average age for faze drop to 16

  • finally a non reuploaded faze clan video 🤣

  • So close to 100 subs plzz help

  • Who is this burger king man he is crazy.

  • 6:50 kings controller isnt connacted jarvis is playing 😁😁

  • At 6:29 it is Jarvis playing


  • still playing fortnite LOL OOOF

  • I aspire to content create for this team one day 💪

  • i miss the old faze :/

  • Why quality bad

  • When the Burger King guy plays for Jarvis he’s using a PS4 controller and it shows xbox

  • I love you all💙💙

  • 6:47 bro he is holding a ps4 controller and in the game it shows the xbox buttons😂💀 Expossedddd lol

    • Thats a pc thing dumbass

    • Sergio Martinez that’s a setting you can turn on dumbass

    • Sergio Martinez doesn’t look like it’s turned on

    • 7:14 watch he hand then the screen also he has a ps4 controller and it shows xbox on the screen. EXPOSE HIM🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Burger King dude editing walls without his hand on the controller. What a god. I wish one day I'm that good...

  • Name of outro plzz?

  • That 3 piece by FaZe Mew tho ! 😍

  • 3:30 I thought attach wasn’t in faze anymore

  • Agony and mew are literally so talented

  • At 6:50 king took the L and took his hands off the controller to dance and the character kept walking and editing😂😂😂

    • It wasn’t king, it was Jarvis POV

  • Lol 1:23

  • why is some of the gameplay quality so shit? they recording on a toaster?

  • Best moment was beating Optic in 2 best of 5 series with two game 5s in call of duty with Censor. The last time Censor was good.

  • The Burger King can join FaZe but I still ain’t eating there

  • Where is FuzzFace

  • Ricegum coming in with the first clip